Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Natural Food

Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Natural Food




Fresh, additive-free natural foods are essential for the healthy development of all children. Now every parent can prepare tasty and nutritious meals with the Organic Baby & Toddler Cookbook.

Why choose organic food? Babies in the womb and young children are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of pesticides, additives and genetically modified ingredients in food. Lizzie Vann explains how to avoid these dangerous elements, including helpful tips on deciphering food labels and identifying the most harmful additives to avoid. She also gives advice on where to shop for organic products and what to buy for your organic pantry.

Recipes from birth to preschool: Easy and quick recipes and menu plans are carefully adapted for each stage of your child's development. Each section outlines essential superfoods for each age group and provides appetizing recipes for healthy, satisfying meals.

From fruity first purées for your baby to healthy snacks and independent food choices for the toddler, there is food here that the whole family will enjoy. Advice for vegetarians and children with special dietary needs is also featured. Organic Baby & Toddler Cookbook explains the benefits of organic food for you, your child and the environment.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781435105133
Publisher: Sterling
Publication date: 03/08/2008
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 8.54(w) x 9.48(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

Lizzie Vann is an award-winning pioneer in the world of organic foods. With a background in science and business and a strong interest in health and ecology, she set up the organic children's food company Organix in the UK in 1991. Lizzie has now launched a high quality range of organic children's foods with a strong emphasis on nutritional balance and organic integrity. She continues to work closely with communities, parents and health professionals.

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Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Natural Food 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Busy__Mom More than 1 year ago
great source for recipes for natural and organic means - glad I saw this summary on ParentsDigest, or I might never have found these recipes!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago