Sent to the Principal: Students Talk about Making High Schools Better

Sent to the Principal: Students Talk about Making High Schools Better




Whether talking about dress codes, detention policies, or school security, teenagers want to help make school a place they care about. Leaders of the nation's 300,000 high schools will be listening to their strategies for changing school culture so that students will invest in their own success.

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ISBN-13: 9780976270614
Publisher: Next Generation Press
Publication date: 08/28/2005
Pages: 146
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Table of Contents

1Do you believe we can succeed?11
Know us and care about us
Encourage us to take courses that challenge us
Give us the support we need
Mix us in diverse groups for learning
Don't give up on us academically
Show the community that you're proud of us
Homework for Principals: Reading between the lines
2Bring us to the table29
Consult us informally and formally
Make leadership part of the curriculum
Ask us to research student opinions
Use us as ambassadors
Homework for Principals: Who's in the game?
3A place and time for us45
Help us get to school safely
Keep school on a human scale
Leave us time to breathe
We are what we eat
Make security about relationships
Homework for Principals: Competing for space
4We can work it out61
Show respect for our families and cultural backgrounds
Treat our mistakes as learning opportunities
Show us that you trust us
Recognize that relationships are important to learning
Help fairly resolve problems that come up among students
Make discipline consistent
Homework for Principals: What's really going on?
5We need to express ourselves78
Acknowledge our different perspective
Give us a say in how we dress
Recognize the importance of our artistic expressions
Respect our right to speak
Homework for Principals: What do you mean to say?
6School should be interesting94
Include us in determining course offerings, especially electives
Relate academics to things we care about
Introduce us to inspiring role models
Connect us with opportunities for work and learning in the community
Treat non-academic activities as important to our learning and development Homework for Principals: Could we do that at school?
7Our bargain in the classroom113
Put good teaching first
Take seriously our feedback about teachers
Work to improve teachers' skills, not just ours
Help us resolve problems with our teachers respectfully
Homework for Principals: Observing a teacher through students' eyes
AppendixStudents as Allies in Improving Their Schools124

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Baloobear More than 1 year ago
As a high school student, I think it is high time that adults and administrators alike start asking OUR opinion on school. We are there for 6-8 hours everyday and yet, through this book is one of the only ways we have a voice. If you take the time to read this book, listen. Listen to the students voice! These kids are smart they know what they deserve from their school AND they know they are not getting it. For ANYONE who wants to make a difference in todays pitiful public education system, this book is a MUST read!!