Pop Music: The Early Years 1890-1950

Pop Music: The Early Years 1890-1950



To commemorate the end of the century, Sony Music assembled the gargantuan 26-disc box set Sony Music 100 Years: Soundtrack for a Century. The title was imposing, as was the idea behind it -- to chronicle the life of the oldest record label in the music industry. To be clear, Sony Music has not existed for 100 years, but the heart of its catalog, Columbia Records, was founded early in the 20th century. Sony acquired Columbia and its various subsidiaries in the late '80s, purchasing one of the richest catalogs in pop history, as the box set proves again and again. Sony realized that most consumers wouldn't invest in a 26-disc box, no matter how impressive it was, so they simultaneously released a series of 12 genre-specific double-disc sets that culled highlights from the box. That left two discs exclusive to the box, which was appropriate, since anyone who spends over $300 on an album deserves a little bonus. As it turns out, the double-disc sets are every bit as impressive as the big box, perhaps more so, because they're easily digestible. Even so, the scope of the 50-track Pop Music: The Early Years 1890-1950 is impressive. Columbia was one of the biggest labels in the early days of the record industry, which is clear from the featured artists on this set. Many of the biggest names in pop and jazz recorded for Columbia at some point -- Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Kate Smith, Jack Teagarden, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, the Mills Brothers, Louis Prima, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Teddy Wilson, Harry James, Ray Noble, Dinah Shore, Gene Autry, Frank Sinatra -- and they're all here, usually represented by their best-known songs. It's more than an effective collection -- it's educational, entertaining, and astounding, as it traces vaudeville through big band, jazz, and swing. Few other sets capture this period quite so well -- and it's all the more amazing when you realize that it all comes from the same label.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/12/1999
Label: Sony
UPC: 0074646578827
catalogNumber: 65788

Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Philip Sousa   Conductor
Gene Autry   Vocals,Track Performer
Golden Gate Quartet   Track Performer
Boswell Sisters   Track Performer
Bing Crosby   Vocals,Track Performer
Annette Hanshaw   Vocals,Track Performer
Peggy Lee   Vocals,Track Performer
Mills Brothers   Track Performer
Louis Prima   Trumpet,Vocals
Dinah Shore   Vocals,Track Performer
Frank Sinatra   Vocals,Track Performer
Mildred Bailey   Vocals
Billy Bauer   Guitar
Bunny Berigan   Trumpet,Vocals,Track Performer
Will Bradley   Track Performer
Cab Calloway   Vocals
Eddie Condon   Guitar
Eddy Duchin   Piano
Benny Goodman   Clarinet
Bill Harris   Trombone
Woody Herman   Clarinet,Vocals
Johnny Hodges   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Lena Horne   Vocals
Harry James   Trumpet
Jolson   Vocals,Track Performer
Jonah Jones   Trumpet
John Kirby   String Bass
Kay Kyser   Track Performer
Eddie Lang   Guitar
Flip Phillips   Tenor Saxophone
Mel Powell   Piano
Pee Wee Russell   Clarinet
Artie Shaw   Clarinet
Slam Stewart   String Bass
Jack Teagarden   Trombone
Joe Venuti   Violin
Fats Waller   Piano
Ethel Waters   Vocals,Track Performer
Lee Wiley   Vocals,Track Performer
Teddy Wilson   Piano,Track Performer
Cootie Williams   Trumpet
Red Nichols   Cornet
Dave Barbour   Guitar
Lawrence Brown   Trombone
Ralph Burns   Piano
Joe Bushkin   Piano
Pete Candoli   Trumpet
Cozy Cole   Drums
Ziggy Elman   Trumpet
Chubby Jackson   String Bass
Carl Kress   Banjo
Ted Lewis   Clarinet,Violin,Alto Saxophone,Track Performer
Lou McGarity   Trombone
Ray McKinley   Drums,Vocals
Miff Mole   Trombone
Benny Morton   Trombone
Tony Pastor   Tenor Saxophone
Adrian Rollini   Bass,Saxophone
Zutty Singleton   Drums
Freddie Slack   Piano
Charlie Teagarden   Trumpet
Frankie Trumbauer   Bassoon,Saxophone
California Ramblers   Track Performer
Ruth Etting   Vocals,Track Performer
Frank Froeba   Piano
Slim & Slam   Track Performer
Sophie Tucker   Vocals
Eddie Cantor   Vocals,Track Performer
Mary Martin   Track Performer
Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards   Ukulele,Vocals,Track Performer
Marty Martin   Vocals
Slim Gaillard   Guitar
Kitty Kallen   Vocals
John Mills   Guitar,Vocals
Sonny Greer   Drums
United States Marine Band   Track Performer
Sam Allen   Piano
Gene Anderson   Piano
Louis Armstrong   Trumpet,Vocals
George Arus   Trombone
Gene Austin   Piano,Vocals,Track Performer
Avola   Guitar
Red Ballard   Trombone
Bus Bassey   Saxophone
Artie Bernstein   String Bass
Emmett Berry   Trumpet
Vic Berton   Drums
Barney Bigard   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Billie Holiday   Vocals
Rube Bloom   Piano,Vocals
Pete Briggs   Tuba
Arnold Brillhardt   Alto Saxophone
Vernon Brown   Trombone
Georg Brunis   Trombone
Harry Carney   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Paul Cartwright   Clarinet,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Tony Colucci   Banjo,Guitar
Bert Curry   Alto Saxophone
Kurt Dieterle   Violin
Jimmy Dorsey   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Tommy Dorsey   Trombone,Trumpet
Eddie Dougherty   Drums
Duke Ellington   Piano
Buff Estes   Alto Saxophone
Nick Fatool   Drums
Fletcher Henderson   Piano
Doc Goldberg   String Bass
Fred Guy   Guitar
Jimmy Hamilton   Clarinet
Arville Harris   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Herbie Haymer   Tenor Saxophone
Lennie Hayton   Banjo,Piano,Celeste
J.C. Heard   Drums
Homer Hobson   Trumpet
Margie Hyams   Vibes
Freddie Jenkins   Trumpet
Stan King   Drums
Manny Klein   Trumpet
Nappy Lamare   Guitar
Cliff Leeman   Drums
John Lucas   Drums
Lawrence Lucie   Guitar
Sam Marowitz   Alto Saxophone
Leroy Maxey   Drums
Jimmy Maxwell   Trumpet
Herbert Mills   Guitar,Vocals
Nuncio "Toots" Mondello   Alto Saxophone
Chauncey Morehouse   Drums
Joe "Tricky Sam" Nanton   Trombone
Benny Payne   Piano
Fred Petry   Tenor Saxophone
Bob Poland   Baritone Saxophone
Bill Rank   Trombone
Don Raye   Vocals
Dick Reynolds   Piano
Robinson   Alto Saxophone
Harry Rodgers   Trombone
Arthur Rollini   Tenor Saxophone
Mischa Russell   Violin
Jack Ryan   String Bass
Hymie Schertzer   Alto Saxophone
Arthur Schutt   Piano
Raymond Scott   Piano
Frank Signorelli   Piano
Jimmy Smith   String Bass
Jimmy Strong   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Edwin Swayzee   Trumpet
Juan Tizol   Trombone
Dave Tough   Drums
Ted Vesely   Trombone
Jon Walton   Tenor Saxophone
Crawford Wethington   Alto Saxophone
Priest Wheeler   Trombone
Arthur Whetsol   Trumpet
Morris White   Banjo
Bert Williams   Vocals,Track Performer
Lammar Wright   Trumpet
Sam Weiss   Drums
Harry Barth   Tuba
Sterling Bose   Trumpet
Helvetia "Vet" Boswell   Trumpet
Charlie Butterfield   Trombone
Joe Catalyne   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Max Farley   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Tony Gerhardi   Banjo
Garry McAdams   Guitar
Dick McDonough   Guica
Frank Pinero   Piano
Joe Tarto   String Bass
Roy Bargy   Piano
Mickey Bloom   Trumpet
Fuzzy Farrar   Trumpet
Tony Faso   Trumpet
Clint Neagley   Alto Saxophone
Pete Pumiglio   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Hank Stern   Tuba
Herb Weil   Drums
Charlie Castaldo   Trombone
Arnold Covey   Guitar
Forrest Crawford   Tenor Saxophone
Carroll Dickerson   Violin
Harry Goldfield   Trumpet
Jack Hansen   Tuba
Charlie Kegley   Drums
Matty Malneck   Violin
Fulton McGrath   Piano
Mike Pingatore   Banjo
Jack Purvis   Trumpet
Fred Robinson   Trombone
Leonard Sims   Tenor Saxophone
Charles Strickfaden   Oboe,Baritone Saxophone
Harry White   Trombone
Johnny Williams   Drums,String Bass
Nora Bayes   Vocals,Track Performer
Andrew Brown   Bass Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Seger Ellis   Vocals
Elmer Feldkamp   Vocals
Lee Morse   Vocals,Track Performer
Harry Raderman   Trombone
Donald Voorhees   Track Performer
Artie Shaw & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Benny Goodman & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Bunny Berigan & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Cab Calloway & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Harry James & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Jack Teagarden Orchestra   Track Performer
Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Paul Whiteman Orchestra   Track Performer
Ted Lewis Orchestra   Track Performer
Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Woody Herman & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Louis Prima & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Eddy Duchin & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Kay Kyser & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Ray Noble & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Frank Froeba & His Swing Band   Track Performer
Don Voorhees & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Mancy Carr   Banjo
Walter Kahn   Trumpet
Boyce Cullen   Trombone
Harry Freeman   Alto Saxophone
Malcolm Crain   Trumpet
Wilbur Hall   Trombone
Slats Long   Clarinet
Charlie Margulis   Trumpet
Walter "Foots" Thomas   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Mike Trafficante   String Bass
Izzy Friedman   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Chet Hazlett   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Red Mayer   Flute,Bassoon
Leo McConville   Trumpet
Otto Hardwick   Alto Saxophone,Bass Saxophone
Mario Perry   Violin
Bill Trone   Mellowphone
Candy Candido   String Bass
Bob Effros   Trumpet
Fred Morrow   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Lou Shoobe   String Bass
Pinky Tomlin   Vocals,Track Performer
Carrol Walrond   String Bass
Dave Wade   Trumpet
Larry Abbott   Clarinet
Andy Sannella   Soprano Saxophone
Jim Cassidy   Trombone
Ben Selvin Orchestra   Track Performer
Aunt Jemima   Track Performer
Max Terr   Piano
Gene Greene   Vocals
Pinafores   Track Performer
Kate Smith & Her Swanee Music   Track Performer
Joe Blue Four Ventui's   Track Performer
Walter Huston   Vocals
Louis Prima & His New Orleans Gang   Track Performer
Raymond Scott Quintette   Track Performer
Brad Wellman   String Bass
Hymie Farberman   Trumpet
Herb Spencer   Tenor Saxophone
Clayton Duerr   Guitar
Otto "Coco" Heimel   Guitar
Lew Cobey   Piano
Ward Ley   String Bass
Cliff Hill   String Bass
Dave Harris   Tenor Saxophone
Sammy Lewis   Trombone
George Marsh   Drums
Phil Gleason   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone

Technical Credits

George Gershwin   Composer
Prince Charles   Director
Will Bradley   Director
Cab Calloway   Director
Eddy Duchin   Director
Benny Goodman   Director
Woody Herman   Director
Harry James   Director
Thad Jones   Composer
Kay Kyser   Director
Mel Powell   Arranger
Slam Stewart   Composer
Ralph Burns   Arranger
Jimmy McHugh   Composer
John Mills   Vocal Effect
Maurice de Abravanel   Director
Irving Caesar   Composer
Duke Ellington   Arranger
Dorothy Fields   Composer
John Hammond   Producer
E.Y. "Yip" Harburg   Composer
Kathryn King   Editorial Production
Jack Lawrence   Composer
Fud Livingston   Arranger
Johnny Marks   Composer
Johnny Mercer   Composer
Herbert Mills   Vocal Effect
Jack Palmer   Composer
David Raksin   Composer
Michael Riley   Composer
Leo Robin   Composer
Eddie Sauter   Arranger
Raymond Scott   Composer,Director
Ben Selvin   Director,Producer
Bob Stephens   Producer
Spencer Williams   Composer
Victor Young   Producer
Bernie Hanighen   Producer
Max Farley   Arranger
Harry Grey   Producer
Justin Ring   Producer
Tommy Rockwell   Producer
Frank Walker   Producer
Russ Columbo   Composer
Eddie Farley   Composer
Arnold Levine   Art Direction
Ed Kirkeby   Director,Producer
Moisés Simóns   Composer
Janet Boye   Art Direction
David Katzenstein   Back Cover,Cover Photo
Randall Martin   Label Design
Charlie Sarrica   Graphic Design
Sandy Lorenzo   Marketing
Morty Palitz   Producer
Harry Coster   Engineer
Rosemary Mulligan   Marketing
Harold Adamson   Composer
Clarence Gaskill   Composer
Jay Gorney   Composer
Sam Theard   Composer
Brackman   Producer
Ferde Grofé   Arranger
Artie Yeranian   Graphic Design
Red Hodgson   Composer
Ron Juliano   Graphic Design
John Naatjes   Tape Research
Judy Thomas   Tape Research
Dianne Spoto Shattuck   Marketing
Marni Elliott   Marketing
Darren Salmieri   Copy Coordination
Marguerite Hisen   Marketing
Herman Rose   Producer
Michelle Kerrigan   Marketing
Doug McKeown   Marketing
Jeff Jones   Executive Producer
Bulee Gaillard   Composer

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