Savage Frontier, Volume III: Rangers, Riflemen, and Indian Wars in Texas, 1840-1841

Savage Frontier, Volume III: Rangers, Riflemen, and Indian Wars in Texas, 1840-1841

by Stephen L. Moore


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This third volume of the Savage Frontier series focuses on the evolution of the Texas Rangers and frontier warfare in Texas during the years 1840 and 1841. Comanche Indians were the leading rival to the pioneers during this period. Peace negotiations in San Antonio collapsed during the Council House Fight, prompting what would become known as the “Great Comanche Raid” in the summer of 1840.

Stephen L. Moore covers the resulting Battle of Plum Creek and other engagements in new detail. Rangers, militiamen, and volunteers made offensive sweeps into West Texas and the Cross Timbers area of present Dallas-Fort Worth. During this time Texass Frontier Regiment built a great military road, roughly parallel to modern Interstate 35. Moore also shows how the Colt repeating pistol came into use by Texas Rangers. Finally, he sets the record straight on the battles of the legendary Captain Jack Hays.

Through extensive use of primary military documents and first-person accounts, Moore provides a clear view of life as a frontier fighter in the Republic of Texas. The reader will find herein numerous and painstakingly recreated muster rolls, as well as casualty lists and a compilation of 1841 rangers and minutemen. For the exacting historian or genealogist of early Texas, the Savage Frontier series is an indispensable resource on early nineteenth-century Texas frontier warfare.

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ISBN-13: 9781574412291
Publisher: University of North Texas Press
Publication date: 03/28/2007
Series: Savage Frontier Series
Pages: 448
Sales rank: 1,208,478
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Stephen L. Moore is a sixth-generation Texan and author of Savage Frontier: Rangers, Riflemen, and Indian Wars in Texas, Volume I, 18351837 and Volume II, 18381839. He is also the author of Eighteen Minutes: The Battle of San Jacinto and the Texas Independence Campaign and Taming Texas: Captain William T. Sadlers Lone Star Service. He lives in Lantana, Texas.

Table of Contents

Prologue     ix
The Comanches     1
State of the Texas Frontier System: January 1840     4
Johnston Orders Fisher to San Antonio     10
Greer's Rangers and the Travis Guards     15
The Council House Fight     21
Spring Expeditions     35
Captain Howard Negotiates Prisoner Release     36
Captain Jackson's Fannin County Rangers     43
Burleson Readies an Expedition     44
Colonel Wheeler's Campaign     48
Lieutenant Wells' Rangers     55
Stout and Stout's Red River Ranger Companies     56
Frontier Regiment: May-June 1840     59
Summer Depredations and the "Border Guards"     63
Cunningham's Clash: July 4, 1840     68
Major Durst's Nacogdoches Battalion     72
Death of Henry Karnes     74
The Great Comanche Raid     77
Ponton and Foley Attacked: August 5     79
Volunteer Forces Unit: August 6-7     82
The Victoria and Linnville Raids: August 6-8     85
"If We Can't Whip 'em, We Can Try!"     97
The Battle of Plum Creek: August 12, 1840     101
Moore's Comanche Village Raid     129
Erath's Expedition:August-September 1840     132
Major Howard's Expedition to the Nueces     137
John Moore's Comanche Raid: October 24, 1840     145
The Great Military Road     159
Ranger Units of Fall 1840     159
The Great Military Road: August-November 1840     164
Murder of James Childers: December 13, 1840     173
The New Frontier "Minute Men"     179
The 1841 Texas Rangers     179
The Morehouse Campaign: February 1841     187
Military Funding Cutbacks     193
The County Minutemen     194
The Yeary and Rowland Depredations: March 14, 1841     200
Captain Dolson's Fight: March 31, 1841     204
End of the Frontier Regiment: January-March 1841     207
Jack Hays' Laredo Fight: April 7, 1841     211
The Lewis Expedition     219
Captain Chandler's Minutemen     219
Ben McCulloch's Fights: Early May 1841     221
Chandler's Wise County Expedition     223
Captain Lewis' Expedition: Late May 1841     226
The Village Creek Expedition     235
Tarrant's Expedition: May-June 1841     235
Battle of Village Creek: May 24, 1841     240
Ambush and Death of Captain Denton     244
"Active And Energetic Measures"     253
Chandler's Cross Timbers Fight: June 9, 1841     255
Tarrant's Trinity Campaign     258
General Smith's Trinity Campaign: July 1841     267
Jack Hays' Uvalde Canyon Fight: June 29, 1841     274
The Gulf Coast Minutemen     279
West Texas Rangers Captured     279
Dimmitt's Capture and the Corpus Christi Minutemen     289
The Refugio Attack and Cairnes' Rangers     299
Baker and McDaniel's Refugio Rangers     305
"Bravo Too Much"     309
Chandler-Erath Expedition: August 1841     309
Paschal, Red River, and Lamar County Rangers     317
Hays' Fight on the Llano: July 24, 1841     321
Burleson Recruits for Expedition     326
Sowell's Fannin County Minutemen     328
Callahan's Gonzales County Minutemen     333
Enchanted Rock and Bird's Fort     341
The Legend of Enchanted Rock     341
Major Bird's Fort on the Trinity     349
Final Days of the Frontier Minutemen     352
Afterword     357
Texan Casualties of the Frontier Indian Wars, 1840-41     361
Roster of 1841 Rangers and County Minutemen by Units     363
Chapter Notes     373
Bibliography     399
Index     405

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Donaly Brice

Moore has done an extraordinary job of exhaustively researching his subject. (Donaly Brice, author of The Great Comanche Raid)

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