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by David Quinlan


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*Concise biographies, complete film and TV credits, including voiceovers and guest appearances *The ultimate source for dates, facts, titles, and trivia *All the stars including Annette Bening, Tom Curise, Kevin Spacey, and many more *More than 2000 entri

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ISBN-13: 9780713477511
Publisher: Intl Specialized Book Service
Publication date: 08/01/1996

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Chapter One



(top) (William Abbott) 1895-1974
(Louis Cristillo) 1906-1959

Vaudeville comedians whose brash humour
and slick cross-talk attracted immense audiences
in the forties. Despite great personal
friction (Costello demanded, and got 60% of
the take), they stayed together until 1957.
Costello died from a heart attack two years
later, and a comeback by Abbott with a new
partner was not successful. Abbott, a lifetime
epileptic, died of cancer after two strokes.
Costello was a stunt man on several films of
the later twenties, including Bardelys the
(1926), Taxi Dancer (1927) and
The Trail of '98 (1928).

1940: Caribbean Holiday. One Night in the
Tropics. Buck Privates (GB: Rookies). In the
Navy. 1941: Hold That Ghost. Keep 'Em
Flying. Los Angeles Examiner Benefit. Meet
the Stars No. 4. Ride 'Em Cowboy. 1942: Rio
Rita. Pardon My Sarong. Who Done It? 1943:
It Ain't Hay (GB: Money for Jam). Hit the
Ice. 1944: Lost in a Harem. In Society. 1945:
Here Come the Co-Eds. The Naughty Nineties.
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood.
1946: Little Giant (GB: On the Carpet). The
Time of Their Lives. 1947: Buck Privates Come
Home (GB: Rookies Come Home). The Wistful
Widow of Wagon Gap (GB: The Wistful
Widow). 1948: The Noose Hangs High. Abbott
and Costello Meet Frankenstein (GB: Abbott
and Costello Meet the Ghosts). 1949: Mexican
Hayride. AfricaScreams. Abbott and Costello
Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff. 1950: Abbott
and Costello in the Foreign Legion. 1951:
Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man.
Comin' Round the Mountain. 1952: Jack and
the Beanstalk. Lost in Alaska. 1953: Abbott
and Costello Go to Mars. Abbott and Costello
Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 1954: Screen
Snapshots No. 225. 1955: Abbott and Costello
Meet the Keystone Kops. Abbott and Costello
Meet the Mummy. 1956: Dance with Me,
Henry. Costello alone: 1959: The 30 Foot
Bride of Candy Rock
. Abbott alone: 1950: The
Real McCoy

ABRIL, Victoria (V. Rojas) 1959-

Vivacious Spanish actress with fine-boned
features, often in controversial or sexually
provocative roles. Trained as a dancer, she
was acting regularly in Spanish films at 18,
but it was in films directed by Pedro
Almodòvar that she rose to prominence with
a series of uninhibited performances. International
ventures have worked out less well,
and her best work has continued to be done in

1875: Obsesión. 1976: Robin and Marian.
Esposa y amante. El puente/The Long Weekend.
Caperucita y roja. 1977: Cambio de sexo/I
Want to be a Woman. Doña Perfecta. Robin,
frecce, fagioli e karate/Karate Robin Hood.
1978: El hombre que supo amar. 1979: La
muchacha de las bragas de oro/The Girl with
the Golden Panties. 1980: Mater amatísima/
Clara. Wer spritzt denn da am Mittelmeer? La
casa del paraiso. Le coeur a l'envers. 1981: La
guérrillera. La batalla del porro. Comin' at Ya!
1982: J'ai épousé une ombre (US: I Married a
Dead Man). Sous le signe de poisson. Asesinato
en el Comité Central. Entre paréntesis. La
colmena/The Beehive. 1983: Las bicicletas son
para el verano. The Bastard. The Moon in the
Gutter/La lune dans le caniveau. Sem sombra
del pecado. 1984: Le voyage. La noche más
hermosa. L'addition, Rio abajo/On the Line.
1985: Padre nuestro/Our Father. After
Darkness. Rouge-Gorge. La hora bruja. 1986:
Nuit d'ivresse. Ternosecco. Vade e torno.
Tiempo d silencio. 1987: Barrios altos. El placer
de matar. Run for Your Life/El Lute. El juego
mas divertido. La ley del deseo (US: Law of
Desire). 1988: Bâton rouge. Sans peur et sans
reproche. 1989: Si te dicen que caí. Ada in the
Jungle. 1990: Sandino. ¡Atame! (GB and
US: Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! 0 solas
contigo. 1991: Amantes/Lovers. Une époque
formidable. Tacones lejanos (GB and US: High
Heels). 1992: Demasiado corazon. 1993:
Intruder/Intruso. Kika. 1994: Casque bleu.
Jimmy Hollywood. 1995: Gazon maudit (GB:
French Twist. US: Bushwhacked). Pasion
Turca. 1996: Libertarius. 1997: La femme
cosmonaute. 1998: Entre las piernas/Between
Your Legs. 1999: My Father, My Mother, My
Brothers and Sisters. 2000: Semana santa. 101
Reykjavik. 2001: No News from God

