Pirate's Pleasure

Pirate's Pleasure

by Lisa Kessler

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John Smyth has survived mutinous pirate crews, wars, and the passage of centuries by keeping his life as he did his ships, organized and well stocked. But when his crew is tasked with stealing Pandora's Box for the government, it opens a door to destruction, and her name is Harmony Andrews.

A risk-taking investment broker by day, and a thief by night, Harmony is a member of the underground Digi Robins crew. Stealing relics to sell on the dark web, they donate the money to people without insurance who need life-saving medical treatments.

What she doesn't realize is the box she just stole is the very one her boss is looking for––the boss who just happens to be an immortal pirate. And as their adventure heads into the danger zone, she doesn't know what's more dangerous: the risk to her life or the risk to her heart.

Each book in the Sentinels of Savannah series is STANDALONE:
* Magnolia Mystic
* Pirate's Passion
* Pirate’s Pleasure
* Pirate's Persuasion

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781640637733
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 04/22/2019
Series: Sentinels of Savannah , #3
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 295
Sales rank: 132,211
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Lisa Kessler is an award-winning author of dark paranormal fiction. Her debut novel, Night Walker, won a San Diego Book Award for best Fantasy-Sci-fi-Horror, and many other awards. Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story, Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award. Lisa lives in southern California with her husband and two amazing kids. Visit her at http://Lisa-Kessler.com.

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"You expect me to invest in these — digital pirates?" John Smyth lifted his gaze from the spreadsheets to Harmony Andrews. The irony of his complaint didn't escape him. He'd been a pirate himself for lifetimes now. "It's too risky. We could lose everything."

"Or we could double our money." Her dark eyes sparked with challenge.

Her instincts and determination had quickly made her one of his best brokers. But she was also fearless, which could end his capital investment firm if he gave her free rein.

His company, Privateer Capital, didn't become one of the oldest venture capital firms in the country by making shady investments.

"Come on, John." She rested her hands on the edge of his desk, leaning in. "Privateer Capital has a reputation for long-shot wins. This will work, I can feel it."

He studied the numbers again. Privateer Capital opened for business in 1870, shortly after the Civil War. As far as the outside world knew, his company had been passed down through his family for generations. No one would ever guess he was actually the original John Smyth.

Initially, he'd been a private lender, assisting Savannah business owners that the banks turned away. As the boatswain for the Sea Dog crew, he was responsible for distributing the shares among the men. And although he wore suits now, his job remained the same. Protect and grow his clients' investments.

He rubbed his forehead, meeting her eyes again. "Why does this one matter so much to you?"

She straightened as if his question physically knocked her back. Her long black hair was up in a messy bun, and her perfectly tailored navy-blue pantsuit accentuated her curves. He had no business noticing any of it, but he couldn't help it.

"I've met with this firm three times. Their software is cutting edge. They're going to be huge. Did you see my forecast chart? My gut is telling me this could be a game-changer for us."

He gathered her papers from his desk, stood up, and handed them back, staring down at her with a look that he hoped seemed determined and final. "And I'm telling you we need more data."

In spite of their height difference, she glared at him as if she might close the distance between them at any moment. She snatched the reports from his hand. "You hired me because I can smell opportunity. Why are you clipping my wings now?"

He couldn't offer her an answer. Not an honest one, anyway. During the five years they'd worked together, he'd witnessed her gain confidence, speaking up in meetings and never bowing to the other brokers with more experience. Her instincts were breathtaking, her intelligence impressive, but now he needed her to be cautious.

Circumstances were changing for him. And he couldn't discuss the reasons with her.

When he'd founded the company, Privateer Capital seemed like a catchy name for a business based in Savannah, Georgia. The port had been a favorite for pirates from all over the map, including his own Sea Dog.

No one would believe John served on that ill-fated crew. After plundering the Lord's Cup, one sip froze time for him. For over two hundred and fifty years now, his body had remained ageless.

Being forty years old forever had its perks.

But recently his crew found a new purpose. They'd come together again under the black flag for covert missions for a top-secret branch of the government. And for the first time since he founded Privateer Capital, John wanted out. After tasting adventure again when they searched for the Holy Grail, he'd remembered what it was like to really live. He couldn't go back to just existing.

If he could convince Harmony to take a few safer bets, she'd make a brilliant CEO in his absence. However, molding her into a more conservative executive was proving impossible.

