Never Deny a Duke

Never Deny a Duke

by Madeline Hunter

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He is the last duke standing
. . . the sole remaining bachelor of the three self-proclaimed Decadent Dukes. Yet Davina MacCallum’s reasons for searching out the handsome Duke of Brentworth have nothing to do with marriage. Scottish lands were unfairly confiscated from her family by the Crown and given to his. A reasonable man with vast holdings can surely part with one trivial estate, especially when Davina intends to put it to good use. Brentworth, however, is as difficult to persuade as he is to resist.
The Duke of Brentworth’s discretion and steely control make him an enigma even to his best friends. Women especially find him inscrutable and unapproachable—but also compellingly magnetic. So when Davina MacCallum shows no signs of being even mildly impressed by him, he is intrigued. Until he learns that her mission in London involves claims against his estate. Soon the two of them are engaged in a contest that allows no compromise. When duty and desire collide, the best laid plans are about to take a scandalous turn—into the very heart of passion . . .
Madeline Hunter’s novels are:
“Brilliant, compelling. . . . An excellent read.”
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ISBN-13: 9781420143942
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Series: Decadent Dukes Society Series , #3
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 33,452
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Madeline Hunter is a New York Times bestselling author with more than six million copies of her books in print. She has more than 30 nationally bestselling historical romances in print, including most recently, A Devil of a Duke, The Most Dangerous Duke in London, The Wicked DukeTall, Dark, and Wicked; and His Wicked Reputation. A member of RWA’s Honor Roll, she has won the RITA Award twice and been a finalist seven times. Her books have appeared on the bestseller lists of the New York TimesUSA Today, and Publishers Weekly, and have been translated into thirteen languages. She has a PhD in art history, which she has taught at the university level. Madeline loves to hear from her readers, and can be reached through her website at, on Facebook,, and at

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Never Deny a Duke 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
georgia1 4 months ago
Well, why would you deny a duke? Because he has some family land that was taken years ago but needs to be returned!! I love this author's stories and she always creates a memorable romance that you cannot put down until the end! A heroine that is determined, Davina MacCallum found out on her father's death bed about an estate that should rightly go to her since a barony is attached. Women are allowed to inherit. But currently it was in the hands of Eric Marshall, Duke of Brentwood. Look out is all I have to say!! Eric is the last of three dukes that are friend's to be unmarried. He is a "true" aristocrat with his proper and unapproachable manner. He was however very handsome and could almost see your thoughts with his fabulous grey eyes! Prepare for a delightful match of wills to see who would come out the victor. But in this standoff it seems like they both may win!! What a fantastic series, with an epilogue that brought everyone back together and had me smiling as I turned the last page!!I read this through NetGallery. Lori Dykes
Historical_Romance_Lover 4 months ago
I loved Eric and Davina's story!! Davina is just trying to get back her legacy. The problem is that the man who currently holds the property doesn't believe that she has a right to it. But Eric has met his match with Davina. She isn't afraid to go toe to toe with the formidable duke. Who will win this battle of wills? I loved watching Davina and Eric together. I loved that Davina never backed down when Eric challenged her. I think that is what also attracted him to her. He wasn't used to someone going against him. This was a great conclusion to the Decadent Dukes Society and I'm sorry to see it it as I have throughly enjoyed the series. But I'm also excited to see what Hunter has in store for us next!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Anonymous 4 months ago
MauCarden6 4 months ago
