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Physics in 100 Numbers

Physics in 100 Numbers

by Alexander Hellemans


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The Most Interesting Numbers in Physics

Mathematics is the language of science, and numbers are at the heart of all physical sciences—understand the numbers, and you’ll have a better understanding of the science. Physics in 100 Numbers explores the most important and interesting numbers in physics, starting with the lowest number (5.39 × 10-44 seconds, or “Planck time,” the smallest time measurement possible) and working in numerical order up to the very largest (1 × 10500, which is the number of possible configurations in the string theory landscape).

Whether you read it from cover to cover, dip in and out at random, or decide to read one number a day, you’ll discover a wide range of facts, figures, and formulas, presented in a way that is uniquely easy to grasp. From the mass of an electron to the age of the universe, this insightful and accessible guide will enlighten, inform, and entertain in equal measure.

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