He cleared his throat. "I'm not clipping your wings. I'm asking you to look at this office, at all the employees who depend on us to keep the company solvent. Think of them when you're weighing a deal. Risky is one thing, but what if it costs everything? It won't just be you who is hurt."

She pressed her lips into a thin line, but her gaze softened. "I'll crunch the numbers again."

Her determined stride out of his office made him smile. She might be the only part of this company he would miss.

* * *

Harmony Andrews closed her office door behind her, resisting the urge to slam it. What was it with John Smyth? She usually prided herself on her ability to read people, but her profiling skills fell flat when that gorgeous, uptight man walked into a room.

But her anger wasn't just at him; some of it was directed solely at herself. She shouldn't let him get to her. She needed to focus, and right now, her main objective was still out of reach.

She grabbed her laptop from her bag and opened her encrypted email.

Hey Tuck —

Smyth is still a no-go for funding the Digi Robins' front company. We need a different angle. He thinks it's too risky.

Called us digital pirates, though. He has no idea how right he was.

Can you get me new financials ASAP? Thanks.

— Marian

Each pod of the Digi Robins dark web boards used codenames. Harmony didn't know Tuck's real name. It was safer that way. If any of them were arrested, they couldn't finger anyone else. Most of them never met face to face, either, they communicated through the message board and encrypted emails.

She leaned back in her chair, tapping her pen against the spreadsheet printouts. Maybe they wouldn't need Smyth's capital. If the box she'd intercepted turned out to be as valuable as she thought, they could sell it on the black market for enough money to fund cancer care for two patients and still have enough left over to cover the new encrypted servers, laptops, and wireless tech they'd been wishing for. She'd posted a few pics of the box on their message board, and inquiries were already pouring in.

If she could figure out what was inside, she might be able to get even more money, but the lid wouldn't budge. It wasn't for a lack of trying. She'd done everything short of using a saw to get inside, but if she damaged the box it would be worthless. She tried several times to put it out of her head and give up, but as unbelievable as it seemed, the box …wanted to be opened. She swore if she sat quietly enough, she could almost hear it whisper, calling to her to crack the lid. Weird.

Tuck had given her the lead to hack the docks and swipe the box. He was also the one who gave her the tip on the location of the Holy Grail a couple months ago, but she hadn't been fast enough to make the grab before the government took possession of it.

Outside her office window, John Smyth walked to his car, distracting her from her thoughts. She wasn't usually voyeuristic, but her boss intrigued her. He drove a very safe and tasteful Lexus, even though he could afford a Bentley or a Maserati. And although he was all-business in the office, something about his tailored suits always struck her as a disguise. He wore his hair too long for an executive, his dark curls brushing his shoulders, and in one ear he had a small gold hoop earring. It hinted at a man who bristled at conformity.

But other than his outward appearance, she'd never seen any sign of that man.

He opened the back door of the Lexus and took off his sports coat, hooking it on a hanger behind the driver's seat. She smirked. Everything in its place. Very John. His broad shoulders and muscular arms strained at the confines of his pressed dress shirt, tempting her to imagine what might be hiding underneath it.

He slammed the door and looked up. Right at her. Shit. Before she could break eye contact, he smiled, and something about it gave her a glimpse of the man he kept hidden behind the business suits. His grin had swagger, like he enjoyed catching her watching him and dared her to continue.

So, she did.

He got into the driver's seat and started the engine, then peered up at her one more time, his dark eyes unapologetic about the non-professional connection. Heat flashed through her bloodstream. With a knowing crooked grin, he drove out of the parking lot. Gone.

Harmony blew out a pent-up breath and leaned back in her chair.

What the hell just happened?

For a second, she was ready to race to the elevator and chase him down. She picked up an envelope to fan herself.

I'm missing something about him. But damn if I know what it is.

Before applying at Privateer Capital, she'd researched the company and its current owner. John Smyth was the sixth Smyth male to inherit and run the family-owned business. His family line seemed to be cursed. None of the Smyth men seemed to live beyond sixty-five.

But in spite of the familial tragedies, Privateer was one of the oldest venture capital companies in the country and very well-respected.

Which meant they attracted the wealthiest clientele in the South. What better place to find antiques and relics to steal?

She snatched Trixie, her lucky Troll doll, off the cluttered desk, teasing the tips of her fluorescent hair with her finger. In college, Trixie helped her study for exams, and at Privateer, she'd been Harmony's good luck charm with deals that others, mostly John, saw as risky. Back in school, Harmony never would have dreamed she would use her degree to become a thief. It hadn't been her plan. She stumbled into it and learned the art out of necessity.

After her parents split up, her father went back to Texas, and Harmony quickly learned the only person she could count on was herself. She spent her teen years caring for her younger brother the best she could, but the day he was diagnosed with a rare form of bacteria feeding on his nervous system, everything changed, and not for the better. Mom never signed them up for health insurance.

His dire diagnosis made getting insurance impossible. Harmony scoured the internet for help to cover the medical costs, sickened to realize the lack of funds could cost her brother his life. But one night, she found a message board that gave her hope.

Through the Digi Robins, a new world opened to her, and a chance to help others who found themselves in the same spot.

But if they were going to expand, she needed capital.

And one way or another, John Smyth was the key.

* * *

John left his tie and jacket in the car, unbuttoning the cuffs of his shirt as he walked down the dock to the Sea Dog. The replica of their beloved Spanish galleon kept his pirate spirit alive, and knowing Agent Bale had a new mission for the crew made his heart race in anticipation.

He rolled up his cuffs and popped the top two buttons on his shirt open as he crossed the gangplank and stepped onto the deck. Colton, the quartermaster, approached with a grin. "Well-dressed for a pirate, mate."

John chuckled. "My meeting ran long. Is Agent Bale here yet?" "No." Colton glanced toward the stern and back to John. "Flynn is with the others outside the Captain's quarters."

John slapped Colton's back. "You look good, for an aging man."

Colton shoved his shoulder with a grin. "Just because I chose not to take another drink from the Holy Grail doesn't mean I'm dying any time soon."

Good. None of the crew looked forward to watching Colton age, but they respected his choice. When they'd discovered, after nearly three hundred years, that the Holy Grail's healing effects were fading, the crew hunted for the relic to regain their immortality. But during the search, Colton fell in love and yearned for a family. He chose not to take another swallow.

No one could blame him for not wanting to outlive his future family.

The deck rocked under John's feet, his legs instinctively taking to the uneven surface. When he reached the stern, all eyes turned his way. He scanned the rest of the crew, his gaze locking on a tall man in a dark suit coming across the gangplank.

Agent Bale was about the same height as John, with short brown hair and ice-blue eyes. The crew had grown to respect the leader of Department 13, but respect and trust were two very different things in John's opinion.

Bale had proven himself in battle during their quest to recover the Holy Grail. He also had access to helicopters, weapons, and even magic. But the American government couldn't risk being accused of stealing from private citizens. That was where the Sea Dog crew came in.

They provided the piracy Bale needed, in trade for payment in untraceable gold bars.

During the fight to reclaim the Holy Grail, John rediscovered the thrill of piracy with the added purpose. Now they had the opportunity to plunder, not solely for their own coffers, but to protect the world from paranormal threats.

Agent Bale scanned the group. "We're missing some of your crew."

Colton came forward. "Greyson and Caleb are working, and One-Eyed Bob is in the galley. He'll be up soon."

"I guess you'll need to fill them in later." Agent Bale took an iPad out of his attaché, and the screen lit up. "This is the shipment I told you about. According to our records, it was logged as received, but we have reason to believe it never actually made it into the vault."

John frowned. "Pandora's box never arrived?"

"My team has scoured through a few weeks' worth of security footage now, but it seems that our system may have been hacked." Bale swiped the tablet and turned it around to reveal a small black box with the Greek key motif carved around the base and the lid. "This is what was supposed to be in the crate."

"Bit small, don't you think?" John rubbed his chin. "All the miseries of the world are in that box?"

"Yes," Bale replied. "And I need you to recover it before someone unleashes the evils inside." Bale's attention moved from one face to the next. "There's been a posting on the dark web from the Digi Robins. Safe to say from the photo my team found, the Digi Robins have the box in their possession now. I should have a picture from the dock's security camera soon. We're still pinpointing the date for reviewing footage."

"When we were chasing the Grail, you mentioned a woman with a robin tattoo." John crossed his arms. "She was after the Grail, too."

"Right." Bale nodded. "The Digi Robins have been upping their game, looking for a big score, and this box could be the payoff they've been waiting for." Bale tucked the tablet under his arm. "Once I have a photo of a suspect from the dock's security camera, I'll text it to all of you. I need you to find the thief right away. If the Digi Robins sell the box, we may never find it again."

