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Selected Poems


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By the time that Eugenio Montale (1896-1981) received the Nobel Prize in 1976, the world was beginning to acknowledge that he was among the greatest of the modernist poets, author of a poetic canon that spanned much of the twentieth century, including the advent of Fascism, two world wars, and the Cold War. A quiet man, profoundly rooted in the Italian landscape and culture and with an enormous sensitivity to his language and its heritage, Montale shaped poems throughout his life that were mysterious, resonant, and layered with meanings. His poems range from daily life through history and myth, and on to questions of metaphysics and divinity. As a love poet, a landscape poet, and a spiritual pilgrim, he has few equals. This volume, which draws on the entire corpus of Montale's work, brings together three of his most experienced and effective translators.

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ISBN-13: 9780811201193
Publisher: New Directions Publishing Corporation
Publication date: 04/28/1966
Series: Italian Texts Series
Pages: 1
Sales rank: 677,724
Product dimensions: 5.21(w) x 7.94(h) x 0.54(d)

Table of Contents

from Cuttlefish Bones (Ossi Di Seppia), 1920-27
At the Threshold3
The Lemons4
Almost a Fantasia8
Wind and Flags9
Don't Ask Us for the Word10
To Spend the Afternoon11
I Think about Your Smile12
Bring Me the Sunflower13
Again and Again I Have Seen Life's Evil14
Glory of Expanded Noon15
Maybe One Morning16
The Well's Pulley Creaks17
House by the Sea27
The Dead29
from Occasions (Le Occasioni), 1928-39
The Balcony35
Bagni di Lucca37
Another Moon Effect38
Near Vienna39
To Liuba, Leaving40
Dora Markus41
The Customs Hut52
Low Tide53
Boats on the Marne57
News from Mount Amiata59
from The Storm & Other Poems (La Bufera e Altro), 1940-54
The Storm63
Seaside Walk64
On a Letter Never Written65
In Sleep66
Indian Serenade67
Fiesole Window68
The Red Lily69
To My Mother70
Florentine Madrigals71
Ballad Written in a Clinic72
Two in the Twilight74
Where the Tennis Court Was...76
Visit to Fadin78
Towards Siena80
On the Greve81
The Black Trout82
Towards Finisterre83
Winter Light85
In the Greenhouse88
In the Park89
The Kitchen Garden90
Beach at Versilia92
Hitler Spring94
Voice That Came with the Coots96
The Eel98
Three Private Madrigals99
Little Testament102
The Prisoner's Dream103
from Satura, 1962-70
Xenia, I107
Xenia, II111
La Belle Dame Sans Merci117
After a Flight118
Down There123
from Altri Versi e Poesie Disperse (Otherwise), 1981
Near Tellaro127
I Have Such Faith in You128
My Insomnia129
A Malady130
I Don't Have Much Faith131
It Doesn't Take a Long Time132

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Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the Montale to own if you are looking for a good introduction to his work and first-rate translations. The selection is wonderful, and so is the Introduction!