Positive I.D.: Blind Girl's Bluff (Bookisode One)

Positive I.D.: Blind Girl's Bluff (Bookisode One)

by Warren Thomas

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The brainchild of veteran screenwriter, Warren Thomas, co-creator of such blockbuster films as Swordfish and Hitman, Positive I.D. is an entertainment first: a TV series designed to be read, not watched.

Blind Girl’s Bluff, the premier “bookisode” (think episode) introduces gutsy Lyra Cole, a forensic sketch artist who will stop at nothing to catch a psycho rapist who thinks he’s gotten away with his brutal assault - - beating and raping a girl in broad daylight - - because he knew she couldn’t identify him. Because he knew she was blind.

But he didn’t know Lyra Cole.

A survivor of a horrific attack herself years ago, Lyra is an unstoppable force of nature wrapped as a supremely gifted sketch artist, tied in a sarcastically hilarious bow. There is no line she won’t cross to accomplish her goals - whether she's bringing criminals to justice or mocking the young, naïve computer expert named Gemma Kilpatrick who has been forcibly added to her team. Unknown to Lyra, Gemma was hired to secretly prove a computer program can do Lyra’s job - - which will bump the irascible Lyra out of the police department and out of the Chief’s hair.

But the question still remains… how do you track down a monster when his victim—and your only witness—saw nothing to describe? Even for Lyra, it is a daunting task.

In fact, it is a task so daunting that the Houston Police Department won’t investigate further. There is too little chance of success, they have too few resources, and the terrified victim refuses to testify. Unfortunately for the rapist, however, Lyra has never been one to let little things like “orders” or “due process” get in her way. And since there are “at least twenty senses other than sight” Lyra’s not about to let the victim’s blindness slow her down, either.

But, as Lyra uses her “unconventional methods” (including leaps of intuition that border on the supernatural) to piece together the identity of the blind girl’s rapist, Gemma discovers that he might, in fact, also hold the key to a twenty-year-old mystery that has defined Lyra's life--finding her kidnapped daughter and making the men responsible pay.

And suffer.

Hell hath no fury like a vengeful Lyra Cole.

Positive I.D. bookisodes are inspired by real police cases. A portion of proceeds will go to victim's rights charities.

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Publisher: Warren Thomas
Publication date: 04/11/2014
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About the Author

Warren Thomas is a veteran screenwriter, along with his former writing partner, of such blockbuster films as Swordfish, X Men Origins: Wolverine, Hitman, and A Good Day to Die Hard. However, he's grown weary of the soul-crushing vagaries of the Hollywood machine. Rather than pimp his newest creation to the highest tinsel-town bidder—only to watch his characters homogenized and destroyed “note by note” by Harvard trained, literary ninjas in Brooks Brothers suits, Warren and his partners at Black Gold Productions have decided to try a new, insanely risky gamble: taking his stories directly to the readers (gasp!). Positive I.D. is the first attempt at creating a television series designed to be read, rather than watched. Each “Bookisode” will be both a self-contained story and a small piece of a much larger narrative. So he hopes readers enjoy it. Because he doesn’t want network executives to turn Positive I.D. into a reality show. Also, he lives in sleepy Redondo Beach, California with his (mostly) loving family and (always) hateful dog, where he enjoys sunset strolls on the beach with his beautiful wife, is learning to love IPAs and is keeping his hair long while he still can.

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Positive I.D.: Blind Girl's Bluff (Bookisode One) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an amazing new writer and I love the fresh twist to the crime fiction genre - - a forensic sketch artist who will stop at nothing to get scumbags office the street.  Looking forward to the second "bookisode".