ADAMS, Brooke 1949-

Small, dark, chipper American actress, good
at brittle characterizations. An on-stage performer
at six, she had made her TV debut at
16 and her first film at 21. But, although given
some useful-looking leading roles during a
rather spasmodic career thereafter (she did
best in the 1978 version of Invasion of the
Body Snatchers
), she never quite became a
reason for going to see a film, and was seen in
increasingly less commercial ventures after
1980. Married to actor Tony Shalhoub.

1965: OK Crackerby (TV). 1970: Shock
Waves/Death Corps (GB: Almost Human.
Released 1975). 1974: F Scott Fitzgerald and
'The Last of the Belles' (TV). The Great
Gatsby. The Lords of Flatbush. 1975: Murder
on Flight 502 (TV). Who is the Black Dahlia?
(TV). The Daughters of Joshua Cabe Return
(TV). 1976: James Dean: Portrait of a Friend
(TV). Car Wash. 1977: Nero Wolfe (TV).
Minestrone. 1978: Invasion of the Body
Snatchers. Days of Heaven. 1979: Cuba. A
Man, a Woman and a Bank/A Very Big
Withdrawal. 1980: Tell Me a Riddle. 1981:
Utilities (released 1983). 1983: Innocents
Abroad (TV). The Dead Zone. 1984: Haunted
(TV). Special People (TV). Almost You.
1985: Key Exchange. The Stuff. 1987: Man
on Fire. The Lion of Africa (TV). 1989:
Bridesmaids (TV). 1991: The Unborn. Sometimes
They Come Back. 1992: Gas, Food Lodging.
1993: The Last Hit (TV). 1994:
Sleepless (TV). The Fire This Time (narrator
only). 1995: The Baby-Sitters' Club. Picture
Windows (cable TV)

ADAMS, Joey Lauren 1971-

Apple-cheeked, light-haired American actress
of cute appeal and engagingly asthmatic
voice. After several years in TV series her
winning smile and offbeat personality put her
consistently near the top of the cast, although
the mainstream public is, as yet, still unlikely
to add a name to her face. Occasionally
credited simply as Joey Adams.

1993: Coneheads. Dazed and Confused. The
Program. 1994: S.F.W. Sleep With Me. 1995:
Mallrats. 1996: Chasing Amy. Drawing Flies.
Bio-Dome. Michael. 1997: The Pros & Cons of
Breathing (shot 1994). 1998: A Cool, Dry
Place. 1999: Big Daddy. Bruno. Reaching
Normal. 2000: Beautiful. 2001: Harvard Man

ADAMS, Julie (Betty May Adams) 1926-

Striking, jut-jawed brunette whose Hollywood
career languished in minor westerns
until Universal signed her up and changed
her name to Julia (the Julie came later). She
remained a reliable, faintly aristocratic
leading lady (though with warmth to spare)
for them for nine years and married another
Universal player, Ray Danton (qv), before
becoming a dialogue coach. Now best
remembered as the girl carried off by the
creature from the Black Lagoon.

1949: Red Hot and Blue. Hostile Country.
The Dalton Gang. 1950: Colorado Ranger.
Crooked River. Marshal of Heldorado. For
Heaven's Sake. Fast on the Draw later
Sudden Death). West of the Brazos.
Hollywood Story. Bright Victory (GB:
Lights Out). 1951: Finders Keepers. The
Treasure of Lost Canyon. 1952: Bend of the
River (GB: Where the River Bends). Horizons
West. The Lawless Breed. 1953: Mississippi
Gambler. The Man from the Alamo. Wings
of the Hawk. 1954: The Stand at Apache
River. Francis Joins the WACs. The Creature
from the Black Lagoon. 1955: Six Bridges to
Cross. The Looters. One Desire. 1956: The
Private War of Major Benson. Away All Boats.
1957: Slaughter on 10th Avenue. Four Girls in
Town. 1958: Slim Carter. The Dungeon (TV).
Tarawa Beachhead. 1959: Gunfight at Dodge
City. 1960: Raymie. 1962: The Underwater
City. 1965: Tickle Me. 1967: Valley of
Mystery. 1971: The Trackers (TV). The Last
Movie. 1973: Go Ask Alice (TV). 1974: McQ.
1975: The Killer Inside Me. The Wild
McCulloughs. Psychic Killer. 1977: Goodbye,
Franklin High (released 1980). 1980: The
Fifth Floor. 1983: Champions. 1988: Black
Roses. 1989: Backtrack. 1993: King B: A Life
in the Movies. Conviction: The Kitty Dodds
Story (TV)

