Riptide Rumors

Riptide Rumors

by Melody Carlson


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If the Tide Doesn’t Change, Who Will Pay the Price?

As autumn of 1916 descends upon the once-peaceful town of Sunset Cove, Anna McDowell has great hopes that the excitement of the summer will be over, now that a few of the key players in the rum-running ring have been arrested. But with a daring jailbreak getting the town in a dither again, she knows that the danger hasn’t passed for anyone in her coastal hometown.

With a mayoral election keeping tensions high and the authorities busy searching for those behind the jailbreak, Anna has plenty to keep the newspaper busy. But when her sixteen-year-old daughter begins making noises about leaving high school and abandoning dreams of college, Anna realizes that prohibition isn’t the only thing she needs to be worrying about.

How deep does the root of corruption run in their town? As she digs deeper, Anna is forced to put the concerns of her own heart on hold in an effort to save some of the people dearest to her.

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ISBN-13: 9781946531025
Publisher: WhiteFire Publishing
Publication date: 02/15/2019
Pages: 322
Sales rank: 281,079
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.72(d)

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Riptide Rumors 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Librarycataloger 18 days ago
I love the cover of this book because it perfectly depicts the time period. Riptide Rumors is set in 1916 and this was a time of great turbulence for our country. Women were gaining more independence, World War I was on the horizon and Prohibition was creating problems in the town of Sunset Cove. Anna McDowell observes all of this as she takes over her father's newspaper as the editor-in-chief and also becomes involved in a mystery concerning a "speakeasy" and some deaths that have occurred there. As Anna and some of the newspaper staff work to find the truth, Anna also faces turmoil in her personal life. Anna's dream has always been for her daughter Katy to obtain a college education but Katy is undecided about her desire to go. Anna also finds herself attracted to the town doctor and this is also a big adjustment. Will Katy and Anna be able to regain the closeness that they have always enjoyed? Is Anna putting herself and her co-workers in danger as she works to solve the mystery of the speak-easy murders? Riptide Rumors is a lovely story filled with faith, family, and forgiveness and there is also suspense for mystery lovers. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series to discover what is ahead for Sunset Cove. I received a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are mine own.
ABook_ADay 19 days ago
The reader is taken back to Sunset Cove in Riptide Rumors, which is book #2 in The Legacy of Sunset Cove series. Once again mysteries ensue as things that seemed like they were tied up in Harbor Secrets seem to be unsettled. The story line reveals new questions and creates more things for the reader to discover along the way. It also means that it makes it difficult to put it down! The characters are well written and their struggles are believable. I could empathize with Anna trying to find a balance of parenting her 17 year old daughter, trying to parent while also trying to help her use her wings as she starts out on her own. Anna is also discovering how to balance her work and personal life. She doesn’t want to be married to her work but it is so much of who she is. Anna’s romantic involvements have evolved as the book continues so it is interesting to see how it will all play out. It intrigues me to continue the series. I would recommend reading the books in order for a complete understanding of details that occurred in the past. Situations and past events are referenced to but not completely explained so it would make more sense if book 1 was read first. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and was intrigued by the mystery surrounding the book. I look forward to reading the rest of the series as well as more books by Melody Carlson. I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own and I was not required to leave a positive review.
KrisAnderson_TAR 26 days ago
Riptide Rumors is the second novel The Legacy of Sunset Cove series. You do need to read Harbor Secrets before embarking on Riptide Rumors. I thought the story was well-written with interesting characters and situations. The author captured the time period and included references to the presidential election, Battle of Somme, and current fashions. The pacing was a little slower than I would have liked, but it suited the story. I did feel that some details regarding the corruption scandal were repetitious. I enjoyed Melody Carlson’s vivid descriptions of the charming beach town, the characters and the lovely fashions. Anna McDowell is a strong, intelligent and stubborn female protagonist and she has raised her daughter, Katy to be an independent young woman who is equally stubborn. Katy is growing up and she no longer wants to follow her mother’s plan to attend college. She is artistic and loves fashion. While Katy would love to venture to Paris to study with Jeanne Paquin, it is impossible with the ongoing war. Katy conspires with her grandmother, Lucille, but she does not know how her mother will react. Mac is recovering from his stroke, and he is enjoying the return of Anna and getting to know Katy. Lucille is a flamboyant character who has her own opinions. With prohibition the law in Oregon, making and distributing illegal hooch is a popular occupation. It has invaded the small town of Sunset Cove and many residents are unhappy about it. They know that Mayor Snyder is involved, but Police Chief Rollins cannot catch him in the act. Anna and Jim are digging for the truth and uncover the main players. The mystery was not the focus of Riptide Rumors. Romance is blossoming for Anna, Katy, Clara and Lucille. Anna started out with three suitors, and we must wonder which gentleman is the right one for her. Riptide Rumors is a charming historical novel with a controversial mayoral election, rum runners, family drama, an escaped convict, and budding romances.
Pattistep 3 months ago
