Professor Jim's METEOR ADVENTURE: An Educational Handbook that Simply Explains an Original Astronomical Discovery Where You and Your Child Can See the Earth's Fantastic Speed and Direction, as it Travels Around the Sun

Professor Jim's METEOR ADVENTURE: An Educational Handbook that Simply Explains an Original Astronomical Discovery Where You and Your Child Can See the Earth's Fantastic Speed and Direction, as it Travels Around the Sun

by Professor Jim Pressler Ph.D.


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Capture your child or student's imagination on this family camping meteor adventure as PROFESSOR JIM guides you on a night out with the stars. He explains how you can actually see the earth as it travels through space. Discover along with your family and friends, star-gazing and meteor showers.

See and experience the ultimate ride on the earth, as it travels around the sun at incredible speed. It's free. The stars and cosmos belong to everyone!

Observe this new astronomical discovery where watching a meteor shower is the only event where you can actually see the amazing speed and direction the earth travels through space in real-time. No special equipment is needed.

Professor Jim is the owner, and mentor at the iREAD ACADEMY. His teaching methods start out with simple words for younger children, then progresses to advanced reading.


This discovery of visual proof, was sought throughout history, right up to today. The search went on from the genius of Aristarchus, the ancient astronomer, to Nicolas Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, and Isaac Newton, right up to the greatest astronomers and astrophysicists of modern day.

This new revelation of astronomical phenomena, was discovered in December 2004, by Professor James Pressler, Ph.D.

This exclusive discovery is the only visual proof that the earth is going around the sun, without using a telescope or any other special equipment.

You can see visual proof of the 66,000 mile per hour or 107,000 kilometers per hour, speed of the earth as it orbits the sun. The mystery of planetary motion through the cosmos is now reaffirmed and can be plainly witnessed by an observer, without special equipment. You can see celestial mechanics as it is happening, in real time! The observation of the peak rate per hour of each meteor shower will appear to repeat on, or about the same night, every year. This handbook also includes the dates of the major Meteor Showers.

Feel the joy and satisfaction of passing on the greatest skill humankind has ever developed to transfer knowledge-the ability to read. For all ages; Beginner to Astrophysicist.


The first part of this book is designed for early readers. It is written in all upper case style of print, which reduces confusion of the letter shapes. Most books are written in mixed case, which can be confusing when learning to read. This book then advances to mixed case, for advanced readers.

With PROFESSOR JIM'S method, you can teach children in a few minutes or hours, things that could take weeks, years, or a lifetime, for them to learn on their own.


Our mission is to inspire people to read with excellence and to better understand the world and the cosmos. We hope this book helps inspire your child or student to succeed in life and to help them make their hopes and dreams become reality.


PROFESSOR JIM, born in Dearborn Michigan, has traveled most of the United States, Europe and the Middle East and promotes childhood literacy. Professor Jim believes he has a dream job. He makes dreams come true. Through academic excellence, a child can succeed in the endeavors they pursue.

PROFESSOR JIM is the owner and director of the iREAD ACADEMY, which offer tutors, mentors and advisers for excellence in reading, math, and writing.

This story was inspired by real life experiences. The dog named Caboose in the story was rescued from an animal shelter.

PART TWO of the book is for advanced readers. Present and future Astronomers, Astrophysicists, and Star Gazers should find this interesting!

A simple book review is requested at the end.

Professor Jim is the author of several books. He can be contacted at: http//

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