Policing Afghanistan: The Politics of the Lame Leviathan

Policing Afghanistan: The Politics of the Lame Leviathan

by Antonio Giustozzi, Mohammed Isaqzadeh




Policing is not a popular topic of serious scholarly research. Although a vast literature on policing exists, it is mostly technical in nature and only rarely analytical. Even the police forces of Western Europe and North America have rarely been investigated in depth as far as their history and functioning goes. In particular, the politics of policing, its political economy, have been largely neglected.

This book is a rare in-depth study of a police force in a developing country which is also undergoing a bitter internal conflict, further to the post-2001 external intervention in Afghanistan. Policing Afghanistan discusses the evolution of the country's police through its various stages but focuses in particular on the last decade.

The authors review the ongoing debates over the future shape of Afghanistan's police, but seek primarily to analyse the way Afghanistan is policed relative to its existing social, political and international constraints. Giustozzi and Isaqzadeh have observed the development of the police force from its early stages, starting from what was a rudimentary, militia-based, police force prior to 2001. This is a book about how the police really work in such a difficult environment, the nuts and bolts approach, based on first hand research, as opposed to a description of how the Afghan police are institutionally organised and regulated.

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About the Author

Antonio Giustozzi is a Research Fellow at IDEAS, London School of Economics.

Mohammed Isaqzadeh holds an MPhil from Oxford University and teaches at the American University in Kabul. He is co-author of a paper on Afghanistan's paramilitary policing.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Background: history of police in Afghanistan

4. The changing post-2001 operating environment

5. The uncertain impact of external assistance

6. Internal organisation and reorganisation

7. Recruitment and retention

8. The ultimate test of functionality: the paramilitary dimension

9. The ambiguous impact of reform

10. Provincial dynamics: a case study of Herat

11. Conclusion

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