by Chris Pérez



Chris Perez released his debut album, Resurrection, in the spring of 1999, when Ricky Martin became a superstar, thereby sparking scores of articles about Latin pop making inroads in popular culture. Martin may have had the dancefloor conquered and he may have won the hearts of teenagers across the U.S., but Perez's debut was a better, more dynamic record -- one that proved how pop, rock, and Latin can be blended together. Produced by Julian Raymond, the man behind hit records by the Wallflowers and Fastball, Resurrection has a sleek modern rock sound that brings out the natural melody and accessibility of Perez's music. As a matter of fact, this sounds like a modern rock record that happens to be occasionally sung in Spanish. Yes, Perez does occasionally recall Carlos Santana in how he blends Latin rhythms with hard rock, but he's not interested in resurrecting the past. He's interested in blending styles and sounds, creating something new, and while he can be a little too bombastic on occasion, Resurrection shows the promise in his music.

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Release Date: 05/18/1999
Label: Hollywood Records
UPC: 0720616214928
catalogNumber: 162149

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