ADAMS, Maud (M. Wikstrum) 1945-

Tall, shapely, tawny-haired, Swedish born
international model who attracted some
showy big-budget leading roles without quite
having the acting talent to match her
ambitions. Producers seemed more interested
in getting her clothes off, probably the reason
she returned to modelling from time to time
in between films. Best known for her
decorative roles in two James Bond films.

1970: The Christian Licorice Store. The Plastic
Dome of Norma Jean. Mahoney's Estate. The
Boys in the Band. 1971: U-Turn. 1974: Rollerball.
The Man with the Golden Gun. The Girl in
Blue. 1975: The Diamond Mercenaries (US:
Killer Force). 1977: L'uomo senza pietà (US:
The Merciless Man). Genova a mano armata.
1978: Big Bob Johnson and His Fantastic Speed
Circus (TV). 1979: Laura — Shades of Summer
(released 1982. GB: Laura). The Hostage
Tower/Alistair MacLean's The Hostage Tower.
1980: Playing for Time (TV). Tattoo. 1982:
Target Eagle. 1983: Octopussy. 1984: Nairobi
Affair (TV). 1985: Blacke's Magic (TV).
1986: Hell Hunters. 1987: Jane and the Lost
City. The Women's Club. 1988: Angel III: The
Final Chapter. Deadly Intent. A Man of
Passion. The Favorite/Intimate Power. 1989:
Ski School. La nuit de sérail. 1990: The Kill
Reflex. Initiation: Silent Night, Deadly Night/
Bugs. 1993: A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case
of the Wicked Wives (TV). 1996: Ringer

(Nicholas Adamschock) 1931-1968

Stocky, fair-haired American leading man,
often cast as harebrained, easily led or other
kinds of tearaway. He enjoyed a good period
of popularity from 1959 to 1963 in the TV
series The Rebel and Saints and Sinners (as
crusading gunfighter and crusading reporter
respectively), but never quite made it to the
top in the cinema. Ended by making movies
in far-flung places and was found dead in
1968 from a drug overdose. Oscar nominee
for Twilight of Honor.

1952: Somebody Loves Me. 1995: Mister
Roberts. Strange Lady in Town. I Died a
Thousand Times. Rebel Without a Cause.
Picnic. 1956: The Last Wagon. Strange
Adventure. Our Miss Brooks. 1957: Sing, Boy,
Sing. Fury at Showdown. The Troublemakers
(TV). 1958: The FBI Story. No Time for
Sergeants. Teacher's Pet. 1959: Pillow Talk.
1962: The Interns. Hell is for Heroes! 1963:
The Young Lovers. Twilight of Honor (GB:
The Charge is Murder). The Hook. A Girl
Named Tamiko. 1965: Young Dillinger.
Frankenstein Conquers the World. Kaiju
daisenso (US: Monster Zero). 1966: Die,
Monster, Die (GB: Monster of Terror). Don't
Worry, We'll Think of a Title. Willie and the
Yank (TV. GB: cinemas, as Mosby's
Marauders). 1967: Frankenstein Meets the
Giant Devil Fish. Fever Heat. Zettai zetsumei
(US: The Killing Bottle). 1968.' Mission
Mars. Los asesinos

ADAMS, Tom 1938-

Tall, dark, saturnine British leading man who
starred in a series of James Bond spoofs in the
1960s. The budgets of the films were too low
for any large-scale cinema success, and
Adams's personality perhaps too inflexible
for starring roles in bigger movies. Since 1972
he has played 'second lead' roles in TV
dramas, soap operas and serials and cropped
up as an enthusiastic 'salesman' in

