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In this translated Spanish classic, Juan Ramón Jiménez tells his burro Platero about their native Andalusian village of Moguer. Their dialogue creates an evanescent portrait of provincial Spain—its streets, homes, animals, children, and eccentrics. With the pure-hearted, silent burro sometimes a witness, sometimes a participant, the routines of daily life take on a certain poignancy. Jiménez anxiously searches for and removes the long green thorn from Platero's hoof, and the donkey tenderly nuzzles him. On their way home one evening, Platero brays to his girlfriend burro in a field and trots hesitatingly, unwillingly past. Together Platero and his master make friends with the parrot, belonging to a local French doctor, whose sole and frequent pronouncement is "Ce n'est rien."

"One of the great classics of modern Spanish literature. Sheer descriptive magic." (Time)

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ISBN-13: 9780595003457
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/20/2000
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 302,716
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

  • Translator's Acknowledgments
  • Platero and I
  • List of Chapters
    • I. Platero
    • II. White Butterflies
    • III. Twilight Games
    • IV. Eclipse
    • V. Fear
    • VI. Kindergarten
    • VII. The Crazy-Man
    • VIII. Judas
    • IX. Early Figs
    • X. Angelus
    • XI. The Pit
    • XII. The Thorn
    • XIII. The Swallows
    • XIV. The Stable
    • XV. The Castrated Colt
    • XVI. The House across the Street
    • XVII. The Little Idiot
    • XVIII. The Ghost
    • XIX. Landscape in Scarlet
    • XX. The Parrot
    • XXI. The Roof
    • XXII. Return
    • XVIII. The Locked Gate
    • XXIV. Don José, the Curate
    • XXV. Spring
    • XXVI. The Cistern
    • XXVII. The Mangy Dog
    • XXVIII. The Pool
    • XXIX. April Idyl
    • XXX. The Canary's Flight
    • XXXI. The Devil
    • XXXII. Liberty
    • XXXIII. The Romanies
    • XXXIV. The Sweetheart
    • XXXV. The Leech
    • XXXVI. The Three Old Women
    • XXXVII. The Cart
    • XXXVIII. Bread
    • XXXIX. Aglaia
    • XL. The Corona Pine
    • XLI. Darbón
    • XLII. The Child and the Water
    • XLIII. Friendship
    • XLIV. Lullaby
    • XLV. The Tree in the Yard
    • XLVI. The Consumptive Girl
    • XLVII. Benediction
    • XLVIII. Ronsard
    • XLIX. Peep Show
    • L. Wayside Flower
    • LI. Lord
    • LII. The Well
    • LIII. Peaches
    • LIV. The Kick
    • LV. Assography
    • LVI. Corpus Christi
    • LVII. Promenade
    • LVIII. The Cockfight
    • LIX. Nightfall
    • LX. The Stamp
    • LXI. The Mother Dog
    • LXII. She and We
    • LXIII. Sparrows
    • LXIV. Frasco Vélez
    • LXV. Summer
    • LXVI. Forest Fire
    • LXVII. The Brook
    • LXVIII. Sunday
    • LXIX. The Cricket's Song
    • LXX. Bullfight
    • LXXI. Storm
    • LXXII. Wine Harvest
    • LXXIII. Nocturne
    • LXXIV. Sarito
    • LXXV. Last Siesta
    • LXXVI. Fireworks
    • LXXVII. The Orchard
    • LXXVIII. The Moon
    • LXXIX. Play
    • LXXX. Wild Geese
    • LXXXI. The Little Girl
    • LXXXII. The Shepherd
    • LXXXIII. The Canary Dies
    • LXXXIV. The Hill
    • LXXXV. Autumn
    • LXXXVI. The Captive Dog
    • LXXXVII. The Greek Turtle
    • LXXXVIII. October Afternoon
    • LXXXIX. Antonia
    • XC. The Forgotten Grape Cluster
    • XCI. Admiral
    • XCII. Vignette
    • XLIII. Fish Scale
    • XCIV. Pinito
    • XCV. The River
    • XCVI. The Pomegranate
    • XCVii. The Old Cemetery
    • XLVIII. Lipiani
    • XCIX. The Castle
    • C. The Old Bull Ring
    • CI. Echo
    • CII. Fright
    • CIII. The Old Fountain
    • CIV. The Road
    • CV. Pine Nuts
    • CVI. The Runaway Bull
    • CVII. November Idyl
    • CVIII. The White Mare
    • CIX. Charivari
    • CX. The Gypsies
    • CXI. The Flame
    • CXII. Convalescence
    • CXIII. The Old Donkey
    • CXIV. Dawn
    • CXV. Small Flowers
    • CXVI. Christmas
    • CXVII. Ribera Street
    • CXVIII. Rainy Season
    • CXIX. She-Ass's Milk
    • CXX. Clear Night
    • CXXI. The Wreath of Parsley
    • CXXII. The Wise Men
    • CXXIII. Mons-Urium
    • CXXIV. Wine
    • CXXV. The Fable
    • CXXVI. Carnival
    • CXXVII. León
    • CXXVIII. The Windmill
    • CXXIX. The Tower
    • CXXX. The Sand-Dealer's Donkeys
    • CXXXI. Madrigal
    • CXXXII. Death
    • CXXXIII. Nostalgia
    • CXXXIV. The Sawhorse
    • CXXXV. Melancholy
    • CXXXVI. To Platero in the Heaven of Moguer
    • CXXXVII. Cardboard Platero
    • CXXXVIII. To Platero, en su Tierra

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Platero and I 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Juan Ramon Jimenez: Spanish mystic poet, Nobel laureate sky (Colorado) Qualifications: literate survivor ------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------- Platero and I by Juan Ramon Jimenez $12.95 His prose masterpiece. Available in many translations, but this series of five Jimenez titles translated by de Nicolas is far and away the best -- superb! Invisible Reality (1917-1920, 1924) by Juan Ramon Jimenez $18.95 This work in particular was cited by Harold Bloom in 'The Western Canon.' It is ecstatic, mystical poetry in the tradition of St. John of the Cross and even Walt Whitman. God Desired and Desiring by Jimenez Juan Ramn This volume has a preface by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Louis Simpson. Why this 5-title series is not better known is beyond me! Time and Space: A Poetic Autobiography by Juan Ramon Jimenez These translations by de Nicolas are near-miraculous in their precision and vitality -- all are worth acquiring! Stories of Life and Death by Juan Ramon Jimenez The de Nicolas translations are reiussed by iUniverse and are handsomely printed on acid-free paper, like many university press titles.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'One of the great Classics of Modern Spanish literature' TIME 'An exquisite book... truly incomparable.' The New Yorker.