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ISBN-13: 9780695807412
Publisher: Follett Press
Publication date: 01/01/1977
Pages: 72

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Guest More than 1 year ago
One week before Audrey Schultz's mother died the pair had a brief argument that ended with Audrey wishing her mother was dead. Now that it has happened, Audrey feels heavy guilt and grief. Her father, aunt, and uncle are also sad and are trying to make life without mom seem as normal as possible, but the guilt weighs heavy on Audrey's young shoulders. ........................... Audrey lives in Bellevue, Nebraska. That is near Omaha. Since her mom died, Audrey has been walking along the railroad tracks to be alone. She knows it is wrong. Mom's rule was never to go there. Yet that was the place that made Audrey feel just a little better. Then one day out there she meets Shadows. He is a silvery-coated collie with eerie blue eyes, a blue merle collie. They become friends. .................................... Shadows never lets Audrey touch him, he never comes around unless Audrey is alone, and he always gets scared and runs off whenever a train comes along the tracks. Audrey is certain the dog is real, but who does he belong to? No one seems to know. Then her uncle tells her about a collie just like Shadows who was killed by a train years before. Audrey begins to search for information on the dog that had been killed; however, not all the answers are logical ones. .......................... **** This is a great chapter book for kids ages 8-12. Each chapter begins with a lovely illustration, enriched with tiny details. The only down side to the story, in my opinion, is that it ends too abruptly. I felt as though the last few pages were missing, but that was not the case. ****