1962: A Pair of Briefs. Play It Cool. A Prize of
Arms. 1963: The Great Escape. This is My
Street. 1964: The Peaches. 1965: Licensed to
Kill (US: The Second Best Secret Agent in the
Whole Wide World). 1966: Where the Bullets
Fly. The Fighting Prince of Donegal. 1967:
Somebody's Stolen Our Russian Spy. Fathom.
1968: Subterfuge. Journey into Midnight
(TV). 1970: The House That Dripped Blood.
1971: Von Richthofen and Brown (GB: The
Red Baron). 1972: Madigan: The Lisbon Beat
(TV). 1992: Duel of Hearts (TV)

ADDAMS, Dawn 1930-1985

British-born glamour girl who appeared in
some Hollywood films of the 1950s. She was
screen-tested for National Velvet in 1944, but
lost to Elizabeth Taylor, with whom she
shared dark hair, dark eyes and a stormy and
well-publicized love life which settled down
when she married her second husband, a
retired businessman. Lived in Malta in the
1970s, in US from 1982. Died from cancer.

1951: Night into Morning. The Unknown
Man. 1952: The Hour of 13. Singin' in the
Rain. Plymouth Adventure. 1953: The Robe.
Young Bess. The Moon is Blue (and German
version). Riders to the Stars. Secrets d'alcove
(GB and US: The Bed). 1954: The Viscount of
Bragelonne (US: Last of the Musketeers).
Return to Treasure Island. Khyber Patrol.
Mizar (GB: Frogman Spy). 1956: Rommel's
Treasure. London Calling North Pole/House of
Intrigue. 1957: Four in a Thunderjet. A King in
New York. 1958: The Silent Enemy. Il mistero
della Pensione Edelweiss. Sursis pour les vivants.
The Volga Boatman (GB: The Boatman. US:
Prisoners of the Volga). L'ile au bout du monde
(GB: Temptation Island). 1959: Secret
Professional. Voulez-vous danser avec moi?
(GB and US: Come Dance With Me). The
Treasure of San Teresa (US: Lone Distance).
The Scarlet Baroness. Geheimaktion schwartze
Kapelle (US: Black Chapel). 1960: Die
zornigen jungen Männer. The 1,000 Eyes of Dr
Mabuse. The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll (US:
House of Fright). 1961: Follow That Man. Les
menteurs (GB: House of Sin). 1962:
L'education sentimentale (GB: Lessons in
Love). Come Fly with Me. The £20,000 Kiss.
1963: The Black Tulip. 1964: Ballad in Blue
(US: Blues for Lovers). 1966: Where the
Bullets Fly. 1969: Zeta One. The Vampire
Lovers. Sappho/Sapho. 1973: Vault of

ADJANI, Isabelle 1955-

Wide-eyed, dark-haired, brittle French
actress, at her bewitching best in shallow or
sombre roles. Born in Paris to an Algerian
father and German mother, she made her film
debut during her school holidays and came
into demand for international assignments
after her Academy Award nomination for The
Story of Adèle II
. She won a second Oscar
nomination for Camille Claudel, but has had
little luck overall in finding projects that will
further her career.

1969: Le petit bougnat. 1971: Faustine et le bel
été (GB: Faustine. US: Growing Up/Faustine
and the Beautiful Summer). 1974: La gifle
(GB and US: The Slap). 1975: The Story of
Adèle II. 1976: The Tenant. Barocco. Violette
et François. 1978: The Driver (GB: Driver).
The Brontë Sisters. 1979: Nosferatu: Phantom
der Nacht (GB and US: Nosferatu the
Vampyre). 1980: Possession. Clara et les chic
types. 1981: Quartet. L'année prochaîne si tout
va bien. 1982: Tout feu, tout flamme (US: All
Fired Up). Antonietta. 1983: L'été meutrier
(GB and US: One Deadly Summer). Mortelle
rondonée (US: Deadly Circuit). 1985:
Subway. 1986: Maladie d'amour. 1987:
Ishtar. Camille Claudel. 1990: Fleur de rubis.
Favorita del re. 1991: Lung Ta: Les cavaliers
du vent. 1993: Toxic Affair. 1994: La reine
Margot. 1996: Diabolique. 1998: Paparazzi.
1999: Passionellement

(Jeanne de la Fonte) 1898-1933

Tiny, brunette French star of Hollywood
silent films. Born in a circus tent, she became
a Folies Bergères dancer. Found her way (via
Australia, and a film debut) to Hollywood by
1920. Big, expressive eyes contributed to her
success in silents but ill-health and the advent
of the talkies combined to wreck her career.
Died from tuberculosis.

