Samsung Gear S2 For Dummies

Samsung Gear S2 For Dummies

by Eric Butow


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Your hands-on guide to the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2

Not only does the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 look cool, it's designed to keep up with the speed of your life, giving you fast and easy access to calendar notifications, texts, and more—right on your wrist! If you're tired of fumbling through pockets and bags to get your hands on the information you need, Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 For Dummies shows you how easy it is to make the most of your new smartwatch without ever breaking a sweat.

Wearable technology is taking the world by storm as more and more people in today's time-crunched culture are discovering the benefits of having quick access to their digitized lives. Packed with clear instruction and plenty of helpful tips and tricks, this down-to-earth guide covers all aspects of keeping your work and personal life organized on a Samsung Galaxy Gear S2, from set up and configuration to texting, emailing, and accessing the Internet—and beyond.

  • Download apps on your smartphone
  • Synch with an Android device
  • Make sense of your watch's features and capabilities
  • Expand your watch's potential with new software releases

If the idea of getting used to new technology makes you tense, watch out! Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 For Dummies makes it easier than ever to wrap your mind around wearable technology.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119279983
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 07/25/2016
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Eric Butow has written 30 books, most recently Blogging to Drive Business, Second Edition and Google Glass For Dummies. Eric also developed and taught networking, computing, and usability courses for Ed2Go, Virtual Training Company, California State University – Sacramento, and Udemy.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 3

