Roman Satire

Roman Satire

by Michael Coffey

Paperback(Second Edition)

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This study appraises the work of all the Roman satirists, from the 2nd century BC, to the end of the reign of Hadrian in AD 138. The satirists' work is shown to reflect the constantly changing society in which they lived, and its topics range from the morally earnest to the bawdy. Certain themes are examined which are common to some degree to all the satirists - autobiographical revelation, personal invective, political and ethical judgements and literary criticism. The book provides an exposition of the tradition of verse satire from Lucilius through Horace and Persius to Juvenal, with an assessment of the structure and distinctive literary quality of each satire. It discusses satire in the Menippean tradition, a composite form of prose and verse which was used first by Varro, then by Petronius and by Seneca in his "Apocolocyntosis", a comical and malicious satire on the deification of the emperor Claudius.

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ISBN-13: 9781853990465
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 03/23/1995
Series: BCPaperbacks
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

Michael Coffey is Emeritus Reader in Greek and Latin at University College, London.

Table of Contents

Preface Preface to the Second Edition Abbreviations Part One: The Roman genre of Satire and its beginnings
1 Satire as a Roman literary genre
2 Satura: the name and origin of a literary form
1. Satura and the ancient grammarians’ tradition
2. Livy and the so-called ‘dramatic satura’
3. Drama and ritual
3 The Satires of Ennius
1. The life of Ennius
2. The writings of Ennius
3. Transmission and significance Part Two: The Lucilian tradition
4 Lucilius
1. The life of Lucilian
2. Problems of transmission
3. The earlier satires (Books 26-30)
4. The later satires Books 1-20)
5. The personal poet
6. Political and personal attacks
7. Philosophy; literary and grammatical criticism
8. Literary precedents i. Comedy ii. Greek iambi iii. Prose literature
9. Style
10. Survival and evaluation
5 The Satires of Horace
1. The earlier life of Horace
2. The date of the satires
3. The title of Horace’s satires
4. The satires of Book 1
5. The satires of Book 2
6. Autobiography, invective and moralizing
7. Some Hellenistic influences
8. The style of the moralist
9. The aftermath of the satires
6 Persius
1. The life of Persius
2. A preliminary critical problem
3. The prologues and the satires
4. Aspects of subject matter
5. Imagery and style
6. Transmission
7 Juvenal
1. The life of Juvenal and literary chronology
2. Rhetorical poetry
3. The satires i. Book 1 (Satires 1-5)
ii. Book 2 (Satire 6)
iii. Book 3 (Satires 7-9)
iv. Book 4 (Satires 10-12)
v. Book 5 (Satires13-16)
4. Personal and social topics i. The impersonal poet ii. The danger of attacks on contemporaries iii. Social attitudes iv. Rhetorical philosophers
5. Aspects of Juvenal’s style i. Example and imagery ii. Rhetorical language and level of style
6. Survival and transmission Part Three: Menippean satire; the alternative convention
8 The Menippean satires of Varro
1. The life of Varro
2. Testimonia and chronology of the Menippeans
3. Transmission and titles
4. The framework of the Menippeans
5. Leading topics of the satirists
6. The tradition of Menippus
7. Prose and verse
9 The Apocolocyntosis of Seneca
10 The Satyricon of Petronius
1. The author and date of the Satyricon
2. Title and text
3. Petronius and the novelistic approach
4. Petronius and the Menippean tradition i. First person narrative ii. Social comment and literary theme in the prose parts iii. The short verse insertions iv. Long verse excerpts and passage of criticism
5. Aspects of literary craftsmanship i. Characters and narrative ii. Language and style
6. Survival and aftermath Notes Second Thoughts Select Bibliography Index

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