by Yefim Bronfman



The Perspectives Series, produced through Carnegie Hall, each year selects musicians to create concert sets that focus on some aspect of their musicianship and interests. It is not surprising that pianist Yefim Bronfman would choose literature from late nineteenth and early twentieth century Russian composers. Despite his far-reaching repertoire, Bronfman has always found a particular niche with this repertoire, in particular the works of Prokofiev. The first album of this two-disc set is, in fact, devoted to Prokofiev's first three piano concertos, works composed while still a young man. The technical and musical demands of all three concertos are astounding, but Bronfman and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra deliver performances that feature dazzling pyrotechnics, Herculean quantities of sound drawn from the piano, and musical introspection with which few performers may compete. The second disc in the set focuses on works for solo piano. Opening with three movements from "Petrushka," Bronfman pulls abundant sound and nuance from his instrument that is every bit as deep and satisfying as an orchestral performance of the piece. Prokofiev's "First" and "Seventh" piano sonatas show the transformation of the composer from a young man to a seasoned veteran; both phases of the composer's life are captured through Bronfman's energy and attention to detail. Four selections from Tchaikovsky's "The Seasons" demonstrate that Bronfman does not need high technical demands in order to produce intimate musical landscapes. Worthwhile for the recordings of the Prokofiev concertos alone, this album is a worthy addition to almost any collection.

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Release Date: 12/11/2007
Label: Sony Classics
UPC: 0886972108124
catalogNumber: 721081


Disc 1

  1. Piano Concerto No. 1 in D flat major, Op. 10

    1. Allegro brioso - Poco più messo - Tempo primo  (03:39)
    2. Meno mosso  (03:14)
    3. Andante assai  (03:49)
    4. Allegro scherzando - Poco più sostenuto  (04:27)
  2. Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 16

    1. 1. Andantino  (11:04)
    2. 2. Scherzo. Vivace  (02:28)
    3. 3. Intermezzo. Allegro moderato  (06:20)
    4. 4. Finale. Allegro tempestoso  (10:53)
  3. Piano Concerto No. 3 in C major, Op. 26

    1. 1. Andante - Allegro  (08:58)
    2. 2. Tema con variazioni. Tema. Andantino  (00:56)
    3. 2. Tema con variazioni. Variation 1. L'istesso tempo  (01:00)
    4. 2. Tema con variazioni. Variation 2. Allegro  (00:47)
    5. 2. Tema con variazioni. Variation 3. Allegro moderato. Poco meno mosso  (01:12)
    6. 2. Tema con variazioni. Variation 4. Andantino meditativo  (02:24)
    7. 2. Tema con variazioni. Variation 5. Allegro giusto  (01:14)
    8. 2. Tema con variazioni. Tema. L'istesso tempo  (01:36)
    9. 3. Allegro ma non troppo  (09:23)

Disc 2

  1. Petrushka, movements (3) for piano

    1. Russian Dance. Allegro giusto  (02:29)
    2. Petrushka's Room  (04:28)
    3. The Shrove-tide Fair. Con moto - Allegro - Tempo giusto - Agitato  (08:52)
  2. Piano Sonata No. 2 in D minor, Op. 14

    1. 1. Allegro, ma non troppo  (06:23)
    2. 2. Scherzo. Allegro marcato  (02:03)
    3. 3. Andante  (05:14)
    4. 4. Vivace  (04:38)
  3. Piano Sonata No. 7 in B flat major ("War Sonata 2/Stalingrad"), Op. 83

    1. 1. Allegro inquieto  (08:10)
    2. 2. Andante caloroso  (06:56)
    3. 3. Precipitato  (03:21)
  4. The Seasons, for piano, Op. 37: 1. January: By the Fireside

    1. 1. January: By the Fireside  (04:47)
  5. The Seasons, for piano, Op. 37: 6. June: Barcarolle

    1. 6. June: Barcarolle  (04:31)
  6. The Seasons, for piano, Op. 37: 7. August: The Harvest

    1. 7. August: The Harvest  (03:35)
  7. The Seasons, for piano, Op. 37: 12. December: Christmas

    1. 12. December: Christmas  (03:41)
  8. Islamey, Oriental fantasy for piano  (08:43)

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Yefim Bronfman! -- no number or range of superlatives can be adequate to decribe how he makes each note, each chord his own. His playing ranges from powerful and commanding, to seductively lyrical, to heartbreakingly tender. Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky receive, from this artist, interpretive and technical skills that represent a level of genius equal to their own as composers. This is a "must buy" for anyone who loves classical piano at its most fully realized.