Piano Music by Emmanuel Chabrier

Piano Music by Emmanuel Chabrier

by Angela Hewitt



In a perfect match of pianist and repertoire -- one that should be more predictable, if our most distinguished keyboard artists would perform this infinitely delightful music more often -- Angela Hewitt strikes a major blow on behalf of Emmanuel Chabrier with this album. As she's already illuminated the complete piano works of Ravel on disc, it's a real pleasure to hear Hewitt turn to an earlier French composer whose importance Ravel (and many other masters) openly acknowledged. Chabrier's Dix pièces pittoresques (Ten Picturesque Pieces) are a milestone of 19th-century French music, and they form the centerpiece of Hewitt's program; it's easy, if sometimes startling, to hear in this score elements later borrowed by Debussy (the impressionistic "Sous-Bois") or Poulenc (the lightness and clarity of "Idylle" and the central portion of "Paysage"). Among the works included here, some recall Chabrier's famous rhapsody España, as the spirit of Spain also permeates the Aubade and the sultry Habanera for piano. If other pieces sound familiar, such as the irrepressible Bourrée fantasque, it may be because they also exist in orchestral versions (including four of the Dix pièces, arranged as a Suite Pastorale), but their essential character comes through most clearly at the piano. Hewitt has a marvelously buoyant way with the staccato touch that much of Chabrier's music demands, not to mention its sheer charm; while her many recordings of Baroque music (Bach, and more recently Couperin) may be indispensable, this pianist is welcome to sojourn in more recent times whenever she pleases.

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Release Date: 03/14/2006
Label: Hyperion Uk
UPC: 0034571175157
catalogNumber: 67515


  1. Impromptu, for piano in C major
  2. Pièces posthumes (5), for piano: Ronde champêtre
  3. Pièces pittoresques (10), for piano
  4. Pièces posthumes (5), for piano: Aubade
  5. Pièces posthumes (5), for piano: Ballabile
  6. Pièces posthumes (5), for piano: Caprice
  7. Pièces posthumes (5), for piano: Feuillet d'album
  8. Habañera, for piano (or orchestra)
  9. Bourrée fantasque, for piano (also for orchestra)

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