Sending Your Millennial to College: A Parent's Guide to Supporting College Success

Sending Your Millennial to College: A Parent's Guide to Supporting College Success

by John Bader

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Whether it is knowing when to ground your helicopter or park your snowplow, parenting a college student today means giving them the independence they need to make their own decisions. In this companion to his best-selling Dean's List: Ten Strategies for College Success, John Bader offers up key strategies for supporting your millennial as they enter this formative stage of their life.

Written with a wit and warmth by someone who has helped thousands of students through college—including his own children—Sending Your Millennial to College is just the book you need to figure out how to

• respect your child's independence while remaining engaged
• assist your daughter or son if they are struggling or need to regroup
• begin healthy and open conversations about the meaning of success
• support good study habits as your child transitions to a new life on campus
• remain thoughtful and empathetic as your child grows and changes

The book explores the causes of academic struggles, even among the best students at America's colleges and universities, and offers concrete ways to navigate back to success. Highlighting the difficult trade-offs and mixed messages parents often receive from a distant campus, Bader combines humor, useful anecdotes, and an expert perspective to guide families coping with the stresses of new academic challenges. Sending Your Millennial to College will help you ask good questions and develop a new—and fulfilling—relationship with your college student.

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ISBN-13: 9781421425832
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication date: 09/14/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 136
File size: 536 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

John Bader, the executive director of the Fulbright Association, served Johns Hopkins University for more than a decade as a dean of academic advising and of undergraduate academic affairs. He is the author of Dean’s List: Ten Strategies for College Success.

John B. Bader is Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs at the Johns Hopkins University and author of Taking the Initiative: Leadership Agendas in Congress and the "Contract with America."

Table of Contents

Introduction. Piloting Your Helicopter
Strategy #1. Think about "Why"
Strategy #2. Rethink Your Relationship
Strategy #3. Understand Where They Are
Strategy #4. Appreciate Their Academic Choices
Strategy #5. Disconnect Majors and Careers
Strategy #6. Support How They Work
Strategy #7. Invite Them to Be Uncomfortable
Strategy #8. Know the Signs and Reasons for Failure
Strategy #9. Help Them to Forgive Themselves and Rebuild
Strategy #10. Encourage Them to Plan for Life after College
Conclusion. Final Thoughts

What People are Saying About This

Marcy Kraus

"John Bader shows how parents can support their students’ college journey by encouraging them to build a community of academic advisors, faculty, mentors, and peers who will engage them in ongoing conversations about their goals, values, opportunities and decisions. That is what it means to own your education."

Brenda Bretz

"This is a must-read book for all parents sending their child off to college. Surprised by his feeling of vulnerability when he dropped his son off at college, Bader uses his personal and professional background to create a powerful how-to guide with 'insider' information about what your child will experience and practical tips you can use to be supportive while guiding them to greater independence."

George Levesque

"I was delighted several years ago to see the publication of Dean's List, which I frequently recommend to high school graduates. I am equally delighted now to see this companion volume for parents, which is just as valuable and is a reminder that parents of college students go through a parallel set of transitions. Sending Your Millennial to College is a much-needed guide, full of helpful advice, and written with a refreshing mixture of candor and humor."

Michele Rasmussen

"An excellent companion to his earlier book, Dean’s List. John Bader provides parents of college-bound students a much-needed guide to navigating what can be a tumultuous and stressful time for families. Informed by years of experience working with students, faculty, and college administrators, Sending Your Millennial to College is engaging, accessible, and highly recommended."

Anya Bassett

"Sending Your Millennial to College is an informative and wise guide for parents of today’s college students who are attempting to strike the elusive balance between supporting and letting go. Bader draws on decades of experience as a professor, college administrator, advisor, and parent to provide specific and compassionate advice."

Joseph Holtgreive

"For the past twenty-four years I have helped college students learn to respond effectively during moments of uncertainty. As a father of a high school senior, I find myself in an uncertain moment of my own. In this insightful guide, John Bader creates a clear path for transforming our anxiety as parents into genuine curiosity as our child grows into this next chapter of their lives. Following this set of practical strategies will help you support this growth, allowing your child to embrace the discomfort inherent in setting a meaningful course for their lives. This book is sure to be a classic!"

John Stolle-McAllister

"An original and substantial contribution that deals frankly with both the nuts-and-bolts issues of what college is and the emotional issues of letting children grow up and begin to make their own lives. Bader's characterizations of university life and the challenges that students and families face ring true. I hope this book will find its way into the hands of many families; it will really help them to make sense of the transition to college while giving them strategies to let their children move on to the next phase of their lives."

Andrew Simmons

"As both a parent and higher education insider, Bader brings to his readers a truly unique perspective. Whether dealing with the emotions of letting go, understanding the pitfalls of grading, or reminding us that college is a place where students become learned citizens, Bader's wisdom is manifold and indispensable."

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