Sappho: A New Translation

Sappho: A New Translation


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These hundred poems and fragments constitute virtually all of Sappho that survives and effectively bring to life the woman whom the Greeks consider to be their greatest lyric poet. Mary Barnard's translations are lean, incisive, direct -- the best ever published. She has rendered the beloved poet's verses, long the bane of translators, more authentically than anyone else in English.

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ISBN-13: 9780520011175
Publisher: University of California Press
Publication date: 01/28/1958
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 4.53(w) x 7.33(h) x 0.37(d)

Table of Contents

1.Tell everyone
2.We shall enjoy it
Part 1
3.Standing by my bed
4.I asked myself
5.And I said
6.I confess
7.At noontime
8.I took my lyre and said
9.Although they are
10.That afternoon
11.We heard them chanting
12.It's no use
13.People do gossip
14.Peace reigned in heaven
15.When I saw Eros
16.You are the herdsman of evening
17.Sleep, darling
18.Although clumsy
19.Tomorrow you had better
20.We put the urn aboard ship
21.Cyprian, in my dream
22.In the spring twilight
23.And their feet move
24.Awed by her splendor
25.Now, while we dance
Part 2Epithalamia
26.The evening star
27.It is time now
28.For her sake
29.Hymen Hymenaon!
30.We drink your health
31.Bridesmaids' carol I
32.Bridesmaids' carol II
33.They're locked in, oh!
34.Lament for a maidenhead
35.You wear her livery
36.Why am I crying?
Part 3
37.You know the place: then
38.Prayer to my lady of Paphos
39.He is more than a hero
40.Yes, Atthis, you may be sure
41.To an army wife, in Sardis
42.I have had not one word from her
43.It was you, Atthis, who said
Part 4
44.Without warning
45.If you will come
46.Thank you, my dear
47.I was so happy
48.Now I know why Eros
49.She was dressed well
50.But you, monkey face
51.I was prod of you, too
52.After all this
53.With his venom
54.Afraid of losing you
55.It is clear now
56.Day in, day out
57.You will say
58.Tell me
59.I said, Sappho
60.You may forget but
61.Pain penetrates
Part 5
62.The nightingale's
63.Last night
64.Tonight I've watched
66.Many's the time
67.At my age
68.That was different
69.This way, that way
70.My lovely friends
71.I ask you, sir, to
72.Of course I love you
73.Yes, it is pretty
74.I hear that Andromeda
76.Sappho, when some fool
77.Strange to say
78.I taught the talented
79.Really, Gorgo
80.As you love me
81.Greetings to Gorgo
82.Rich as you are
83.Don't ask me what to wear
Part 6
84.If you are squeamish
85.Before they were mothers
86.Experience shows us
87.We know this much
88.Say what you please
89.Then the god of war
90.As for the exiles
91.In memory
92.Do you remember
93.Be kind to me
94.You remind me
95.When they were tired
96.The gods bless you
97.I have often asked you
98.It is the Muses
99.Must I remind you, Cleis
100.I have no complaint
A Footnote to These Translations95
Descriptive Index112

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