Rabbit & Possum

Rabbit & Possum

by Dana Wulfekotte


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Rabbit likes to leap before she looks. Possum is a little more cautious. Together, they are a dynamic duo ready to charm fans of Frog and Toad or Toot & Puddle!

Rabbit has been preparing all day for her best friend Possum’s visit, but when the time comes she finds Possum fast asleep. No matter what Rabbit does, she just can’t wake him up. But then a rustle in the bushes frightens Possum and sends him up a tree—where he gets very, very stuck. Rabbit has any number of ideas to get him down. Unfortunately, they all make Possum a little...uneasy. But best friends never give up. With a little creativity—and a big surprise—Rabbit just might be able to save the day.

These unlikely friends and their upbeat humor are just right for fans of Eric Rohmann’s My Friend Rabbit and Kelly Bingham’s Z Is for Moose.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780062455819
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 02/06/2018
Pages: 40
Sales rank: 282,298
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 10.30(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

About the Author

Dana Wulfekotte is an animator, comic artist, and children’s book creator. She lives in Queens with her boyfriend and two pet rabbits. But neither of her rabbits have ever tried to climb a tree. www.danawulfekotte.com

Dana Wulfekotte is an animator, comic artist, and children’s book creator. She lives in Queens with her boyfriend and two pet rabbits. But neither of her rabbits have ever tried to climb a tree. www.danawulfekotte.com

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Rabbit & Possum 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
NVCrittenden More than 1 year ago
Rabbit is all ready for Possum to visit when Possum gets startled and stuck in a tree. Rabbit helps Possum realize that things can always look up, even when you are already up a tree. Adorable characters, story, and illustrations!
Shandamc More than 1 year ago
Rabbit and Possum is the cutest book! And even though this book is about Rabbit and Possum, Moose has my heart :) The illustrations are just as stunning as they are cute.
CathyBallouMealey More than 1 year ago
What goes up, must come down in this playful woodland adventure story from debut picture book author - illustrator Dana Wulfekotte. Rabbit has been busy all morning, preparing for her good friend Possum to visit her burrow. Expressive and flop-eared, she’s disappointed but not discouraged to discover that Possum is still sound asleep. Nothing Rabbit tries will rouse Possum until there is a suspicious rustling in the bushes. “DID YOU HEAR THAT?” cries Possum upon waking, and he sprints up a tree for safety. It’s up to Rabbit to figure out a way to help Possum down so they can hold their planned playdate. Resourceful, creative Rabbit ponders, plots and plans various scenarios for his rescue. All the while she reassures the nervous Possum as he frets, frowns and nibbles his nails. Their outward conversation and internal worries, revealed through individual thought and speech bubbles, add a delightful dimension to the story and enhance the emotional connectedness of the two friends. Can Rabbit successfully recruit a third party - a large, stern (and vegetarian) Moose to help save Possum? Will Possum trust Rabbit that the massive Moose is friend, not foe? Young readers will be compelled to continue turning pages as the action sprints smoothly from start to finish. Wulfekotte’s illustrations feature soft, light tones. Sweaters colored aqua-blue and rich red set off the two main characters nicely. Well-textured trees and bushes depict a spare forest landscape against a bright, pale sky. Spot illustrations interspersed with single and double-page spreads keep the pacing lively and interesting. A delightful pair of comic silent onlookers, a squirrel and bluebird, seem poised to tell their own story of woodland adventures if RABBIT & POSSUM produces a spin-off sequel. Let’s hope they do!
ReaderWriterEducator More than 1 year ago
Cute story of friendship and overcoming fears. Humorous illustrations show the steps in the process of each of Rabbit's attempts to help Possum get down from the tree. I'm sure kids will connect with both of these characters who are so childlike in their voices and expressions.
JessicaOliveros More than 1 year ago
Sleeping Possum is awoken by a rustling in the bushes of a "monster" (moose), and he runs up a tree. It's up to his friend, Rabbit, to get him down. Their back-and-forth dialogue is very funny, right up the alley of Elephant and Piggy fans. Rabbit's problem-solving attempts are captivating as she shows dogged (rabbited?) determination in getting her friend down. The art is memorable, and the character's sweet, emotive faces and woodsy antics are reminiscent of Peter Rabbit or Pooh and his Hundred Acre Wood's gang. I really hope we get more of Rabbit and Possum, and possibly additional woody friends, in future books.