Rigs and Knots for Coarse and Carp Fishing: Economy Edition

Rigs and Knots for Coarse and Carp Fishing: Economy Edition

by Paul Duffield


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This is an economy version of Rigs and Knots for Coarse and Carp Fishing by Paul Duffield containing all of the content present in the original book, but in a revised layout with greyscale illustrations to reduce the page count and the retail price.

Rigs and Knots for Coarse and Carp Fishing is a guide to the various float rigs, leger rigs and knots that an angler needs to know, to catch coarse fish in a variety of stillwaters and rivers.

Float and leger rigs for all kinds of stillwater fisheries are explained, together with guidance on float choice, shotting patterns, casting and feeding.

Commercial carp fisheries and more traditional carp waters are catered for, with rigs for pellet wagglers, surface fishing, bolt rigs, chod rigs, zig rigs, helicopter rigs and how to fish 'the method' or tie a hair rig.

The essential river floats are covered, with advice and illustrations that will help you to choose the right float on the day and know how to use it.

From long trotting with a stick float to fishing slow deep swims with an avon, coping with fast flows with a balsa or fishing big baits with a chubber, there are rigs for rivers of all sizes and characters.

There is also a chapter on float and leger rigs for catching predators such as pike and zander, as well as a chapter with diagrams and instructions for tying the essential knots for anglers, including making loops, joining line and tying hooks.

This is a book to be used and referred to and would be an invaluable source of information for your fishing trips.

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ISBN-13: 9781517060855
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/25/2015
Pages: 38
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