Run to My River

Run to My River

by Yvonne Dorsey


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The haunting of the Shannon Fitzpatrick was set in motion centuries before she was born, on a river she loved. Yvonne Dorsey's "Run to My River" is a heartwarming and passionate story about two women, a First Native American who commits an unthinkable act centuries ago, which causes unrest in her spirit; and an American millennial woman, Shannon Fitzpatrick, who helps Shaahatuck find her way to the Father Spirit; and, in turn, finds peace herself. A story of two women, who live centuries apart, and yet live remarkably similar lives -- experiencing the same heartache, fears, and joys, Each woman loves the man of her dreams, as well as the waters that play such large roles in each of their lives."Run to My River" and its ancestral book "Powhantuwa's River" are precursors to the final story in Section Two of this book, which is "The Haunting of Shannon Fitzpatrick."

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ISBN-13: 9781419651991
Publisher: BookSurge, LLC
Publication date: 12/15/2006
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.41(d)

About the Author

Yvonne Dorsey, native of the coal mining region of West Virginia, and grandniece of the famous explorer and frontiersman, Daniel Boone, heard many stories of her famous uncle during her youth. A fascination and admiration for the Ancient First Native Americans was established in Yvonne in grade school, when she learned to make a teepee, then again when she lived in Arizona for a year and with her young family, swam in a river on a First Native American Reservation. In 1990, while attending a Boone family reunion in West Virginia, on the farm of her great grandfather (James Boone, who hunted with his Uncle Daniel) Yvonne received a short version of a Boone Genealogy. A fascination for the colonial era grew into an appreciation for her ancestry. Later, when a 500 page researched 'Boone Genealogy' developed by a friend, and in-law, Marie Beck, was presented to Yvonne by Marie; fuel was added to the passion. Discovering that she was also related to President Abraham Lincoln through her Boone Ancestry, was exciting as well as emotionally fulfilling, because it was a reminder of his dedication to his (Abe's) and her, belief that "All Men (including Women) are created equal."
More than thirty years ago, Yvonne experienced a haunting and drafted a story about it, which eventually became the first draft for one of the Riverbooks; "Run to My River." It was not completed until after receiving her copy of Beck's "Boone Genealogy." Newly inspired, She uncovered her book draft, and began creating her own imaginative characters. "Run to My River" was published in 2008. In 2014,she re-wrote it and placed it as a following story behind a fictional ancestral book, "Powhantuwa's River", thus reversing the order of presentation. Prior to the Riverbooks; in 1978, Yvonne published a poetry book, "Zany Things and Me." Future books include: "For the Love"/ Finding Me"/ a series of children's stories: "Birthday Stories."
Currently, Ms. Dorsey, mother of three grown children, and three grown grandchildren, resides in Historic Clinton, New Jersey, a town with a river running along Main Street, which provides photographers with a picturesque subject, and fishermen with a bucket of trout. She attends the Clinton United Methodist Church, enjoys the social phase of retirement with friends, travels to Maryland and Florida to visit families, and thanks God every day for good health and peace.

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