1918: £500 Reward. 1920: The Strongest.
1921: Made in Heaven. 1922: Honor First.
Daydreams. The Law Bringers. Monte Cristo.
A Self-Made Man. West of Chicago. Mixed
Faces. 1923: The Eternal Struggle. Six Fifty.
1924: Women Who Give Up. A Man's Mate.
The Bandolero. 1925: Exchange of Wives.
Excuse Me. Man and Maid. The Big Parade.
Parisian Nights. 1926: The Black Bird.
Blarney. La Bohème. The Exquisite Sinner. Tin
Gods. 1927: Back to God's Country. Heaven on
Earth. Flaming Forest. Mr Wu. On Ze
Boulevard. The Show. 1928: A Certain Young
Man. The Cossacks. Forbidden Hours. The
Mating Call. The Michigan Kid. Show People.
The Spieler (GB: The Spellbinder). 1929: The
Pagan. Hollywood Revue of 1929. Tide of
Empire. 1930: Redemption. Call of the Flesh

AFFLECK, Ben 1972-

Tall, dark, handsome American actor who
rose gradually to prominence in films after
beginning an acting career as a teenager.
Slightly stolid and lacking in personality if
still a decent actor, Affleck was on the verge of
leading roles by the turn of the millennium
without quite developing into a marquee
name. Indeed, his was partly fame by
association, as he and his rather more
charismatic friend and partner Matt Damon
(qv) took an Oscar for their screenplay for
Good Will Hunting (in which Affleck gave one
of his most relaxed performances). An on-off
romance with actress Gwyneth Paltrow (qv)
helped keep his name in the headlines. His
brother Casey Affleck is also an actor.

1986: Wanted: The Perfect Guy (TV). 1987:
Hands of a Stranger (TV). 1991: Danielle
Steel's 'Daddy' (TV). 1992: Buffy the
Vampire Slayer. School Ties. 1993: Dazed and
Confused. 1994: A Body to Die For: The Aaron
Henry Story (TV). 1995: Mallrats. 1996:
Chasing Amy. Glory Daze. 1997: Going All the
Way. Phantoms/Dean Koontz's Phantoms.
Good Will Hunting. 1998: Big Helium Dog.
Armageddon. Shakespeare in Love. 200
Cigarettes. 1999: Forces of Nature. Dogma.
2000: Daddy and Them. Reindeer Games (GB:
Deception). Boiler Room. The Third Wheel.
Bounce. 2001: Pearl Harbor

AGAR, John 1921-

Tall, sturdy, fair-haired ex-US Army
sergeant who drifted into films after marrying
Shirley Temple (qv) in 1945 (they divorced in
1949). Lacked the mobility for major films,
but sustained his leading man status in co-feature
westerns and horrors until the early
1960s. More recently he played bit parts,
describing himself as 'poor but happy'.

1948: Fort Apache. 1949: Adventure in
Baltimore (GB: Bachelor Balt). I Married a
Communist (GB: The Woman on Pier 13).
Sands of Iwo Jima. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.
1950: Breakthrough. 1951: Along the Great
Divide. The Magic Carpet. 1952: Woman of
the North Country. 1953: Man of Conflict.
1954: The Rocket Man. The Golden Mistress.
Bait. Shield for Murder. 1955: Revenge of the
Creature. The Lonesome Trail Tarantula.
1956: The Flesh and the Spur. Star in the Dust.
Hold Back Tomorrow. The Mole People. 1957:
Joe Butterfly. Ride a Violent Mile. The Brain
from Planet Arous. Daughter of Dr Jekyll.
Cavalry Command (released 1965). 1958:
Attack of the Puppet People (GB: Six Inches
Tall). Frontier Gun. Jet Attack (GB: Through
Hell to Glory). 1959: Invisible Invaders. 1960:
Raymie. 1961: Lisette. The Hand of Death.
Journey to the 7th Planet. 1962: The Young
and the Brave. 1963: Of Love and Desire. Law
of the Lawless. 1964: Young Fury. 1965: Stage
to Thunder Rock. Johnny Reno. Women of the
Prehistoric Planet. 1966: The St Valentine's
Day Massacre. Waco. Zontar, the Thing from
Venus. 1967: The Curse of the Swamp
Creature. 1968: Hell Raisers. 1969: Night
Fright. The Undefeated. 1971: Chisum. 1972:
Big Jake. 1976: King Kong. 1977: How's Your
Love Life? 1978: The Amazing Mr No-Legs.
1988: Perfect Victims. Miracle Mile. 1989:
Fear (TV). 1990: Nightbreed. 1991: The
Perfect Bride (TV). 1992: Invasion of Privacy
(TV). 1993: Body Bags (TV)