I am enjoying this series by Melody Carlson. Set in the days immediately preceding the United States entry into World War 1, the small town of Sunset Cove is experiencing some of the turmoil of crime concerning prohibition that’s prevalent in the rest of the country. It’s also a time of change for women. They now have the right to vote and some are stepping into new career paths. We view all of this through the eyes of Anna McDowell, who because of her father’s illness, has assumed the role of Editor-in-Chief of the town’s newspaper. There have been some mysterious deaths that seem connected to Charlie’s-a “speakeasy” that’s located on the outskirts of their little town. As Anna and her staff seek to get to the truth of what’s happening around them, they find that they must move carefully or the lives of their own families may find themselves in danger. Anna’s family is also experiencing some change. Her daughter Katy graduates early from high school. Even at her young age, Katy is a talented dress designer. Along with her grandmother, they open a dress shop in town. This does not follow Anna’s desire for her daughter to go to college. Anna also realizes that she is falling in love with Daniel, the town’s physician. Both Anna and Katy are facing changes in their lives, which sometimes causes conflict between them, but as they face changes in their lives,as well as danger, they realize how much strength they draw from their loving relationship as mother and daughter. I’m already looking forward to the next book about Sunset Cove. World War 1 will bring changes to this town and its residents. Melody Carlson has drawn me into this community with interesting characters and a somewhat suspenseful storyline. I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
SBMC 3 months ago
This is book 2 in The Legacy of Sunset Cove series and picks up right where the first book, Harbor Secrets, left off. So it’s best to read Harbor Secrets first before reading this book since this book relies on the plot and characters from the first book to build momentum and expand the original plot. Sunset Cove is a small coastal town in Oregon that is heavily involved in alcohol making and distributing during 1916 Prohibition Era. Anna, the town newspaper’s editor-in-chief, is determined to bring down those who are illegally producing and distributing alcohol, especially when the current mayor and the local police chief’s protege are suspected to be involved. There are multiple subplots, like Anna’s daughter Katy’s dream of becoming an elite dressmaker, Anna’s divorced parents once again drawing closer, as well as romantic interests for both Anna and Katy, in addition to the mystery, suspense, and excitement involving the rum runners. The plot is well-crafted and the author’s writing style is easy to read. If you enjoy historical fiction, you will certainly enjoy this book. I received a copy of the book from WhiteFire Publishing via Celebrate Lit Tours and was under no obligation to post a positive review. All comments and opinions are solely my own.
BMace 4 months ago
What a wonderful continuation of the story that began in Harbor Secrets. This second book in The Legacy of Sunset Cove allows us to get to know some of the characters in more detail. It is fall in 1916 and the war in Europe is heating up. So far, it is just something in the news in this small town on the coast in Oregon. However, the possibility that the US will join the fighting has many on edge. It’s election season and candidates must now consider the female vote. Prohibition in this town has left havoc in its wake with arrests, murder and regular raids on likely places. Life, however, goes on with new and wonderful things happening around town. The amateur sleuths continue to ‘help’ the local police department bringing facts to light that might not have been discovered otherwise. The newspaper continues to flourish with its female editor in chief and relationships grow and change. I am looking forward to the next book in this fabulous series! This ARC was received through CelebrateLit. The impressions and opinions are my own.
Stardust_Fiddle 5 months ago
“But she was a woman, and even though times were changing—they were not changing fast enough!” A continuation of “Harbor Secrets”, “Riptide Rumors” is book two in Melody Carlson’s The Legacy of Sunset Cove series. Book one seems to have been a prologue of sorts, and in this sequel many of the issues that I had with its predecessor are more or less resolved. Most aspects of the story are written with more depth and intensity, and as such this book surpassed the superficiality that I felt characterized much of book one. Sunset Cove comes to life as a small town with credible residents and occurrences, demonstrating that while some matters have changed over the past hundred years, in many ways things have also remained the same. Immediately, “Riptide Rumors” plunges readers into intrigue and concern, setting a swifter pace for book two. The issue of corruption remains prevalent as Anna seeks answers as to who else might be involved in rum-running, and the election for mayor also provides plenty of fodder for her newspaper. Not knowing whom to trust as circumstances escalate increases the tension, although I would still characterize this as being relatively light in terms of suspense. Faith did play a larger role here than in the first book, which I appreciated, although I will note that the characters do not seem to grow or mature in their faith. Rather, it is something that is noted by their praying. As for the characters themselves, they do come across as more multifaceted compared to book one. There is much more conflict in relationships and romance, as well as some teenage angst. Friendships are tested, individuals exhibit jealousy, and romantic inclinations abound. For the most part, the characters seem realistic and believable. Katy’s character, in particular, stands out as she reaches the stage of life between adolescence and adulthood, with some of her struggles mirroring those of her mother. Life and love are complicated, and “Riptide Rumors” soundly demonstrates this. With a time-jump in the final chapter and a few unsettled matters, “Riptide Rumors” sets the stage for a third book and leaves readers satisfied yet wanting more. If you enjoy tales of light suspense, family drama, romance, and small-town life, pick up this series and take a trip to Sunset Cove. I received a complimentary copy of this book through CelebrateLit and was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.