Anticipation bubbled in John's gut.

He was anxious to get the hunt underway.


Agent David Bale walked past his office without slowing, heading directly to his shamanic computer programmer. "King, please tell me you've got a lead on our thief."

Kingsley Pratt not only possessed gifted skills when programming, but he had the added benefit of shamanic magic to add to their firewalls. He could've had his pick of jobs if he ever gave up the damned bottle. David had known King for over twenty years now, and he'd never seen him dry for more than a couple days.

King glanced up at David, the whites of his eyes more red than white. In spite of his outward appearance, his British accent remained clipped and condescending as usual. "Working on it, but please, feel free to keep pressuring me."

David rolled his eyes. "You know what's in that box as well as I do. We need it recovered. Now."

King kept his attention on the computer screen. "Your pirate crew is ready to sail into action on your behalf?"

"Yes," Bale replied without elaborating. "But I need a picture and preferably something we can run through facial recognition."

King turned his computer screen around, flashing a green grainy image of the docks. "I'm a shaman, not a miracle worker. The security camera isn't in a well-lit area. I may be able to freeze a few frames of the crate being removed from the dock, but the chances of a clear enough photo for facial recognition software is slim." He glanced up from the keyboard as he turned the screen back toward him. "Is my daughter aware of the missing item?"

King's daughter was now a member of the immortal pirate crew, against David's wishes. Dr. Charlotte Sinclair inherited some of her father's paranormal abilities, which on its own wouldn't be a problem, but her power gave her the ability for her spirit to escape her body and use kinetic energy. She could kill an entire military unit without leaving behind any physical evidence. And since she took a sip from the Holy Grail, killing her wasn't an option.

Not that Dr. Sinclair was a threat, but if she ever became one, containing her was going to be problematic.

"Yes." David ran a hand down his face. "I saw her on the Sea Dog today. She's eager to see Pandora's box for herself."

"You're lucky my girl is on your side." King smirked and clicked on a file. "Got it."