AGUTTER, Jenny 1952-

Tall, demure-looking, blonde British leading
lady, in show business from childhood, from
the same ballet school (and mould) as Hayley
Mills and Pamela Franklin (both qv). Film
career faltered after some big hits in the early
1970s when she projected innocence more
convincingly than most, but accelerated again
following her British Academy Award for
Equus. But she seemed to tire of playing roles
that required her to be put-on and take her
clothes off, and spent most of the 1980s on
stage and TV. Now in regal 'older woman'

1964: East of Sudan. 1965: Ballerina. 1966: A
Man Could Get Killed. 1968: The Gates of
Paradise. Star! 1969: I Start Counting. 1970:
The Railway Children. Walkabout. 1971: The
Snow Goose (TV). 1972: A War of Children
(TV). 1976: Logan's Run. The Eagle Has
Landed. The Man in the Iron Mask (TV).
1977: Equus. Sois-belle et tais-toi. 1978: China
9, Liberty 37/Gunfighters (US: Clayton and
Catherine). Dominique. The Riddle of the
Sands. 1979: Mayflower: the Pilgrims'
Adventure (TV). Sweet William. 1980: Miss
Right. 1981: The Survivor. Amy. An American
Werewolf in London. Late Flowering Love.
1984: Secret Places. 1985: Silas Marner (TV).
1987: Dark Tower. 1989: King of the Wind.
1990: Child's Play II. The Outsiders (TV).
Darkman. 1991: Freddie As FRO 7 (voice
only). 1992: Freddie Goes to Washington
(voice only. Unfinished). 1995: Blue Juice

AHERNE, Brian 1902-1986

Matinée idol of the British stage in the
twenties. He went to Hollywood in 1933,
where his Englishness and lack of dynamism
confined him to an interesting variety of
lesser roles. A good foil for some powerful
American leading ladies of the time. Married
to Joan Fontaine (qv), 1939-43. Oscar
nomination for Juarez. Died from heart

1924: The Eleventh Commandment. 1925:
King of the Castle. The Squire of Long Hadley.
1926: Safety First. 1927: A Woman Redeemed.
1928: Shooting Stars. 1929: Underground.
1930: The 'W' Plan. 1931: Madame
Guillotine. 1933: I Was a Spy. Song of Songs.
The Constant Nymph. 1934: What Every
Woman Knows. The Fountain. 1935: Sylvia
Scarlett. I Live My Life. 1936: Beloved
Enemy. 1937: The Great Garrick. 1938:
Merrily We Live. 1939: Captain Fury. Juarez.
1940: The Lady in Question. Hired Wife. My
Son, My Son. Vigil In the Night. 1941: The
Man Who Lost Himself. Skylark. Smilin'
Through. 1942: My Sister Eileen. A Night to
Remember. 1943: Forever and a Day. First
Comes Courage. What a Woman! (GB: The
Beautiful Cheat). 1946: The Locket. 1948:
Smart Woman. Angel on the Amazon (GB:
Drums Along the Amazon). 1952: I Confess.
1953: Titanic. 1954: Prince Valiant. A Bullet
is Waiting. 1956: The Swan. 1959: The Best of
Everything. 1961: Susan Slade. 1963:
Lancelot and Guinevere. The Waltz King.
1965: The Cavern. 1967: Rosie!

AIMÉE, Anouk (Françoise Sorya) 1932-

Elegant brunette French actress who made
her first films billed simply as Anouk. An elfin
leading lady of both British and French films
while still in her teens, she became a star all
over again in her thirties with the international
hit Un homme et une femme, which
won her an Oscar nomination. Married
(fourth of five) to Albert Finney from 1970 to


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cappybear on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I still find this book interesting and informative, even though it's around twenty years old now and out-of-date. I particularly like Quinlan's descriptions of some of the actors: the late Kevin McCarthy, for instance, is "big, dark-haired, good-looking (in a slightly shifty, predatory way)". There's a photograph of each actor, in case you can't put a face to the name and, most importantly, a list of every film these stars appeared in. Many of these names have been forgotten, but that's partly due to the fact that, in the UK at least, so few old movies are shown on TV these days.
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A well organized, incredibly detailed and up to date guide to film actors around the world!!! If you want to know every film that your favorite actor made, this is the book for you!