Once Upon A Time There Were Two Soul Mates

Once Upon A Time There Were Two Soul Mates

by Don Ryan


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This is a story of two sweethearts, their meeting, and their life.

This story would never have happened if Don had not asked Nancy at the last minute to go with him to the prom. Nancy had been praying that God would provide a suitable date for the Prom. Don came out of the nowhere he gave her a handcrafted note to meet him after Physics class for lunch. At a party during a spin the bottle game and got to kiss Nancy the first time. Neither forgot this encounter. Nancy was a cute little brunette with an infectious smile. Don called the “Shadow of your smile”. Nancy accepted the lunch invitation. When at lunch Don ask Nancy to go to the Prom with him. Nancy said, “In a surprised look and haltingly said yes”. Don did think he was up to Nancy’s standards and was equally surprise when Nancy said, “yes”.

Don was a well-built young man lettering in all sports. However, the last two years of school he was scarce around the campus but was in the top of his class scholastically. Many of the female classmates had their eyes on Don. Don asked if he could take Nancy home to meet her mother. He, also, asked Nancy to go to breakfast in the morning. Nancy said, “I don’t why because it is Saturday”. Don told Nancy he would like to show Nancy how he made his living. He wanted to keep her until 5:00 PM, and Nancy was assured she would not be bored. She did know it yet but was about to go on the most usual breakfast date of her young life. Ask God your needs, believe him and hang on for the ride!

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ISBN-13: 9781645520238
Publisher: Lettra Press LLC
Publication date: 04/29/2019
Pages: 86
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.18(d)

About the Author

Ronald W. Hansrote. B.S. MD, FAAFP, FAsMA. Dr. Hansrote is a Biochemistry/Chemistry graduate of Kent State University with Post Graduate work at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (MD/PhD) Program in Graduate Physiology and Organic Chemistry. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Nebraska and is certified to Practice Medicine in Nebraska, Florida, and Oklahoma. He is a graduate of the U. S Naval School of Aerospace Medicine and is designated as a Naval Flight Surgeon/Aviator. He holds the designation of Command Flight Surgeon, USAFR and served on the Shuttle Medical Operations Team for the USAFR's Space Command. He is a fellow in both the Aerospace Medical Association and the Academy of Family Practice. He is a fully certified Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) with type ratings in Multiengine, Jet Part /135/91 Operations, C-500, Commercial Multiengine and Single Engine Land.
Dr. Hansrote is also certified FAA. Advance Ground Instructor and Senior FAA Medical Examiner. He is the former director of the FAA's office of Aviation Medicine (AMM- 700) and work in Washington D.C. in the fields of Accident Investigation Occupational Medicine, Biological, and Chemical Terrorism. He was the FAA's Accident Research Officer for the TWA 800 and ValuJet's mishaps.
Dr. Hansrote is currently retired from his Professorship at the Florida Institute of Technology. He is married to the former Mitzi Westfall or Akron, Ohio and enjoys deep sea fishing, I would like to dedicate this. This book to My wife Mitzi and Roger, my son, for their support.

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