Relic Quest: A Guide to Responsible Relic Recovery Techniques with Metal Detectors

Relic Quest: A Guide to Responsible Relic Recovery Techniques with Metal Detectors

by Stephen L. Moore


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Relic Quest is a must-have reference book for the relic hunter that teaches the basics of metald detectors and searchcoils, hunting techniques, proper research and recovery methods. It contains practical advice for how to locate productive relic sites and how to perform field reconnaissance of a site. Areas of hunting focus include Civil War, American Revolution, Texas Revolution, the Colonial Period, frontier wars, old home sites and even underwater relic hunting advice.

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ISBN-13: 9780981899190
Publisher: Ram Publishing Company
Publication date: 04/01/2011
Pages: 532
Sales rank: 1,070,343
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Stephen L. Moore, a sixth generation Texan, is the author of 13 other non-fiction books on metal detecting, Texas history and World War II. He is a contributing writer to historical journals and treasure hunting magazines.

Table of Contents

Author's Note ix

Foreword Charles Garrett xvii

1 Hunting History 1

The Great Relic Hunting Debate 3

Those Whooo-Hooo! Moments 6

2 Detector Technology and Searchcoil Types 13

Early Relic Hunting Metal Detectors 13

Single vs. Multiple Frequency Technology 14

VLF Frequency: Higher or Lower? 20

Searchcoil Essentials 21

3 Target Identification and Signal Processing 35

All-Metal (Non-Motion) vs. Discrimination (Motion) 36

Target Identification with Motion Detectors 39

Signal Processing 44

Advanced Audio Features 45

Description of Metal Detector Features 50

Digital Target ID Test 54

Purchasing a Metal Detector 57

Learn Your Detector! 60

4 Detecting Tips and Discrimination 61

Understand What Your Detector is Telling You 61

Tips on Proper Scanning 62

Ground Balancing Your Detector 68

Discrimination: The Pros and Cons 69

Overcoming the Target Masking Problem 71

General Metal Detecting Tips 78

Discrimination or Elimination? 80

5 Researching Productive Sites 85

Research Sources 89

Tips on Being a Better Researcher 103

Approaching Land Owners for Permission 104

5 Preparation and Field Safety 109

Organize Yourself for the Hunt 109

Relic Hunter's Field Day Checklist 11l

Relic Hunting Safety 118

7 Target Recovery and Scouting Tips 125

Relic Recovery Tools 125

Improving Your Relic Recovery Time 127

Relic Recovery with a Pinpointer 135

Field Sighs: Make Your Practice Pay Off 138

How to Handle Your Recovered Items 147

Relic Hunting Tips from Charles Garrett 150

8 Relics From Early History 157

Really Old Relics 158

9 European Artifacts 169

Common European Finds 174

Europe as a Detecting Destination 180

10 Colonial and Frontier Relics 183

Locating and Hunting Frontier Posts and Homes 187

Interesting Frontier Finds 195

Colonial and Frontier Relics Gallery 199

11 Traces of Two Revolutions 203

Revolution in the New World 211

Relics of the American Revolution: 1776-1783 215

Texas Revolution Sites 217

Finding Historic Texas Camps 219

Relics of the Texas Revolution: 1835-1836 224

Alamo Artillery Piece Returns for 175th Anniversary 229

12 Civil War Relic Hunting 231

Artifacts From "The War Between the States" 234

Hunting With Fort Donelson's Relic Couple 241

Diggin' in Georgia 247

Civil War Hunting in Perryville 255

13 Old Homesteads and Farms 265

Locating and Working Old Home Sites 270

Key Search Areas Around Old Homesteads 276

Searching Farms 282

Dump Sites and Bottle Hunters 287

14 Frontier Wars and Battlefields 291

Native American Artifacts 295

Recoveries From a Texas Indian Wars Battlefield 297

Battlefield Routes are Key for One Georgia Detectorist 302

Gallery of Battlefield Finds 307

15 Underwater Relics 311

Freshwater Relic Hunting 315

Saltwater Relic Hunting and Salvage Law 317

General Underwater Detecting Tips 323

A Civil War Site That Just Keeps Producing 326

Mom, Daughter Make Spanish Treasure Fleet Find 329

16 Metal Detectors and Archaeology 331

How Can You Get Involved with History? 334

The Archaeology Process 336

Detecting on the San Jacinto Battlegrounds 338

Detecting With Archaeologists: The Process 345

17 Campsite and Ghost Town Relics 349

Ghost Towning 358

Military Campsites 360

Discovering Rural Civil War Campsites 364

World War I Camp in Big City Still Produces 372

Hunting a Buffalo Hunters' Camp 375

Identification Gallery: Civil War Campsite Finds 385

18 Bullets, Shells and Firearms 393

Early North American Bullets 394

American Civil War Weapons 397

Minié Balls 400

Artillery Shells and Grape 404

Artillery Shell, Bullet and Cartridge Galleries 408

19 Buckles, Buttons and Badges 413

Plates and Buckles 418

Badges, Shoulder Scales and Other Insignia 421

Military Buttons 422

Civil War Plates and Buckles Gallery 426

Button Identification Galleries and Features 433

20 Organized Hunts 453

Historic Texas Ranch Hunt 454

Battlefield Quest Along Battle Creek 459

DIV, GNRS, North/South and Other Hunts 465

DIV XV (2010) Gallery 471

European and UK Organized Hunts and Rallies 475

21 Cleaning Your Finds 477

How Should I Clean My Relics and Coins? 478

Metal Identification and Cleaning 480

Common Cleaning Methods 487

Final "Polishing-Up" Methods 490

Photographing and Displaying Your Finds 491

24 Relic Hunting Ethics and the Law 495

U.S. Metal Detecting Laws 495

European Metal Detecting Laws 499

Codes of Ethics 500

Selected Bibliography 503

About the Author 511

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Relic Quest: A Guide to Responsible Relic Recovery Techniques with Metal Detectors 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
History_Fan1 More than 1 year ago
This may very well be the best book ever written on the topic of relic hunting. In the book, Mr Moore covers all aspects of the hobby from discovery and recovery of targets to hunting European sites Civil War sites, Home sites, or even Indian war sites! He also has a guide to what sort of metal detector you ought to buy depending on what type of hunting you do. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is even considering entering the great hobby of metal detecting!