Raising Children: Emerging Needs, Modern Risks, and Social Responses

Raising Children: Emerging Needs, Modern Risks, and Social Responses

by Jill Duerr Berrick, Neil Gilbert

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Modern family life raises tough questions: Who should be responsible for childrens daily care? How can their financial support be fairly allocated between parents? Should extended family members be paid for their help? Can women have full careers and also be good mothers? In Raising Children, leading scholars take on these questions and more in order to critically assess policy responses to the changing needs of the modern family. As parents struggle to balance professional and personal demands, choose schools for their children, and sort through constantly updated medical and psychological information, they need help from public officials who can make policies that realistically address childrearings contemporary challenges. The insightful contributions in this volume provide an excellent starting point for understanding these thorny, multifaceted issues, skillfully framing the influences on child development, such as altered family dynamics, major life changes like immigration, and the role of schools and government in childrens health. Adoption by same-sex couples, difficulties for immigrant children, the ADHD diagnosis controversy, and public intervention for at-risk children are only a few of the topics covered. With society in a constant state of flux, it is critically important that we assess our family and child policies to ensure that they provide families with the assistance they need. Drawing on the rich interdisciplinary work of the Berkeley Center for Child and Youth Policy, this is an eye-opening look at some of the biggest issues facing the family today, which are as complex as they are vital to address in a thoughtful way.

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ISBN-13: 9780190463465
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 02/11/2008
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Table of Contents

Contributors     vii
Introduction     1
Children in Families
The Past Is Not a Foreign Country: The Historical Education of Policy   Paula S. Fass     9
From Private to Public: Paying Grandparents as Caregivers   Jill Duerr Berrick     27
Supporting Fathers' Engagement with Their Kids   Philip A. Cowan   Carolyn Pape Cowan   Nancy Cohen   Marsha Kline Pruett   Kyle Pruett     44
Can Women Have Careers and Babies Too?   Mary Ann Mason     81
Motherhood, Work, and Family Policy   Neil Gilbert     98
Child Support: How Much Is Just Right?   Ira Ellman   Tara Ellman     116
Outside Forces: Shaping Health and Education
Framing Public Interventions with Respect to Children as Parent-Empowering   Stephen D. Sugarman     151
Childhood ADHD: Biological Reality or Social Construction, with Policy Implications   Stephen P. Hinshaw     167
Do Immigrant Children Have a Fair Chance?   Sylvia Guendelman   Kate Cosby     183
Nonacademic Needs of Students: How Can Schools Intervene?   Susan Stone     201
Families and Schools Raising Children: The Inequitable Effects of Family Background on Schooling Outcomes   W.Norton Grubb     221
Conclusion     250
Index     257

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