Paths of Faith: The New Jewish Prayer Book for Synagogue and Home - For Weekdays, Shabbat, Festivals and Other Occasions

Paths of Faith: The New Jewish Prayer Book for Synagogue and Home - For Weekdays, Shabbat, Festivals and Other Occasions

by Chaim Stern (Translator)

Hardcover(Bilingual edition)



This is the long-awaited new prayer book for Jewish Sabbath and religious weekday services, which has recently been completed by Rabbi Chaim Stern, noted author of Gates of Prayer and Gates of Repentance. These books have been used for the past thirty years in most of the 800+ Reform Jewish Congregations throughout North America. This historic, gender-sensitive prayer book includes the most comprehensive transliteration of any prayer book in the Reform and liberal Conservative movements, as well as a special and timely section devoted to prayers and meditations for "Troubled Times."

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781561719334
Publisher: Special Publications International, Inc.
Publication date: 03/28/2005
Edition description: Bilingual edition
Pages: 429
Product dimensions: 5.94(w) x 10.16(h) x 1.54(d)

Table of Contents

Chaimstern: A Tributeviii
Beginning to Worship
Reflections: On Prayer3
Spiritual Life6
Life in the World7
Opening Prayers12
Weekday Services
Weekday Evening Service13
Tallit, Tefillin21
Weekday Morning Service22
Daily Psalms27
Weekday Afternoon Service40
Weekday Tefilah44
Shabbat Evening Service
Kabbalat Shabbat 162
Kabbalat Shabbat 272
Kabbalat Shabbat 377
Kabbalat Shabbat 483
Shabbat Morning Service
Birchot ha-Shachar 1105
Birchot ha-Shachar 2125
Birchot ha-Shachar 3126
Birchot ha-Shachar 4129
Shabbat and Yom Tov Afternoon Service151
Reading of the Torah
Shabbat or Weekdays169
Prayers Offered After the Reading of Torah
Mi Shebeirach175
Birkat ha-Chodesh177
Prayers for Our Communities178
S'firat ha-Omer179
Birkat Gomeil180
Yom Tov Evening Service184
Yom Tov Morning Service211
Reading of the Torah for Yom Tov246
Reading of the Torah for Simchat Torah248
Tefilah for Special Sabbaths: Shabbat Shuvah, Chol Ha-Moeid, and Rosh Chodesh266
Concluding Prayers
Mourner's Kaddish286
Prayers and Readings for Various Occasions
Kiddush for Shabbat and Yom Tov288
Havdalah for Shabbat294
Havdalah for Yom Tov297
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Prayers298
Shabbat Before Purim299
Shabbat Before Yom ha-Shoah300
Shabbat Before Yom ha-Atzmaut301
Yom ha-Shoah303
Yom ha-Atzmaut308
Tishah B'Av313
Shabbat before Chanukah318
Shabbat Before Tu Bi-Sh'vat321
Additional Readings for Reflection and Study
From Pirke Avot and Commentaries322
Reflections for Troubled Hours341
Looking at Ourselves347
Looking for God352
Selected Psalms358
Prayers for Healing376
Blessings for Synagogue and Home
Sleeping and Waking379
Food: Giving Thanks for Food381
Birkat HaMazon (Short)382
Birkat HaMazon387
When Not Eating a Full Meal397
Blessings for Various Occasions: For a World of Wonders398
Before Performing a Mitzvah400
For Various Events401
Additional Blessings403

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