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"Planting Seeds" is a collection of spoken words that have been brought to me over the years. These words are from my heart, mind, and soul brought upon to reflect change. All of my Spoken words are based on my personal experiences. Experiences that have touched my life in one way or another.

This collection attempts to breakdown the five sides that GOD has revealed to me. These five sides will help the world understand change through my thoughts and philosophies. My philosophy on life is to empower the minds in our black communities.

The first of the five sides that GOD has given me is the bless side. The blessed side shows that nothing is possible without Christ. For he has given me the gift to inspire others. The second side is the love and healing side. Through this side, GOD has shown me how to love. Love is the first essential key to winning others over. A testimony brings about the healing. The third side is the political side. The political side examines the eyes of the oppressed showing them alternatives to their setbacks. The fourth side is the life side.

Life is the side I have experienced my trials and tribulations. This is the side that led me to the righteousness of GOD. The final side of me is the personal side. This side allows the reader to come in contact with the author.

In conclusion, this collection of spoken-words would help rehabilitate the roles of the black males and the black females. It's positive RAP.

This book is essential to the development of our black communities. The media has displayed a sense of falsehood through the disrespect of the Black woman as well as the negative representation of violence within the Black male, through TV as well as Radio. Hopefully this book of spoken-words will inspire a positive change through the wisdom that GOD has bestowed upon me. Now that the instructions has been given, I feel that it's my duty to educate all of my blacks peers at large.

In comparison to other books of poetry, this book of spoken-words relate to issues of life. That causes the mind to ponder, In essence, producing a change. This collection takes every aspect of life by sides and shows the reader how to change. The result of change is in understanding the sides of who you are. Every side must be understood.

- It speaks to the youth.
- It speaks to the community.
- It speaks to modern day dilemmas.
- It offers youth and community an answer to these dilemmas and invites them to talk, think and work together to bring about a positive change.
- It speaks to Spirituality.
-A strong relationship with GOD as an anchor.
- Its proactive and anti violent.
-A positive out-look on life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781426981975
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 12/08/2011
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

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Planting Seeds

By Marc Worthy

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2011 Marc Worthy
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4269-8197-5

Chapter One

(Blessed side)

Planting Seeds

(PSALM 1:3 "He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in its season whose leaf also shall not wither and whatever he does shall prosper.")

    For yes indeed,
    He's truly planting seeds.
    Throwing wisdom
    And understanding out, hoping we feed.
    Out on earth come beautiful trees.
    Now all we have to do is bite
    And take heed.
    Then our future will bring
    About beautiful leaves.
    Doing away with those bad weeds.
    Now he's watering us with our needs.
    We should feel so blessed as this unfolds
    As he turns me into this handsome rose.
    Strengthens me hour after hour,
    As I link on to another blessed flower.
    As I sprout up in this satanic world
    That's driving me crazy,
    He tells me not to worry
    As I link up to a daisy.
    Through my vines I manage to escape
    This wintry storm that brings hate.
    You can hear me gently murmur,
    The Son comes out,
    Today is summer.
    My father lights the sky,
    With this great big smile
    From on high.
    That's my cue,
    To have courage and faith,
    Making sure that we get water
    From rivers and lakes.
    Oh it's wonderful,
    It makes me feel
    Like a secure daffodil.
    But it wouldn't be complete,
    If he didn't send us through a loop,
    Inheriting all good fruits.
    Those that leave a bad taste
    Are left on the side of the curb for waste.
    Now through it all
    I look around and it's fall,
    Leaves are scattered
    Here and there
    Leaving all the trees bare.
    Seems like he's left us
    And it's not fair.
    But believe me he cares.
    For the love that he brings,
    He protects us
    And all of a sudden
    It's spring.
    The tree has more green leaves,
    For yes indeed,
    He's truly planting seeds.

Open Arms

The Lord comes through me
To help fight off harm.
I welcome him with open arms.
This place has been affected,
And filled with neglect.
All of his soldiers must come together,
To serve and protect.
To beat down this worldly mess,
In order to gain back this land's respect.
Satan has corrupted this land
With his many germs.
Wriggling through the weak people's minds,
Like a foul worm.
But God comes through the heart.
Encouraging us to stand firm.
Testing our manhood,
We are stern.
Temptation lingers around
Here and there.
He's trying to devour our thoughts,
Out of thin air.
So we must declare
Knocking Satan to the floor.
Now the spirit can soar.
The Lord comes through me
To fight off harm.
I welcome him with open arms.

It's just that simple.
We are God's holy temple.
It can be a miss or hit,
Depending on what you choose
To put into it.
If you fill it up with destruction,
He will break it down,
Like an old building construction.
So take heed to God's instructions.
Haven't you heard?
Your temple stands tall
Through the word.
That's how we can score
And defeat Satan in this war.
It will not be easy,
As we weather this storm.
The Lord comes through me,
To help fight off harm.
I welcome him with open arms.

