Preludes: A Story of Child Sexual Abuse from a Child's Perspective in a Middle Class American Family

Preludes: A Story of Child Sexual Abuse from a Child's Perspective in a Middle Class American Family

by John Brooks

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When a nine-year-old boy in a "respectable," middle class family is raped, then repeatedly molested by his father, how does the boy experience the abuse and how does he manage to survive?

"Preludes," an extended short story based in significant part on the experiences of its author, a child sexual abuse survivor, answers these questions.

The boy wakes in the middle of the night to find his father sitting on the edge of his bed, gently shaking him from his sleep. Though confused by his father's unexpected presence, for a few brief moments he suspects nothing.

His father then accuses him of having misbehaved without saying how, and tells him he'll have to be punished. The boy initially protests, but then, sensing the futility of resistance, grudgingly prepares himself for what his father tells him will be a spanking, all the while thinking, "Gee, this is ridiculous—I haven't done anything wrong." His father then proceeds to rape him, and, the rape completed, threatens to murder him if he tells anyone, including his mother.

Thus begins the boy's struggle for survival in the face of his father's nightly onslaughts—a struggle that stretches the boy's physical, psychological, and emotional resources to their limits and beyond.

Adding to his struggle's immensity is the milieu in which it occurs: a "Pleasantville" middle class neighborhood in a mid-sized American city in the early 1960s—an environment that gives no indication, on its surface, that an atrocity of such proportions could take place within its hermetic confines. The boy's family enjoys a high status—the father is a professor at a prestigious university, and the family belongs to a Presbyterian church that counts among its members some of the city's most prominent citizens. It is an environment in which acknowledgement of even the merest possibility of child sexual abuse within a family as respectable as that of the boy's is as taboo as the abuse itself. Sensing these constrictions, the boy feels his isolation in his suffering increase exponentially.

The prime importance placed by the community on maintaining a semblance of normalcy, no matter the cost to the truth, extends to the day-to-day life of the boy's home. The family's nightly meals together, at a table set with engraved silverware and an "everyday" china of the most tasteful design, and the "Smile Club" photos the boy's mother hangs on the downstairs hallway wall—family photos, taken regularly, for which the fundamental requisite is that everyone in them be wearing a pleasant smile—help form the bulwark of the mother's determined effort to put the best possible face on things.

To survive, the boy attempts to hide the truth, as much as possible, even from himself, with his mind employing, as its chief means to this end, a total forgetting of the abuse when it's not actually happening—a strategy his mind has utilized on previous occasions of his father's abuse.

But survival, though laudatory, comes at an enormous price—a price exacted, among other ways, in the warped perception the boy forms of what it means to "be a man." A price, the story suggests, the boy will have to pay going forward, into adulthood, until he reaches a point of substantial healing.

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About the Author

I’m a writer, child sexual abuse survivor-activist, climate change activist, and animal rights activist, among other things, of course. To find out more about me and my writing, please visit my website, at, and my Facebook page, at .

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Preludes: A Story of Child Sexual Abuse from a Child's Perspective in a Middle Class American Family 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
KDH_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Sexual abuse of children is one of those taboo subjects that everyone is appalled by. Instead of discussing these tragedies or fighting against them, it seems easier to sweep them under the rug and turn a blind eye to those that need support We, as a society, are leaving survivors of these abuses to heal and progress through life on their own. Preludes is a short memoir that exposes the truth for one survivor. This was tough to read as one would certainly expect from a book dealing with subject matter such as this. I feel the importance of this book, though, surpasses that toughness. I know, without a doubt, that getting a survivor's story out there is worth it. By sharing his story, I believe John Brooks is helping to pave the way for other survivors to not only share their own story (if they so wish), but to seek the healing that they all deserve. Kudos to not only John, but to everyone that shares their story and helps not only themselves find healing, but others too. This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. You can read all of my reviews on my blog, KDH Reviews.