At Last! It is the time for the story of Eric Marshall, the Duke of Brentworth, and the Most Ducal Duke. He is the last of the Decadent Dukes, a joking name picked by three young future dukes. The trio of Stratton, Langford and Brentworth knew, even at Eton, they would always be considered and treated differently. As dukes they would someday be the big dogs, top o’ the heap; no title more important or powerful in England, except for royalty. Brentworth meets his match in Miss Davina MacCallum in Madeline Hunter’s Never Deny a Duke. He owns a Scottish estate; Davina thinks the estate, along with its title-which can be passed down to a woman- belongs to her. Two kings have promised help to Davina, now one of those kings is dead; the other embarrassed by his promise and just wants the problem to go away. What do you with a problem like Davina? The king comes up with a brilliant idea, or so he thinks, but he is no match for Brentworth. Davina thinks because the estate’s manor house is mostly destroyed by fire, and because Brentworth has shown no interest in it, that he should just hand it over. But Brentworth, being Brentworth has no intention of handing over any of his properties to a probable fraudster. After all, as he proclaims on numerous occasions, “I am Brentworth”. He is especially not about to lose this particular estate, either by the wish of a King or the efforts of the Scottish nobody. Before the King makes Brentworth aware of Davina’s claim, he meets her socially as she writes for the journal owned by Clara, the Duchess of Stratton. Brentworth was intrigued by the young woman, who seems curious about him but not impressed with either him, his wealth or his title. Brentworth, in turn, becomes more interested in the young woman who is willing to go head -to-head with him and a respectful friendship is eventually formed as they both seek proof to her claim for the estate. Brentworth has always been the most mysterious, self-contained and discreet of the three dukes. It was nice to read of a character who was not a total man-ho. He is almost the complete opposite of Duke of Langford in actions and attitudes. It was amusing and welcome to read of the three friends together, with Brentworth actually consulting Langford for relationship advice. Ms Hunter has written a Regency character more refreshing than most. Davina is also an original. Hunter has not written about a titled young lady ultimately looking for marriage, but a strong woman of common origins who has managed her life and is willing to go to some lengths to prove her claim. Davina pits herself against a King, a Duke, a Scottish nationalist. Hunter, with Never Deny a Duke has hit the trifecta of an entertaining plot, original characters and writing as smooth as silk. Bonus points for the history behind the claim and the portrayal of Scotland. The Decadent Dukes has been one of my all time favorite Regency series. I am sorry to see it end; but I will look forward to Hunter’s next series. Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
nku 4 months ago
Never Deny a Duke (Decadent Dukes Society, #3) by Madeline Hunter What a great ending to this series... Thanks to the publisher and #NetGalley for allowing me to preview this book. Brentworth (Eric last of the Decadent Dukes) Davina MacCallum (granddaughter of the missing Barron) This is a great enemies to lovers story... His property in Scotland (one he doesn't talk about) is the same property that Davina says is hers. There are many twists and turns (some politics with the King), laughs, angst, adventure and steam...all to get to a very HEA. Reasons I enjoyed this book: Great world building Wonderful characters Unpredictable Easy-to-read Funny Happily Ever After Romantic Entertaining Page-turner Steamy
Rhodes123 7 days ago
Duke of Brentworth is the only remaining bachelor of the three self-proclaimed Decadent Dukes. Davina MacCallum's has her reasons for seeking out the Duke of Brentworth and it has nothing to do with him being handsome or marriage. Her Scottish lands were confiscated from her family by the Crown King and given to his. She needs proof and Brentworth she is hoping is a reasonable enough man that will listen to her claim and part with the estate and it's holdings because Davina has special plans for it. However, Brentworth, is difficult to persuade and he is becoming hard to resist. The Duke of Brentworth's is known far and wide for his discretion and self control. It's what makes other men including his best friends respect him. Women in particular find him to be unapproachable but wildly magnetic. So when Davina MacCallum shows no signs of being impressed by him, he becomes intrigued. When he learns about her claims against his property and the mission she undertakes to find the proof needed, the two of them are soon engaged in a contest that will allow no compromises. But when duty collides with desire, plans no longer become more important than the matters of the heart
BuckeyeAngel 8 days ago
He is the last duke standing, the sole remaining bachelor of the three self-proclaimed Decadent Dukes. Yet Davina MacCallum’s reasons for searching out the handsome Duke of Brentworth have nothing to do with marriage. Scottish lands were unfairly confiscated from her family by the Crown and given to his. A reasonable man with vast holdings can surely part with one trivial estate, especially when Davina intends to put it to good use. Brentworth, however, is as difficult to persuade as he is to resist. The Duke of Brentworth’s discretion and steely control make him an enigma even to his best friends. Women especially find him inscrutable and unapproachable—but also compellingly magnetic. So when Davina MacCallum shows no signs of being even mildly impressed by him, he is intrigued. Until he learns that her mission in London involves claims against his estate. Soon the two of them are engaged in a contest that allows no compromise. When duty and desire collide, the best laid plans are about to take a scandalous turn—into the very heart of passion . . . This was a really good story that I enjoyed reading. I loved following both characters as they sought to unravel the estate in question and ended up falling in love. I really liked both characters and their interaction with each other. Brentworth reminded me a lot like Mr. Darcy, an I really liked Davina but she was a bit more practical than Elizabeth. I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Sue14 22 days ago
Never Deny a Duke, third in Madeline Hunter's Decadent Duke series, is another fabulous read by this author. Eric, our Duke, owns a property that holds a secret he wishes to forget. Davina, our heroine, believes this property is hers, taken from her family and given away. She has petitioned the Crown to look into the matter. Both the King and his father previously, had agreed to do so, but nothing has come of it. Eric believes her to be wrong; Davina stubbornly believes she is right. While looking for proof one way or the other, nether believes that their opponent will share the truths they find. So together they set out (scandalous!) to see what they can find. And along the way, their lives take an abrupt turn. We have our two Dukes from the first and second stories weighing in; one with comic relief, one with the voice of reason. And their wives are apparently guiding Divina. To see what secrets await these two, what their futures may become, get your copy of never Deny a Duke and read on. You won't be disappointed.
PDX_reader_Jane 3 months ago
Madeline Hunter Never Deny a Duke Never Deny a Duke is the third book in the Decadent Duke series. Davina , the last of the MaCallums, wants her family’s Scotland property returned to her. She claims the present king has the proof of ownership. She wants to turn the house into a hospital for the poor. The former king gave the land to the Duke of Brentworth, after the battle of Culloden. Eric, the present Duke, won’t forfeit the land. Davina seeks proof that the land belongs to her family. They decide to travel to Scotland together to look for the proof. On their travels they get to know each other. Can the attraction between the “frenemies” overcome the land dispute? I have enjoyed reading Madeline Hunter’s books and this one is no exception. I like her engaging characters --- especially the determined heroines! She weaves past characters into her books and I like the familiarity. In Never Deny a Duke, we meet Adam and Clara and Amanda and Gabriel. They add more “color” to the story. I also like the history tidbits found in Madeline’s books. I learned that Barons were not considered Peers in Scotland! The ending of the book came all to soon. I received an ARC of this book for my honest opinion: I enjoyed reading it and liked the ending. I am looking forward to Madeline Hunter’s next Historical Romance!
Brownac101 3 months ago
The last book in the Decadent Dukes Society trilogy is about the wickedly handsome Eric Marshall, the Duke of Brentworth who finally meets his match in the fiercely independent Davina MacCallum. Davina has papers to prove she is the legal owner of her ancestor’s lands and estate and request they be returned to their rightful owner. The problem is the Eric feels he is the rightful owner. It’s a battle wits between them while the king and his advisors are trying to determine who has the true legal right and ownership of a Scottish estate. Davina is willing to go to some lengths to prove her claim and she pits herself against a King, a Duke, a Scottish nationalist. A great story with a strong independent woman and the oh so handsome Duke are battling for their home and lands, but maybe they’ll find more than they bargained for and find their HEA!!! I voluntarily read and reviewed this book.
RWBrock 3 months ago
Third in a trilogy of which I’ve only read the second one so far, and this is one of the best historical romances I’ve read in quite awhile! I found this one to be different from the usual storylines in historical romance which was refreshing. I loved both mains, and they seemed destined in many ways to find each other. The heroine Davina was particularly a favorite as a strong young woman who had assisted her father (doctor) growing up and wished to continue aiding others while determinedly trying to regain her family’s lost title/lands in Scotland. She was definitely one to cheer for! And Eric’s evolution from a follow-the-rules duke with a torturous secret to a man who is able to forgive himself and learn that it’s OK to feel passion was a pleasure to behold. Also some wonderful sensual scenes and sexy chemistry. Highly recommend! Thanks to the author, #NetGalley and #KensingtonBooks for the ARC. The opinions are strictly my own.
MalkaShayna 3 months ago
This is the last of the books about the Decadent Duke Society Series. The Society was formed by a small group of boys, all ducal heirs, at school together. In the first book, Adam Penrose, Duke of Stratton finds his duchess and in the second Gabriel St James, Duke of Langford finds his. Neither had been looking for a wife and found one that was "different" from the usual duchess. So in this third book, the last of the trio, Eric Marshall, Duke of Brentworth finds his. Davina MacCallum came to London to recover her heritage, Scottish land that was confiscated by the Crown and give to Brentworth's. Two kings have promised to look into the matter and now she and Brentworth are both summoned to come to a compromise. Although he is extremely wealthy and has bad memories of the property, he is loath to give it up to someone he first believes is trying to defraud him. But his best friend's wives, who have befriended Davina, convince him to check out her claim, after the press gets a hold of the rumors. She insists that she comes with him or she will go on her own, so they set out on an adventure that slowly reveals the real person behind the public facade. And they both find that real person irresistible. As always, well developed characters with an intriguing plot and well researched background of the period. Secrets are woven into a conflict that makes this book hard to put down. I received a free ARC of this book from the publisher. This is my unbiased and voluntary review.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Miss Davina MacCallum has been summoned to St. James’s Palace to meet with Mr. Haversham of the King’s household. She has come to plead for the return of her great-grandfather’s estate that had been taken by the Crown after he died. The King at that time promised her father that it would be returned. That King is now dead, and the current King promised her that he would address the matter. The King is inclined to think that the request might be a forgery unless Davina can produce proof. As she leaves St. James Palace, Eric Marshall, the Duke of Brentworth, arrives. His nickname is the most ducal duke. Eric has been summoned by the King, but is unsure why. When he sees Davina leaving, he recalls having met her recently and that she is a writer with an interest in medicine. Eric soon learns that the estate that she seeks is owned by him. The King does not want to let Davina have the land back and now he is trying to get Eric to marry her so the land stays with him. This story continues with twists and turns which, quite frankly did not draw me in at all. To think there was a King so greedy and completely out of touch was a real turnoff. I’m sorry, but this book is just not for me. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Hfowler 4 months ago
It was an enjoyable story. The passion was good, but a bit on the tame side, description wise, which was fine. Just go in not expecting a Donna Grant or Christine Feehan style with the passionate scenes. I enjoyed the characters and the concept, and the plot was steady and flowed well. I would have liked to see more emotional tension between the two main characters once they were married and Brentworth was sometimes too aloof, even when he declares his love. Overall, I liked it, but a bit on the tame side for my usual tastes. 
Robindpdx 4 months ago
I really enjoyed this well-written historical romance. Davina MacCallum is seeking to have an estate in Scotland that was unfairly taken from her family. The estate was given to the family of the Duke of Brentworth and the king asks him to find a solution. They are both very direct and unwilling to give up their position. They go on a trip together and get to know each other better. It was very entertaining to see their relationship develop and how things were worked out. I look forward to reading more books by this author and would recommend the author, as well as this book, to others.
JujubeeD 4 months ago
This overall series has been a delight. The heroes were perfectly flawed and the heroines not only are their perfect foils, but they had skills, talents, and refreshingly different backstories. Because of the first two books I was soooooo anticipating watching Brentworth unravel...I wanted to know all the secrets of this delicious Decadent Duke!!! But it was Davina who stole my reading heart. She just so wanted a place to belong! Her determination to find her ancestral birthright, her own self worth and future even, was tightly wrapped up in her quest to reclaim the MacCallum’s Scottish lands. And nothing, not even Brentworth, could distract her...even though this very "ducal duke" did his very best #swoon The man has moves, people. And determination. Lucky for him, Davina is so very pragmatic! While I would have wanted to know ALL of the Duke of Brentworth’s secrets, watching him fall deeply for Davina, finding her calm him, becoming a true confident, with his calculated pretense of aiding her endeavors to find proof that her grandfather and father were true Scots barons was sooooooo worth my reading time. Silly man...he didn't stand a chance! Not with a Madeline Hunter heroine ;) So many feelings tied up in this story *sigh* Not to be missed...that epic epilogue! It was a satisfying ending to this decadently sensual trilogy, to be sure. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Pompie1999 4 months ago
This wonderful wrap-up for the Decadent Dukes Society is delightfully different – not one of your standard tropes. The ‘Most Ducal Duke’ meets his match and it is a delight to watch. The book is well written and the characters are very relatable and likable. Eric Marshall, Duke of Brentworth has long been known as the most ducal of dukes. He’s always proper, dour, dutiful, and forbidding – as well as tall and handsome with gray eyes that “created a steely gaze that shot through all that it saw”. Brentworth received a rare summons to court and he had no idea why – especially since he and the king were not exactly friendly. What he hears is stunning and the king seems to expect him to deal with it without causing an uproar about it. Some Scottish chit has concocted a story and is trying to claim one of his estates. The charlatan! Soon it will be open season for ne’er-do-wells to just walk up and claim portions of estates. HUH! Davina MacCallum’s father, on his death bed, told her of what should be her legacy and she is adamantly bound-and-determined to claim that legacy. She wants it for herself, of course, because it is her birthright, but she also wants it to help the people in the region. According to her father, her grandfather had been sent away from his home (Teyhill) to keep him safe after the battle of Culloden. He was then raised in the Northumberland area of England and the estate was returned to the crown and then given to the Duke of Brentworth. The estate didn’t just come with property, it also came with a barony that could be inherited by the females as well as the males. Davina’s grandfather had spoken with the previous king who had promised to help him reclaim his land. Her grandfather sent the proof needed, but then the old king died and the proof has disappeared. Now, she is petitioning the current King and she feels she’s being stonewalled. She just has to find the proof of who her grandfather was. How? It was great fun to watch Davina and Eric go from enemies, to searching for proof, to finally finding their HEA. It was a delightful adventure with two very deserving characters. However, I think one of my favorite parts was the epilogue where we caught up with all three of the Decadent Dukes a few years later. We saw their families and their still loving relationships and it was a truly delightful addition to the story. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Noire 4 months ago
I received an ARC of this book to read through NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. Never Deny A Duke is the third book in Madeline Hunter’s The Decadent Dukes Society Trilogy. It can be read as a stand-alone but I enjoyed reading the first two so do recommend reading them. Davina MacCallum is trying to regain the land that her family lost after Cullodan when it was mistakenly thought that her grandfather had died. Eric Marshal, Duke of Brentworth is the current holder of the lands in question and he is not about to give them up. This is a delightful tale of enemies to lovers as the two set out together on a journey to Scotland to find the truth of who owns the lands. The slow burn as they discover that perhaps they have more in common than first thought will keep you up reading way past your bedtime. Medium Steam Publishing Date April 30, 2019 #KensingtonBooks #NetGalley #NeverDenyADuke #MadelineHunter #ZebraRomance
TulsaTwinmom 4 months ago
I thoroughly loved this book. I have always enjoyed Madeline Hunter’s writing, but I found this to be my absolute favorite. I love historical romance novels, but one common thread you usually find is the woman putting a road block on love because of some silly reason that’s only in her mind, with much back and forth. I appreciate that this novel doesn’t do that. It moves smoothly along and you really get to know the characters. I found myself reading long into the night as I didn’t want to put it down. The story keeps you engaged. Davina MacCallum is a woman of Scottish descent trying to prove to the King that she is the rightful heir to a property that was given away after the battle of Culloden. The King is sympathetic, but doesn’t want to take the property from the current owner, the Duke of Brentworth, without his agreement. Davina is determined to find the proof that the Scottish line did not die out at Culloden as was believed. Brentworth is just as determined to prove that it did, so they join forces to find the evidence. The fallout is a heartfelt, loving, sensual story that I really enjoyed.
Horsebranchjess 4 months ago
Never Deny a Duke begins a little slow and the story slows for a smooth sailing to a HEA. Davina wants her family's lands and title back. Her petition to the King never really progresses, so she comes to England, working as a tutor and further investigating her case. The Duke of Brentworth craves discretion and propriety and is somewhat captivated by Davina since she fails to fall at his feet. The inevitable butting of heads come when the Duke discovers its his lands she wants. Together, they investigate to prove or in the Duke's case disprove her claim. Now, I expected way more conflict but it was surprising mellow from here on out. They ride to Scotland and fall in lust before working on their ever after. Davina has potential to be a great heroine but I felt she sizzled out just a little bit with accepting all the sparkle of being Duchess and not really continuing her work as a healer. The HEA hits on her dreams of a hospital but Davina settles down to do naughty things with the Duke. This book suffers from no big conflicts, no major ups and downs, and just slowly makes its way to a HEA that I wanted more from. Still the book is a pleasant read on a quiet afternoon that won't rip the heartstrings. My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review copy from Netgalley.
Joana_Varela 4 months ago
I received an eARC at no cost from the author, in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. Thank you. 3.75* I’m going to be completely and utterly honest with you: I was a bit afraid to read this book. If you follow this amazing author on social media, you might know her husband, Warren, passed away on February 2018. I had the immense pleasure to meet this lovely couple in person (thank you again, Madeline, for visiting Lisbon!) and had dinner with them in an informal setting. And, of course it is a dream come true to meet one your favourite authors, but I would also like to mention how sweet and caring Warren was. And so, what do you do when your “best friend, [your] great love, and biggest supporter” (Madeline's Facebook Post passes away? I can only imagine how hard that must be, and how hard it must be to continue to write beautiful love stories. So, yes, I was a bit apprehensive to read Madeline’s new book, simply because I was afraid such an event could have changed the way she wrote/expressed those love stories. Thankfully, I didn’t need to be. Never Deny A Duke was a great book. It had the right amount of romance, a good plot line that introduced the characters and circumstances in a way that was easy to follow and to make us fall in love with such characters. Eric and Davina had different purposes in their lives, and at some point that collided. And here’s where the story starts, with a land dispute. And all could be solved (in a male point of view, of course) with a simple arranged marriage that would take care of everything. But Davina isn’t a fool, and Eric isn’t interested. And even when that interest changes for both of them, Davina’s pursuit of the truth doesn’t, which was the thing I most liked about her. Stories that mix Scots and English are always fun, simply because they may share a country, but they are, in their true essence, very different types of people. Our Scottish heroine Davina MacCallum, is fighting for what she believes to be her inheritance, and our British hero, Eric Marshall, the Duke of Brentworth, is fighting for what he believes to be rightfully his – even if it is something that has its own (dark) baggage. I loved how the couple looked together for the truth, in a forced proximity kind of scenario, and how that allowed them to understand each other better, and to develop and attraction, and later on a lasting, loving relationship. A great book that ticked almost all of the right boxes.
def618 4 months ago
Davina MacCallum answers a summons to St. James Palace regarding a legacy her father told her was theirs, but he is now deceased, and she is having a hard time finding someone to help her. She has a letter to her grandfather from a previous monarch to prove the land belongs to her family. Eric Marshall, Duke of Brentworth, is the owner of her land, though he was not aware someone was trying to reclaim it. He believes she’s a fraud and he’s not letting her have it. She believes he’s a cheat. One of his friends suggested he marry her and that did not go over well. As they both head to Scotland to look for evidence of ownership he becomes attracted to her. Davina’s father was a doctor and she wants the land for a hospital. As they get to know each other desire brings them together. There is so much more going on in this wonderful book, but I won’t spoil it. I highly recommend it.
rc1836 4 months ago
Well developed steamy historical romance Madeline Hunter’s Decadent Dukes Society end with Davina and Brentworth/Eric story in Never Deny A Duke, not quite enemies to lovers but they are definetly at odds st the beginning of the story. I loved how page by page their awareness of each other changes. The plot was entertaining and had some unique twists and turns. While the book works well as a stand alone story I enjoyed seeing how the couples from the previous books were up to. I’m sad to see this series end but look forward to reading Madeline Hunter’s next series. I received an advance reader copy via Netgalley.
Anonymous 4 months ago