No Ordinary Day

No Ordinary Day

by Deborah Ellis


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Even though Valli spends her days picking coal and fighting with her cousins, life in the coal town of Jharia, India, is the only life she knows. She’s filled with terror when she glimpses the monsters living on the other side of the train tracks — the lepers. When Valli discovers that her “aunt” is a stranger who was paid to take Valli off her family’s hands, she leaves Jharia and begins a series of adventures that takes her to Kolkata, the city of the gods. Valli finds that she really doesn’t need much to live and is very resourceful. But when a chance encounter with a doctor reveals that she has leprosy will Valli be able to face life as one of the monsters she has always feared, or flee to an uncertain life on the street?

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ISBN-13: 9781554981083
Publisher: Groundwood Books
Publication date: 08/05/2014
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 470,241
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.40(d)
Lexile: 580L (what's this?)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Deborah Ellis says her books reflect “the heroism of people around the world who are struggling for decent lives, and how they try to remain kind in spite of it.” She is best known for her Breadwinner Trilogy set in Afghanistan and Pakistan — a series that has been published in 25 languages, with more than 1 million dollars in royalties donated to Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan and Street Kids International. She has won the Governor General's Award, the Ruth Schwartz Award, the University of California's Middle East Book Award, Sweden's Peter Pan Prize, the Jane Addams Children's Book Award, and the Vicky Metcalf Award for a Body of Work. She recently received the Ontario Library Association's President's Award for Exceptional Achievement, and she has been named to the Order of Ontario. She lives in Simcoe, Ontario.

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No Ordinary Day 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Mitzi.Galvez on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was very educational yet entertaining. I thought the author did an excellent job in bringing forth truth in the education of a subject that could be swept under the rug or avoided because of the sensitivity and graphic information involved.No Ordinary Day takes place on the streets of India. Valli is a child who lives in a shack with her aunt and uncle and her five cousins. The town that they live is a coal mining town, and everyone¿s job is either mining coal or loading coal. Valli¿s uncle is sick from all the coal dust and cannot work, leaving her aunt as the bread winner. The uncle often drinks and this leaves the family with less income. Valli is forced to eat whatever is left on one of her cousins plate, this is how she lives day to day. Her uncle tells the children of the monster¿s that live across the train tracks (people with deformities) with eat them and if anyone should touch them the would be like them. Elamma is Valli¿s eldest cousin, and one day she is upset with Valli, and tells Valli that she is not really their cousin. She tells her that her family gave their family money to take Valli in. Valli is determined to find the truth and finds her aunt at the coal mine to confirm this information. Then her aunt tells her that this was the truth, and Valli is shocked. She decides to sneak on one of the coal trucks when no one is looking and hides under the coal to keep from falling off the truck. She is discovering a whole new world as she is seeing for the very first time anything outside Jharia. As she is leaving she sees Elemma and waves goodbye, as Elemma tries to stop the truck. Then she falls to sleep, and wakes up to two men talking, yelling at one another. They are arguing of what they should do with Valli. They discuss calling the police then are afraid that someone will think they stole ¿it¿. Then they pull her out of the truck and discover that she is a girl. They attempt to take her to a brothel, looking to make a deal. Then the owner orders for the women in the house to clean her up so that she can see what she has. Then they discover white patches on her body. The owner is furious and throws her out on the street, the women giving her a kurta and trousers. She is baffled and doesn¿t understand why they don¿t want her. She begins to wonder the streets of India and meets up with an elder who gives her advice and wisdom. She wants to stay with him only to find out that he is living on the streets as well. Then she starts barrowing things from everyone passing on what she has barrowed to someone else. She sleeps in cemeteries, train stations, and sidewalks. She begs in the street for rupees, and makes few friends on her journey to survive. She is often hungry and is always on the move. One day she is diving for coins in the Ganges river, she is aware that people throw coins in the river for good luck. She is having no luck doing this, she spots a young girl with coins, and steals them. She swims far away from the girl and ends up in a place where they cremate bodies. There she sees a woman reading a bible and begins to quote verses from the bible. The woman notices that Valli is standing on coals and Valli tells her that it is ok because she can¿t feel it. Then the woman explains that she is a doctor and would like to take her to the hospital. Valli refuses to take a cab with the doctor. So the doctor walks with Valli to the hospital. Dr. Indra begins to look at Valli¿s feet and discovers they are in bad condition, with ulcers. She cleans and bandages Valli up. Then she offers Valli a home within the hospital so that she can recover. Valli agrees until she wakes up to discover that she is surrounded by monsters. She flees the hospital until she sees herself in a reflection. This is when she decides to return to the hospital. Dr. Indra tells her that if she stays that she cannot call the people monsters, and that she will have to live with them. Val
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My ela tacher made us kids read to navles ad we got to see some trailers of some books and the ones i o we had to read 2 novels and one for was no ordanary day y family made me read this book a lot so much it would make me want to o to bed with out haveing to and i am glad they made me do that ausome book if u like some sad ness and releaf
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
U r sute to love this book if u like mysterious books.