Pillboxes and Tank Traps

Pillboxes and Tank Traps

by Bernard Lowry


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The very real threat of the invasion of Britain in 1940 initiated a huge military construction program. Around the vulnerable coasts of the country, as well as inland, were built thousands of pillboxes, anti-tank barriers and other obstacles to defeat or delay the invader. The end of WWII saw much cleared away but sufficient still remains, and this book guides the curious in identifying the remaining defensive structures and features which once formed part of the military landscape. Although, to our eyes, the survivals might seem randomly placed, there was always a considered plan and the book describes how these plans worked. Previously little appreciated, a national project (The Defence of Britain) has now identified many of the sites and there is a growing movement to protect what remains.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780747813569
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 09/23/2014
Series: Shire Library Series , #787
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Bernard Lowry is a well-known figure in the field of fortifications, and is the Honorary Secretary of the Fortress Study Group. He was also a regional co-ordinator for the Defence of Britain Project, which served to document over 20,000 modern military sites in the United Kingdom. A resident of Shropshire, England, this is his first book for Shire.

Table of Contents

An Island Fortress / Britain Alone / A Pause for Breath / 1942: A New Defence Policy / Britain Becomes a Fortified Island / 1944: Tidying Up and Aftermath / Further Reading / Places to Visit / Index

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