The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose

The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose

by Mary Hooper

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Eliza is ousted by her new stepmother from her family and finally makes her way to London - only to be thrown straight into prison for stealing a mouthful of bread. At this point Eliza's life takes some remarkable twists as she learns to survive the sordid prison life, is rescued by a woman she has never met before pretending to be her aunt - but for what exactly? - and befriends Nell Gwynn who introduces her to the courtly intrigue, politics and glamour of the court of King Charles. And then Eliza finds out about her true background....

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ISBN-13: 9781408825433
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 07/04/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
File size: 3 MB
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

Mary Hooper is a very popular writer for children and young adults. Her brilliant historical novels have a huge fan base, as do her contemporary novels for teenagers. At The Sign of the Sugared Plum was selected as part of the 2010 Booked Up scheme and Fallen Grace has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2011. Mary lives in Henley-on-Thames.

Table of Contents

Big Wicked1
Don't Steal2
I Told a Lie Today3
I'm in a Rotten Mood8
As the Saying Goes ...9
Old SwearWord10
The Mobile Sting12
Lost on Level Seven14
Eddy Scott Goes Out to play16
No Rest for the Wicked19
The Dream-Stealers20
The Deserted Village23
Ghost Town24
The Evil Doctor Mucus Spleen26
Witches' Chant30
In the Green Wood32
Nanny Neverley35
The Last Witch in Nantwich36
Unstable Mabel37
The Stones38
Mrs Dungeon Brae40
Alternative Endings to an Unwritten Ballad44
White Ones46
By the Pricking of My Thumbs47
Lazy Witch48
The Wind in a Frolic49
Child on Top of a Greenhouse52
To Fly ...53
Flight of the Roller-Coaster54
Like Rollerblades55
Brother and Sister56
Cradle Song59
Dave Dirt's Christmas Presents60
A Song About Myself61
Don't-Care Didn't Care62
Mama, Mama63
The Adventures of Isabel64
Fair Play*66
Prayer of the Selfish Child66
The Cane68
Bad Report - Good Manners70
Play No Ball71
It wasn't me72
My Furry Feet74
The Kleptomaniac78
The Sleepy Giant81
The Story of Little Suck-a-Thumb82
The Devil84
The Fairies85
The Visitor88
The Huntsman90
The GirlWho Lit the First Fire92
Anne Boleyn94
Lord Lovelace96
Empty House98
The Third Fiddler's Story99
While I Practise My Piano101
The Sad Story of Terrible Trevor103
The Boyhood of Dracula110
Wicked or What114
Mafia Cats116
Macavity: The Mystery Cat118
A Ransom for a Cat120
Song of the Worms122
The Snake's Revenge124
My Pony126
Lone Dog127
Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog128
The Elephant132
Dragon at a Party133
The Spiders Cast Their Spell135
The Hump136
The Greedy Alligator138
How Doth the Little Crocodile139
The Art of Dying140
This is a Photograph of Me146
This Poem is Soooo *Prop*150
We Real Cool151
Something made me do it!154
The Village Burglar156
The Smiling Villain156
Neighbourhood Watch157
Barbara the Barbarian158
The Pirate159
Song of the Galley-slaves160
If All the Seas161
The World's Worst Super-Villain162
Confessions of a Failed Super Villain163
Charlotte O'Neil's Song164
Portrait of My Lover as a Teaspoon166
Notting Hill Polka167
Vanity Song168
Buinneach Bui169
Say Cheese171
He and She172
Midnight Street173
If People Disapprove of You ...176
'Waiter, there's a thug in my salad!'180
The Cake that Makes You Scream184
Dream and Forgetting186
Don't Be Scared187
Index of first lines190
Index of author names195

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Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
SelimaCat on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
During the reign of King Charles II, a young girl gets kicked out of her family home by her stepmother, travels to London where she is thrown in jail. She is released from prison to find herself living among bawds and loose women; she then is befriended by the actress Nelly Gwynn, who later becomes the king's most famous mistress. Things I liked: I'm a sucker for historical fiction, especially related to royalty. A YA book that follows a fictional character around the demimonde of Charles II's court seemed like a fun bet. There's much that was fun: frothy costumes, romance, dashing highwaymen, a strong female protagonist... Things I didn't like: The plot was a riotous combination of Victorian melodrama (a poor young girl whose only dream is for familial love!) and a Harlequin(TM) romance (smutty plot, smutty characters, little-lamb-pure heroine). Despite her rather drastic circumstances, her chastity is vigorously maintained, so that we're never in doubt about her moral character (and how could she land a well-born man if she had lost her honor?). It's a fluffy read, especially for those who like costume dramas. The writing is pretty simplistic for older teens, but the subject matter is pretty racy for younger ones.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago