Rules of Engagement: A Novel

Rules of Engagement: A Novel

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"In Rules of Engagement, David Bruns and J. R. Olson deliver a captivating and utterly authentic portrayal of modern day combat that compares with the best of the timeless classics by Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, and Stephen Coonts. This one must not be missed!" —Mark Greaney, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Mission Critical

A terrorist breach of the computer systems of the three most powerful navies is about to set them on a collision course for World War III.

Rafiq Roshed is one of the most wanted men in the world. A terrorist with a virulent grudge against the West, he’s disappeared into North Korea where he quietly launches cyber sneak attacks in service of Kim Jong-un. But now he’s about to unleash his virtual masterpiece—a computer virus that, once inserted into the command systems of a military, not only takes over, but also learns the art of war. First penetrating the Chinese, he has their war machine launch a series of attacks on the U.S. Pacific forces.

Don Riley, head of U.S. Cyber Command, discovers that not only have the Chinese lost control of their military, but the same virus has infected the American network. It’s only a matter of time before the U.S. loses control of its own military. His secret weapon in this war is a trio of supremely talented midshipmen from the U.S. Naval Academy, who uncover the infiltration, and are working to track down the elusive terrorist.

But time is running out. China and Japan have lost control of their military and the U.S. is in danger of doing the same. The weapons are hot and the result is an ever-larger real-world conflict where casualties continue to mount. The only remaining hope is to find and stop the attack at its source—before time runs out.

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ISBN-13: 9781250223456
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Publication date: 07/02/2019
Edition description: Unabridged
Product dimensions: 1.00(w) x 1.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

DAVID BRUNS was an officer in the submarine force, before leaving the Navy for corporate life. He lives in Shakopee, Minnesota.

J. R. OLSON spent more than 20 years in the Navy, retiring as a commander. He now teaches college courses in Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism. He lives in Webster, Minnesota.

Both Bruns and Olson are graduates of U.S. Naval Academy. Together, they are the authors of the WMD (Weapons of Mass Deception) Files series.

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Rules of Engagement 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
This was my first David Bruns book, and I found it fascinating and timely. The plot was modern and in step with today’s political currants. Rafiq Roshed is American’s number one enemy, intelligent and lethal. Roshed vanishes behind the North Korean borders from where he begins to operate his evil cyber offense against the U.S. The elusive computer whiz has developed a computer virus, a masterpiece which if not stopped on time will throw the world in a new World War III, with an end of the world scenario. Testing his virus capabilities, Roshed deploys it against the Chinese military that loses control of their war machine by launching remotely a number of offenses against the U.S. The Head of the U.S. Cyber Command, Don Riley, discovers that the virus had infected the U.S. military system. Time is of the essence to neutralize the virus and stop Roshed from advancing further with his plan. Rules of Engagement came on June 25 and is an extraordinary journey of what present-day military faces in combat. It's petrifying to think a computer malfunction can be to blame for destroying the world. Bruns has done a fine job of balancing fiction and reality, and I find his work to be phenomenal.
trekie83 6 months ago
The world is a cauldron, ready to boil over at any moment. North Korea is testing missiles that could possibly reach the continental U.S., Putin wants to rebuild the USSR and China wants to expand its territory in the South China Sea. To fight all this, the American military has developed a communications network that can operate independently of the orbiting satellite network. There’s just one problem: unknown to them, the network has been hacked by a long-sought terrorist working for Kim Jong-un. Tensions between China and America rise when China appears to launch an unprovoked attack on U.S. Naval ships and faces an in-kind response. The only hope to stop a full-fledged war is with three Naval Academy Midshipmen. The question is, can they act in time? Rules of Engagement by David Bruns and J. R. Olson is a well-written, ripped-from-the-headlines novel. While some of the technology in the novel is still in the future, much of what the author refers to is quite real. Bruns and Olson both have a wealth of real-world naval experience from which to draw inspiration, having both been officers for a number of years. Their writing style will appeal to fans of Clancy and Bond. I absolutely loved this novel and give it 4/5 stars. *A copy of the ebook was the only compensation received in exchange for this review. *
Craig1954 7 months ago
Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book. The authors themselves acknowledge that thier writing style is reminiscent of early Tom Clancy work, and I couldn't agree more. The action flows smoothly and the characters are believable. The villain is very dangerous but is human enough to make mistakes. The midshipmen are probably being groomed for follow on stories which is perfectly fine. They deserve more time in print. The techno jargon is explained just enough to be believable but to so to lose the reader. Well worth the read!