Secrets of the Ancient Manual: Revealed!: (Every Dragon Slayer's Must-Read Guide)

Secrets of the Ancient Manual: Revealed!: (Every Dragon Slayer's Must-Read Guide)

by Joyce Denham


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As a young boy, Sir Wyvern Pugilist joined the Secret Order of Dragon Slayers, mastering the arts and practices of defeating all species of malicious dragon-monsters. Through his famed Dragon Slayers, he's been successfully training new generations of young Slayers to do the same. Now he's back-with his long-anticipated advanced course. In Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed! Sir Wyvern leads you deep into the mysteries of an old battle-the battle for your very life!-and the harrowing secret mission of the Special Descendant.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781612615639
Publisher: Paraclete Press
Publication date: 12/01/2014
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 10 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction How (on Earth) Did We Get Here? 9

Epeisodion 1 The Agreement Antiquatus 15

1 A Dark and Terrifying Sea 17

2 HIC (do not pronounce the "H"!) SVNT Dracones 22

2 (Again) HIC (do not pronounce the "H"!) SVNT Dracones (no, really) 24

3 Murder! 31

4 The Man Who Didn't Die 37

5 The Great Rescue 43

6 The Tower of Baby Talk 51

7 A Promise Kept 56

8 The Wood, The Fire, and The Knife 61

9 Mother: Secret Agent 65

10 Blood and Freedom 72

11 The Sea Retreats 78

12 The Presence in the Wilderness 87

13 A New Garden of Delights (Not!) 97

14 Judges and Giants 107

15 The Voice of the Great I am 116

Epeisodion Zero (This is not out of order-you'll see) The Silence 127

Epeisodion 2 The Agreement Novus un-Parallelus 131

1 Angels and Kings 133

2 Wild Man 139

3 War in the Wilderness 142

4 The New Twelve 148

5 The Chief Dragon Slayer and the Agreement Novus Un-Parallelus 151

6 The Taming of the Sea 157

7 The Last Lamb 161

8 The Great and Final Battle 166

9 Morning has Broken! 172

10 The Great Unseen 179

11 The Mysterious Three 185

12 A New Garden of Delights 188

A Missive From Sir Wyvern Pugilist 193

Glossary 195

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

 "Sir Wyvern Pugilist is a masterful storyteller...and this is the greatest story ever told. It will inspire you to be a great dragon slayer." —Dr. John R. Wood, author of Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission

Never have I been so impressed by a book that is steeped in religion and intended for young readers.  Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed is a masterpiece written by a gifted author who clearly knows the secret of how to make the sacred teachings of the Bible come alive in a most meaningful and captivating manner. Highly recommended for Dragon Slayers of all ages! —William C. Hammond, author of The Cutler Family Chronicles

This book is fun but serious, like G. K. Chesterton. Kids will learn a lot about the Bible and its message. I also expect it will be read-aloud by many families. —Tim Stafford, senior writer for Christianity Today and author of The Adam Quest

Drawing from a rich and fabulous literary tradition, Joyce Denham's Secrets of the Ancient Manuscript Revealed employs dragons to engage readers with the story of the Bible. In this imaginatively compelling work, Denham's Sir Wyvern Pugilist, dragon slayer extraordinaire, invites young and old alike to unlock the secrets of the Ancient Manuscript—and in so doing, to become more deeply familiar with the Christian story of creation, fall, and redemption. I encourage parents to introduce their children to Sir Wyvern. In his capable hands, dealing with dragons adds up to a winsome course in spiritual formation and biblical literacy. —Lori Goetz, Coordinator for Children's Ministry, Messiah Episcopal Church.  

Hurray, Sir Wyvern Pugilist is back!  The sequel to Dragon Slayers has arrived in Secrets of the Ancient Manual: Revealed!     A much anticipated sequel to Dragon Slayers!  You will not want to put this manual down once you pick it up!  But, be warned some of the Dragons that were  introduced to you  in Dragon Slayers, will try to invade your mind and warn you to not read it…But, read you MUST! —On This Rock Christian Books & Gifts, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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