Beyond the Book 3

Where to Go from Here 4

Part 1 Getting to Know You, Gear S2 5

Chapter 1 Introducing Your Gear S2 7

Presenting a Brief History of Time… on Smartwatches 8

Connecting Thing 1 to Thing 2 8

Getting to Know the Gear S2 Models 9

Meeting the plain ol' Gear S2 10

Fancying the Gear S2 Classic 10

Pairing Your Smartphone 12

Getting to Know the Gear S2 Apps 12

Making Your Watch Yours 15

Discovering What's in the Box (Hint: It's Not Jack) 15

Chapter 2 Taking the Time to Set Up Gear S2 17

Inspecting the Gear S2 Hardware 18

Charging Up Your Gear 20

Starting and Setting Up the Gear S2 22

Installing the Gear Manager app on your smartphone 23

Using the setup wizard on the Gear S2 27

Sporting Your Slick Smartwatch 28

Turning Off Your Gear S2 30

Chapter 3 Customizing Your Gear S2 31

Transforming Your (Watch) Face 31

Viewing available watch faces 32

Applying a watch face 35

Stylizing Your Face 35

Getting yourself a new face 37

Scrubbing a face 38

Making Your Gear Your Own 39

Setting the Display options 40

Setting the Vibration options 41

Setting Device options 42

Answering a call 45

Making network connections 45

Locking your screen 47

Choosing your input preferences 48

Setting Power Saving mode 50

Getting and sending info about your Gear 51

Chapter 4 Gotta Get Gear S2 into My Life 53

Discovering the Gear Manager App 54

Getting the settings the way you want them 56

Choosing how you want to be notified 61

Keeping Your Apps Up-to-Date 63

Changing and Stylizing Watch Faces 64

Changing your face from your smartphone 65

Stylizing your face 66

Rubbing out a face 70

Controlling Your Gear S2 through Gear Manager 72

Locking your Gear S2 72

Controlling your Gear S2 remotely 73

Part 2 Places You Can Go on Gear S2 77

Chapter 5 Getting Notified: An Alarm Watch on Steroids 79

Reviewing Your Notifications 80

Reviewing and Adding Widgets 81

Viewing widgets 81

Selecting a widget to add 86

Adding a widget 89

Setting and Deleting an Alarm 90

Scheduling Your Busy Life 92

Viewing events 93

Creating an Event 94

Chapter 6 Calling Dick Tracy: Voice, Text, and Email 99

Making and Receiving Calls 100

Making a call 100

Receiving a call 102

Contacting Your Contacts 102

Browsing your Contacts list 103

Searching for a contact 103

Finding a Missed Call 106

Sending and Reading Text Messages 107

Sending voice, emoji, and short text messages 109

Adding a template message 113

Receiving Email in Your Inbox 115

Viewing email messages 115

Adding an email account 116

Chapter 7 Dancing to the Music: Connecting to Audio 119

Playing Your Music 120

Getting around in your music library 122

Changing settings 125

Storing Songs on Your Gear S2 126

Listening to Your Internet Radio 130

Getting comfortable with Milk Music 132

Finding your listening taste 134

Streaming audio without your smartphone 134

Chapter 8 Getting Help from S Voice 137

Starting Up S Voice 137

Asking S Voice to Find Something 140

Changing S Voice Settings 141

Turning Voice Wake-Up on and off 141

Teaching your watch to wake up 142

Changing your language in S Voice 144

Resetting S Voice 146

Chapter 9 Shaping Up with S Health 147

Tracking Your Active Day 148

Monitoring Your Body 149

Tracking your steps 150

Recording your exercise 150

Measuring your heart rate 154

Monitoring your water intake 155

Getting too much caffeine? 155

Changing S Health Settings 156

Profile 157

Step Target 158

Auto HR 159

Alert 160

Help 160

Part 3 The New Frontier 163

Chapter 10 Go, Go Gear S2 Apps 165

Installing a Shiny New App 166

Launching Your New App 170

Viewing Your Recent Apps 171

Doing Away with Apps 172

Chapter 11 Thinking of Building an App? (Yes, You Can!) 175

Finding the Right Development Sites 176

Designing an App 177

Developing an App 179

Hello, world! 179

Turning on debugging and Wi-Fi 181

Getting the SDK 182

Installing the SDK 183

Reviewing sample projects 184

Distributing Your App 186

Creating a Seller Office account 187

Registering your app 188

Becoming the overseer of your Seller Office account 190

Part 4 Heal Your Gear 193

Chapter 12 Troubleshooting and Getting Help 195

Unfreezing Your Gear S2 196

Back up and reset your Gear 196

Resolving Issues with Getting Your Gear to Turn On 198

Fixing a Sluggish Touch Screen 199

Getting Bluetooth to Connect 199

Checking Your Gear Manager 201

Calling Samsung for Help 202

Write down the Tizen software version 203

Turning off Reactivation Lock 203

Chapter 13 Sourcing More Help: The Support Is Out There 207

Going to the Source 208

Exploring the Tizen OS 210

Finding Support from Data Carriers 211

AT&T 212

T-Mobile 212

Verizon 213

Visiting Website Communities for Info and Support 215

Facebook 215

Google+ 216

SamMobile 217

Twitter 217

Part 5 The Part of Tens 219

Chapter 14 Ten Ways to Use Your Gear S2 More Efficiently 221

Using Shortcuts on the Status Panel 221

Checking the connection and battery level 222

Turning on Do Not Disturb 222

Adjusting the brightness level 223

Accessing the Music Player fast 224

Changing the App Shortcuts Widget Apps 225

Using the Bezel to Access Apps 227

Using the bezel to open an app 227

Moving between app screen pages 228

Quickly Accessing Watch Info and Changing Watch Faces 229

Accessing battery and steps information 229

Changing watch faces 230

Creating your own watch face with Gear Watch Designer 230

Chapter 15 Ten Cool (and Free!) Gear S2 Apps 233

Discovering Useful Utilities 234

Calculator 234

Flashlight S2 234

Sending and Receiving Messages 235

Trends for Gear 236

Voxer 237

Shopping on Your Gear S2 238

eBay for Gear 238

FidMe 240

Finding Your Ride 242

Uber 242

Find My Car 242

Gaming on Your Wrist 243

Crush Words Lite 244

Snake Classic S2 244

Index 247

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