Excerpted from "Pirate's Pleasure"
by .
Copyright © 2019 Lisa Kessler.
Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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Pirate's Pleasure 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Rainn2978 More than 1 year ago
This is book 3 of the Sentinels of Savannah series and I would absolutely read the books before it so you understand everything that is happening in this book. This one is about John Smyth and Harmony Andrews. John has been in charge of his crew's money for more time than he can remember. And when he and his crew are tasked with finding and recovering Pandora's Box, he thinks to leave Harmony in charge of his company. Never realizing that she was the one who took the box to begin with in order to auction it and donate the money. Now they are thrown together and must not only return the box but work through what they may mean to each other. I absolutely loved this installment! John has lived a long time and is definitely set in his ways. But Harmony smashes his habits to pieces and makes him feel alive again. But with him being immortal and her being mortal, they have a lot that must be worked out. I loved every minute of this book! From the main characters growing and realizing that they truly need each other to the agent finally becoming more human and down to earth to me. Now I really need to have a story for the captain because he has me beyond curious!! Loved it!
PenKay More than 1 year ago
John and Harmony are our protagonists in this latest book in the Sentinels of Savannah series. Each book has different protagonists featuring one of the Sea Dog’s crew. This time, Pandora’s Box is out in the open having been stolen from Department 13 and evil might be unleashed to the world. John’s employee Harmony knows more, and he needs to find out what’s going on. But how can he when she is making him feel more than he has for a long, long time. Loved this light romance book with a mystery undertone. I have loved every book in the series so far, and I can’t wait to read more. There’s fun, romance, mystery and suspense that keeps me glued to the page. As an aside, I’m really intrigued by David and Department 13 in this book. They both have lots of potential, and I really hope we get to see more of David, his past and the department he works in. Hint, hint! I highly recommend this book! I was provided the e-book which I voluntarily reviewed.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
Pirate's Pleasure explores love of money, power, family and the one person who makes you feel alive. Immortal pirate John Smyth has experienced them all but the last. Now he has found a woman right under his nose that has him feeling alive and adventurous again. But he has secrets and so does she. Their story is rollicking fun and as close to adventure on the high seas as a body can get.
Stormie2013 More than 1 year ago
Another wonderful pirate book by this author. A great adventure surrounding Pandora's box. With the box calling out to be opened and trying to keep the Serpent Society from getting their hands on it makes this a pulse pounding tale. Harmony and John work great together, but John is worried about putting his heart on the line for his little thief. Enjoy matey's. I received a complimentary copy and I am voluntarily reviewing.
BuckeyeAngel 11 months ago
John Smyth has survived mutinous pirate crews, wars, and the passage of centuries by keeping his life as he did his ships, organized and well stocked. But when his crew is tasked with stealing Pandora's Box for the government, it opens a door to destruction, and her name is Harmony Andrews. A risk-taking investment broker by day, and a thief by night, Harmony is a member of the underground Digi Robins crew. Stealing relics to sell on the dark web, they donate the money to people without insurance who need life-saving medical treatments. What she doesn't realize is the box she just stole is the very one her boss is looking for––the boss who just happens to be an immortal pirate. And as their adventure heads into the danger zone, she doesn't know what's more dangerous: the risk to her life or the risk to her heart. I have read many of this author’s books. She’s definitely one of my favorites. That said, this book wasn’t. It wasn’t bad and kept the same feel as the others, but I had a hard time liking Harmony. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Hfowler More than 1 year ago
Another fun book in the series. The characters are getting more interesting as we see them go on one adventure after another. This one sees John Symth fall for his wild and free spirited broker, turned thief. Harmony is part of the secret internet hackers' group, Digi Robins, and she has gotten in over her head with Pandora’s Box. John and Harmony set out to trick the Serpent Society into accepting a forgery, Agent Bale tries to save a descendant from poor choices, and love wins another pirate over. I enjoyed their story and look forward to more.
BetweenMyShelves More than 1 year ago
Taking risks and making money is something that Harmony specializes in. She does it so incredibly well that she has garnered the eye of her boss who also happens to be one of the most eligible bachelors in Savannah. But she has no time to dwell on that though as her private life and drive for her charity has her crossing some lines in order to further the cause. Some things are not quiet what they seem and she finds herself smack dab in the middle of whole lot of danger and trouble. Life isn't always exciting when one is a 250 year old pirate doubling as an owner of a high profile investment firm. Then again, that is exactly how John Smyth likes it. It keeps his mind sharp and his heart free of any mortal dangers. When the offer comes up to hunt down a relic though, he feels pure excitement as his true self begins to shimmer to the top. In his quest to get things going with his immortal crew as soon as possible, he learns that said artifact is a lot closer than he ever realized. It is so close that it involves the very captivating employee he has down the hall that he was just about to entrust his company to. Soon, it is a tough job of getting her to turn over the relic while keeping her safe from old foes and retaining his very old heart. However, what is life though without a little bit of risk. Pirate's Pleasure is the third book in Lisa Kessler's Sentinel's of Savannah series. This was the first one I that had the pleasure of reading. The perk to that is now while waiting for the next one I get to go back and read the first two! I has such a field day with this book. I loved not only this story but the premise of the entire series. You really identify with Harmony's desire to do nothing but help other people with very little regard to herself. Her relationship with her brother is also very feel good and you completely get it all. She doesn't want to rely on anyone but her self after some tough life lessons. The Sea Dog's boat swain is essentially still doing the same job and you understand his sense of order and stability. You not only feel his struggle to open himself to her but also to come to terms with his immortality and her lack there of. They are well formed and you can't help but love them together. The supporting characters in this series are awesome. I can't wait to see what comes next. There are plenty of threads to pick up. There was love, action, adventure and perfect amount of passion. I am incredibly excited to join into this series and author! I HIGHLY recommend this book! I received a copy of this book for an honest review.
thicks More than 1 year ago
John wore a coat of armor over his heart. For centuries he has kept his heart locked away knowing what he would have to do if he ever let someone close. This was his way until she pricked his heart. She was fighting for a cause and she believed in all her heart it was worthy, she knew from experience how important it was. A new twist to the story of Robin Hood this is filled with action and adventure and a pirates heart. Division 13 also has it's fingers in the plot and the battle lines are drawn. The pull between family, loyalty, country and love is a heavy one that will not go down easy. The Sentinels will have to make a stand and choose sides, because as always there's so much more than meets the eye. Hard choices will have to be made and nothing will be the same. Each book is a standalone but since the story is about this merry gang of pirates and their fight/work with Division 13 and the Serpent Society so characters cross over and can get confusing/overwhelming if you haven't read each book. These pirates have gone for centuries just going with the flow but now they are meeting their match in feisty strong women that make them want more than a pirates life and existing. Hard choices will have to be made and I plan on being around to read the results.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
Every book I read from Lisa Kessler reminds me why I love her writing so much – from the well-developed plot and characters to a writing style that practically reads the words off the page for me, I never finish a book disappointed. And even though I wasn’t a huge fan of this particular story since I wasn’t totally on board with the relationship between the main characters, this was still an enjoyable read that had me captivated from start to finish. Although I did like both John and Harmony as individual characters, there was something about them as a couple that never really clicked into place for me until the very end of the book. Since these two have known each other for years, the insta-love type vibe, which often doesn’t work at all for me, felt a bit out of place between these two and I think what was missing for me was that I would have liked to have been some spark that started when they first met and was just ignored until circumstances had them coming together. Even though I wasn’t all-in with John & Harmony as a couple (and even they had a hard time getting on board with their relationship!), in typical Lisa Kessler fashion there is no shortage of fantastic dialogue and emotional depth written into the story and no one is better at writing a hero who can have you swooning – and often times also laughing out loud – even in the most dangerous of circumstances. I am absolutely loving this crew of immortal pirates as well as following the series arc as the secrets behind Agent Bale and Department 51 are revealed. Every new story in the series has added characters to the mix that keep enhancing the overall series, and getting glimpses at the crew and characters we haven’t met yet in their own book have me looking forward to see what’s next for the crew. If a pirate’s life is for you or you just love a wonderfully written book with all the feels, then you can’t go wrong with this one – or any book written by Lisa Kessler!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy. This series of immortal pirates is so much fun! This time it is John Smythe's turn to find himself falling for a woman and then the problem of his immortality comes in to play. Can he spent her lifetime and then watch her die or just walk away. Then there is the whole problem of the stolen relic - Pandora's box and Agent Bale. He has his own agenda when it turns out that the other person assisting Harmony is his relative. So many problems to resolve, and it is a good thing that John has his crew to help him out when Harmony and Chris are captured and in danger. That is one thing that is hard to Harmony to do is rely on anyone else and that may be what keeps her from having a relationship with John. This book was filled with lots of action, drama, intrigue, and romance so it was hard to put it down and I had to keep reading to find out how John and Harmony could resolve their differences. Great HEA and especially the epilogue as they were all together on the ship to celebrate.
Evampire9 More than 1 year ago
He has survived mutinous pirate crews, wars and he passage of centuries, but the door to destruction is been opened when John Smyth and his crew have been tasked with finding Pandora’s Box. Harmony Andrews is a member of a crew of modern day Robin Hoods by night and a risk-taking investment broker by day, but her latest theft has her risking her heart and her life when she discovers that the very box she stole is the one her boss is looking for. The newest Sentinels of Savannah is a page turning read that makes readers swoon and long for a daring adventure to fall into their lap as long as it involves some seriously sexy immortal pirates, that is. John and Harmony are two strong, dynamite characters that has oodles and oodles of sizzling chemistry that explodes from the pages. Their stirring romance has sparks flying and lightning lighting up the skies all though it has a few obstacles to overcome which makes it easy for the readers to connect and this relationship makes reader feel as alive as it does the hero and heroine. Chilling evil whispers abound throughout this fast paced, thrilling plot full excitement dangerous temptations and impossible choices as a thrill seeking pirate and a risk-taking heroine take on bad guys and pure evil. Vivid imagery that really sparks readers’ imaginations and has them experiencing all the thrills and emotions of a turbulent storm and life altering decisions. This swashbuckling romance ensures that readers keep turning the pages with lots of twists and the energetic energy of a high seas adventure.
