Perspectives in Mexican American Studies Volume 7

Perspectives in Mexican American Studies Volume 7

by Juan R. Garcia (Editor)




The newest volume of Perspectives in Mexican American Studies features articles by several new voices, and by others who have a long list of published works to their credit. They provide us with information of interest and offer fresh observations of the Mexican American experience.

The authors include veterans of el movimiento, experienced scholars, and some who are newer on the scene. The topics covered, from sports in the Midwest to small-town life in central Mexico, may seem to have little in common except for their focus on Mexican-descent people, but on closer inspection, one can see that the idea of labor runs like an arroyo through the book.

Digging the “Richest Hole on Earth”: The Hispanic Miners of Utah, 1912-1945 by Armando Solorzano and Jorge Iber
El Laberinto de la Comunidad: A View of Rural Mexico by John Hardisty
The Cucamonga Experiment: A Struggle for Community Control and Self-Determination by Armando Navarro
Political Activism, Ethnic Identity, and Regional Differ-ences Among Chicano and Latino College Students in Southern California and Northern New Mexico by Elsa O. Valdez
Chicano Pedagogy: Confluence, Knowledge, and Transformation by Raymond V. Padilla
Mexicans in New Mexico: Deconstructing the Tri-Cultural Trope by Anne Fairbrother
Mexican Baseball Teams in the Midwest, 1916-1965: The Politics of Cultural Survival and Civil Rights by Richard Santillan

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