Ralph Bates A Biography

Ralph Bates A Biography

by Christopher Gullo


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Written with the blessing of Bates’ wife Virginia and his two

children, Ralph Bates: A Biography delves deep into the actor’s

life from childhood and his beginning interest in theater at

school, to his tenure at Hammer Film Productions as one of

its rising stars, to his triumphs in television with lead roles in

Poldark and Dear John. This biography features 165 photos,

including many never-before-seen family photos. Besides his

well-known turns as the dark and brooding villain, readers

will also learn about his outside love of cricket and his desire

to perform comedy, which came to fruition during his multiple

tours with the production of Run for Your Wife! In addition to

quotes from Bates from various interviews, over 70 original

author-acquired contributions from family, friends and

coworkers were gathered to give the most complete look at the

life of a much missed actor, husband, father and friend to many.

The author is donating all personal proceeds from sales of this

book to the Ralph Bates Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund,

which was created to honor Bates, who passed away from the

disease in 1991.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

8 Foreword

10 Ralph Bates Appreciated

11 Acknowledgments

12 Preface

14 Chapter 1: “How about you let me go to university then?”

36 Chapter 2: “Any means is worth the end result”

53 Chapter 3: “The supreme prince of darkness …”

113 Chapter 4: “Excuse me my dear, I have some work to do”

136 Chapter 5: “Well, don’t you think that’s funny?”

149 Chapter 6: “It will all pass too quickly”

166 “Death of an Actor” by Ian Blake

170 Afterword by Dr. John Glees

171 Notes/Bibliography

177 Photo and Art Acknowledgments

181 Index

186 About the Author

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