Sunshine1006 More than 1 year ago
John Smyth is an immortal pirate along with the rest of the crew of the Sea Dog. He has survived many disasters and hundreds of years living with his secrets. He and the rest of the crew do certain jobs for a paranormal branch of the government. This time, they want Pandora's Box found. Harmony works for John as an investment broker, making money for the clients. He is grooming her to be a stand in CEO for his company when he is gone. By night, she is a member of a gang of thieves who steal artifacts and sell them on the dark web to help people who are in desperate need for money. What John doesn't know is that Harmony has already stolen it. Now what? This puts her in danger from many people, especially the Serpent Society. Will John be able to trust Harmony? Will the crew get Pandora's Box before all hell breaks loose. I have really enjoyed this series. Can't wait for the rest. I received this book from Net Galley and Entangled Publishing for a honest review. I read this book voluntarily.
Lillian Maddocks-Cummings More than 1 year ago
Your secret has to be kept safe. John Smyth might be a very rich handsome man but he will never know true happiness. He has lived so much longer than any normal human being after drinking from the holy grail. Yes, it gave him & his men immortality but that comes with a price. He needs someone that he can trust and his broker Harmony seems to fit the bill but she is just too reckless at times. He hopes that she will be able to look after his company while he is away but everything changes when he is shown a picture. He doesn't know what Harmony is up to but it isn't good. Harmony knows that she can find a buyer for the relic it is just a box with greek writing on it and she hasn't been able to open it. She needs the money towards treatment and other equipment that could save two people's lives. But Harmony has stolen Pandora's box and now the government wants it back and John knows that things can go terribly wrong. He wants to protect Harmony as he has really fallen for her but she could be his downfall. Can he trust her with everything? Harmony believes what John tells her but she still needs to go through with the deal it is a lot of money but will things go the way that she plans? Will Harmony take what John is offering or will she walk away? Will good triumph over evil or will the box win the day? A good read really enjoyed it. Who doesn't love sexy pirates that save the day? I was lucky enough to receive a copy via Netgalley & the publishing house in exchange for my honest review.
Nicola1202 More than 1 year ago
It’s back aboard the Sea Dog for boatswain John Smyth’s romance with his employee and thief-with-a-heart, Harmony who has something the crew are on the hunt for. “You believe in the myth of Pandora’s box?” Following the series theme so far of immortal pirate falling for human and the potential heartbreak that scenario will bring in the future, there’s plenty of push/pull as John and Harmony give into their feelings and, as the title suggests, there’s much pleasure to be had. “The siren in his arms was luring him into a stormy sea, away from the safe harbor he’d created to face eternity.” In terms of the overall story, this one took some time to get going with not a huge amount actually happening in the first half. But I do love how Lisa Kessler is centralising the romance around well known myths and with the passion and action all playing out in the second half, Pirate’s Pleasure is another enjoyable enough addition to the series.
MJSolitarie More than 1 year ago
I received a complimentary advance copy of this book to give a voluntary honest review. This review contains only my own thoughts and opinions of this book. Pirate’s Pleasure sure was something else. It had quite an unusual storyline with the different magical artifacts, cults, crews and the whole Robin Hood and Pirates twist binding it all together. The plot was original to say the least, especially since I don’t think anyone has ever even thought of pairing Robin Hood together with pirates and making it into a love story. As much as I’m impressed over the plot’s uniqueness, sadly the the execution was not up to par. It wasn’t that it was anything wrong with the story or writing. Standard-wise it was as it should be and the high quality was there. However it still felt like something was missing. I couldn’t really connect with any of the main characters and I didn’t feel that spark or chemistry between John and Harmony either. That made it especially difficult for me to fully care about them or the story in general and I often found my mind elsewhere when I read. It’s a real mood killer having to reread pages just because your mind has wandered of. I think the real issue as to why I had difficulty connecting to book and the characters were the lack of complex and realistic personality. While Harmony was described as a risk taker with spunk and John a reserved and businesslike man with an inner hidden pirate, it didn’t fully bleed through to the pages. Yes, they both were all those things and yes, they both had realistic flaws such as difficulty to trust and depend on others. All of that were there but at the same time not. I found things that contradicted this as well, for example Harmony trusting John, who she then barely knew with her secret agenda and criminal life and getting him involved. This also made her seem a bit TSTL since she time and time again trusted him with her plan and her safety and not once considering that the man she knew very little about could turn on her. I never felt like I could relate to the characters because these descriptions didn’t actually help form the personalities. They were just adjectives and objectives they followed sometimes and then sometimes not, if that makes any sense. The rest of the characters were names I stumbled upon that sometimes had a voice. There wasn’t much else to them. It took a long time for me to finally find interest in the story and that was when the romance actually started to get places and add some drama and emotional struggle into the mix. At that point I was already over halfway done with the book. Not a good start, but I will give Pirate’s Pleasure three stars for the one of a kind plot and the later stages of the romance. There was potential, just not enough for me