    The Man That I Am

    Please believe me
    When I tell u this is not a scam,
    U made me
    The man that I am.
    U took me under your wings
    More than twice,
    U breathed into me
    The breath of life.
    U broke me down
    And then built me back up
    Like a building construction.
    U taught me
    To live by your ways
    And instructions.
    Now that I'm starting
    To get a peace of mind,
    I owe it all to u
    For bringing me out of those binds.
    Now I need u
    To let me shine
    Like another bright star
    In the sky,
    Put me up there
    With u up high.
    As I look down on the peasants
    Underneath my feet,

    I see the ungodly people
    In pain as they weep.
    Wishing that they
    Should have listened to u, God,
    Now their backs
    Are against the wall facing all odds.
    But I told all who would listen,
    That u weren't a scam,
    U made me
    The man that I am.
    Through my many sacrifices
    And obedience to u
    I stay cool,
    Those who didn't believe
    Talked down on me
    And called me a fool.
    I used your words as a study tool,
    To accelerate me higher
    And higher on that pedestal.
    Now I find myself in the clear,
    Jesus has surrounded me
    With godly people,
    So Satan can't ever get near.
    No longer will the beast
    Be a threat to me,
    As my heart is filled with love
    And I'm content as can be.
    So all u nonbelievers thinking
    This is just a scam,
    Remember God
    Made me
    The man that I am.

    Salute U

    I look up to
    The things that u do.
    That's why it takes
    Two hands to salute u.
    U lay me down
    And then wake me
    Back up every day,
    U put love
    In my heart to stay.
    Even if I've
    Done something wrong,
    U always seem
    To forgive me
    And u made me
    Feel like I belong.
    Now I know
    I'm not alone,
    U build my character
    And your word
    Made me strong.
    U talk to me
    In my prayers
    At night,
    Strengthen me on
    The subject that's right.
    Even though I may
    Trip or stumble,
    U manage to keep me
    Focused and humble.
    I look up to
    The things that u do.
    That's why it takes
    Two hands to salute u.
    Sometimes I feel like
    I'm down on my luck,
    I confide in u
    To lift me up.
    Keeping me walking
    This straight trail,
    Deleting this word
    That we call "failed."
    Putting this word
    Far from my mind,
    Always reminding me
    To give and be kind.
    Now I can put my attention
    On prospering in time,
    As I get out
    Of these financial binds.
    Now I can lay down
    Your foundation,
    I must go out
    And get it
    And stop being patient.
    I glorify in u Lord
    For your never-ending word,
    That's why I spread
    The gospel to be heard.
    I look up to
    The things that u do.
    That's why it takes
    Two hands to salute u.
    Out of my mouth
    Comes the truth,
    Especially when I
    Talk to the youth.
    About knowledge, wisdom,
    And understanding,
    Instead of just handing them
    Anything to read,
    We as people must
    Train our seed.
    Don't be ignorant
    To the point of neglecting,
    Our youth need
    To be stirred in
    The right direction.
    They need to be
    Taught to let go
    Of their pride,
    And then the word
    Will help them stride,
    To have an abundant life.
    Now our future
    Looks shiny and bright.
    The Lord's word
    Should be the peak
    Of our goals,
    And that's the way
    This story is told.
    I look up to
    The things that u do.
    That's why it takes
    Two hands to salute u!

    My True Friend

    Sometimes I walk
    And have
    A conversation
    With myself.
    A lot of people
    Tell me it's
    Not in good health.
    For they don't know
    The whole truth,
    I am talking
    To the Lord who gives me
    The knowledge
    From his fruit.
    He's someone
    Who I can count on
    As a friend.
    I can speak
    Or lean on him
    To the very end.
    How many of u
    Can say that u
    Have a friend
    Like that?
    Who u can tell
    Your deepest worries
    In long chats.
    He tells me that
    Jealousy is the rage
    Of man,
    If that is so,
    This is where
    I must stand.
    Under a bare tree
    With my hand out
    And head upward
    At the sky,
    I see a
    Smiling face
    That pushes
    The clouds by.
    We began to talk
    And he tells me
    He will never leave me,
    Will he not forsake thee.
    I asked him
    Whatever happened
    To my old friends,
    He told me that
    He threw them away
    Because they were in sin.
    That if I was ever
    To feel lonely to
    Turn to Psalm 23,
    That he would put more
    Leaves on the bare tree.
    Someone who walks
    The same path I walk,
    Someone who talks
    The same thing I talk.
    So that we can come together
    And begin to pray,
    Thanking u Lord for opening
    Our path like a
    Fresh clean day.
    He tells me that
    Those who love him
    Will inherit substance;
    And he will fill
    Their treasures.
    I say this with a stern mouth
    That nothing can measure.
    Especially the wisdom
    And care that he puts across,
    That's why he gave
    His life on that cross.
    So when I have that look
    On my face like I'm so free,
    Stop and ask
    So that he can add
    U to that tree.

    My Brothers

    I say this in love
    With all others,
    Are u truly
    My brothers?
    We all need
    To come from
    Under the cover,
    And start
    Spreading love out
    To one another.
    Come from underneath
    This fleshly rim,
    And put on
    These Godly brims.
    We must begin
    To change our styles,
    As we become
    Like a child.
    For our souls
    Can be born again,
    And my brothers
    And me can find a way
    To defeat our sins.
    Stop looking
    At each other's
    Color of skin,
    As we bring
    This prejudice thing
    To an end.
    We are young in the word,
    We will often stumble,
    We shall be all right
    If we follow behind
    Our father
    Who is humble.
    Let him guide
    And mold us
    To being saved,
    As we let go
    Of these immature ways.
    Let no one
    Take our dad's place,
    For we look
    To him in faith.
    For we don't
    Have to beg or plead,
    Our father says
    He will supply us
    With all our needs.
    For us not to worry,
    He will provide us
    With confidence and courage.
    All we have to do
    Is carry out his mission,
    Start putting his word out there
    For my brothers to listen.
    So we can build
    Our family up once more,
    Before it's too late
    And our father closes the door.
    We have already been given
    A chance through our
    Big brother
    Jesus Christ,
    He died for our sins
    So we could have life.
    So I say to u my brothers
    We need to get on the correct path
    And start living right,
    For the end is near
    I can see it in sight.
    So all my people not living
    By his ways and instructions,
    I say your lives
    Are headed for destruction.
    I say to my brothers,
    We're not to make
    A big mistake,
    We need to seek
    God in our lives
    Before it's too late.
    So he can look
    Down upon our hearts
    And be proud,
    And he can then
    Escalade us up in those clouds.
    If u believe in
    All which is said,
    I say this in love
    With all others,
    U are truly
    My brothers.

    Whole World is Upon
    My Shoulder

    Though I walked
    Down this lonely road,
    I see my life become shorter
    As the story is told.
    My body begins
    To wrinkle and decay,
    I know that this
    Isn't the time to play.
    I'm getting
    Older and older,
    It feels like
    The whole world
    Is upon my shoulder.
    Sometimes I often
    Felt like Jesus,
    I put all this love
    Into people
    "Whom should I trust?"
    I'm like this soldier
    Who has his sword
    Ready for the battle,
    As I must.
    Beating down all
    And any who lust.
    But my peers keep turning
    Their backs on me,
    I find myself
    Looking up at the sky
    Asking u Lord
    Is this really
    How it's supposed to be?
    Telling him to give me
    The strength to carry on,
    Or to put me up there
    Next to his throne.
    This is really weighing down
    On my body,
    With all these people
    Acting very naughty.
    This is becoming
    I look in many
    Of the people's eyes
    And they're not even caring.
    It's making me
    Older and older,
    It feels like
    The whole world is upon my shoulder.
    I keep on spreading
    The good word
    Hoping it will heal,
    In this satanic place
    That loves to kill.
    I'm turning in a circle
    Looking at all these people
    Who don't give a hoot,
    Just letting Satan spread poison
    As he pollutes.
    I hold my head upward
    With a tear,
    Am I the last one left
    With only God to fear?
    I hope not because
    I'm tired of fighting alone,
    Please mend my heart
    And make me strong.
    I need some help to fight,
    So put some sincere people
    In my sight.
    To help me tame this beast,
    As we defeat these false prophets
    Making this world weak.
    Spreading these germs
    Through our people
    Like a big flood or leak,
    I'm trying to
    Bring God's word
    To its peak.
    It's making me
    Older and older,
    It feels like
    The whole world is upon my shoulder.
    I'm going to keep on battling evil
    'Til my time has come to pass,
    Pouring the goodness
    Out of my heart
    Hoping it last.
    So when I
    Finally roll over
    And die,
    God will welcome me
    With open arms
    To that big blue sky.
    Leaving all these troubles aside
    As I soar high,
    U can hear me singing
    A sweet lullaby.
    No more getting
    Older and older,
    It feels like
    The whole world has left my shoulder.

    What Does it Mean to Dream

    It came to me that
    Life is all about dreams,
    Painful thoughts run
    Through my head
    And I can't figure out
    What they mean.
    Still confusing
    As it may seem,
    I still see a promising
    Light that beams.
    How does one
    Answer the call
    With these evil forces
    Riding me through it all?
    Contemplating on how
    They are going to make me fall,
    My confidence tells me
    I must stand tall.
    During these dreams
    I always stall,
    This gives me time
    To build this protected wall.
    The evil forces are banging
    Against the wall
    Trying to shatter and break,
    They are losing
    For I have love in my heart
    Not hate.
    Still not giving up,
    These evil forces use
    Women and drugs as bait,
    Trying to maneuver me
    Into making a simple mistake
    That will send my wall
    Crashing down.
    I will still rise
    Through the good spirit
    I've found.
    Though it feels
    Like a sharp knife has entered my back,
    I still feel good knowing
    The evil forces came up slack.
    Just needing to dig deep down
    In my soul,
    As this dream begins to unfold.
    Not before these evil forces
    That are on their last legs
    Try desperately one more time
    To take me out,
    Boiling with goodness
    I let go a scream and a shout.
    Waking up in a warm sweat,
    Asking myself
    Was this really a dream
    Or a life test?


Excerpted from Planting Seeds by Marc Worthy Copyright © 2011 by Marc Worthy. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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