Nelson's Bedtime Bible Stories: 150 Passages from the International Children's Bible

Nelson's Bedtime Bible Stories: 150 Passages from the International Children's Bible


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This economical mass-market book contains 150 of the best-loved Bible stories at a very small price.

With Nelson's Bedtime Bible Stories, children actually listen to and read a true Bible translation (the International Children's Bible), not a paraphrase or retelling of the Bible. And parents and Sunday school teachers will appreciate its condensed approach to the stories, which makes it easier to use with young children (and their short attention spans)!

Eye-catching spot line drawings add interest to this already interesting Bible storybook.

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ISBN-13: 9780718001049
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 03/15/2002
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 7.56(h) x 0.97(d)
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

Table of Contents

How Did the Bible Come to Us?xi
Old Testament Stories
1.The Story of Creation (From Genesis 1 and 2)1
2.Adam and Eve Disobey God (From Genesis 3)3
3.Cain and Abel (From Genesis 4)5
4.Noah and the Flood (From Genesis 6--9)7
5.The Tower of Babel (From Genesis 11)9
6.Abram Obeys God (From Genesis 11--13, 15)10
7.The Promise of a Son (From Genesis 17 and 18)13
8.Sodom and Gomorrah (From Genesis 18 and 19)15
9.God Makes a Promise to Ishmael (From Genesis 21)16
10.God Tests Abraham (From Genesis 22)18
11.A Wife for Isaac (From Genesis 24)20
12.Jacob Tricks Esau (From Genesis 25)22
13.Jacob Tricks Isaac (From Genesis 27 and 28)24
14.Jacob Finds a Wife (From Genesis 29)26
15.Jacob Wrestles with God (From Genesis 32 and 33)29
16.Joseph and His Brothers (From Genesis 35 and 37)31
17.Joseph Sold into Slavery (From Genesis 37)33
18.Joseph Thrown into Prison (From Genesis 39)35
19.Joseph Interprets the King's Dream (From Genesis 41)37
20.The Dreams Come True (From Genesis 41, 42, 45, and 46)39
21.Trouble for the People of Israel (From Exodus 1)41
22.Baby in a Basket (From Exodus 2)44
23.The Burning Bush (From Exodus 2 and 3)45
24."Let My People Go!" (From Exodus 7 and 12)47
25.Walls of Water (From Exodus 14)50
26.Bread from Heaven (From Exodus 16)53
27.God's Commands and the People's Sin (From Exodus 19, 20, 31, and 32)55
28.Moses' Face Was Shining (From Exodus 34)58
29.Twelve Spies (From Numbers 13 and 14)60
30.The Bronze Snake (From Numbers 21 and 22)62
31.Balaam's Donkey (From Numbers 22 and 23)64
32.Joshua Becomes the Leader of God's People (From Deuteronomy 34 and Joshua 1)66
33.Rahab Hides the Spies (From Joshua 2)68
34.The People of Israel Cross the Jordan River (From Joshua 3 and 4)70
35.The Fall of Jericho (From Joshua 6)72
36.The Longest Day (From Joshua 10)74
37.We Will Serve the Lord! (From Joshua 24)76
38.Deborah and Barak (From Judges 2 and 4)78
39.God Calls Gideon (From Judges 6)81
40.Gideon Puts a Fleece Before the Lord (From Judges 6 and 7)83
41.Samson and Delilah (From Judges 16)85
42.Ruth and Naomi (From Ruth 1)87
43.Ruth and Boaz (From Ruth 2 and 4)89
44.Hannah Prays for a Child (From 1 Samuel 1)91
45.God Calls Samuel (From 1 Samuel 2, 3, and 8)93
46.Samuel Appoints a King (From 1 Samuel 10, 13, 15, and 16)96
47.David and Goliath (From 1 Samuel 17)98
48.Saul Gros Angry (From 1 Samuel 18, 19, and 24)100
49.David Becomes King (From 1 Samuel 31 and 2 Samuel 1 and 2)102
50.David Wants to Build a Temple for God (From 2 Samuel 7)104
51.David and Mephibosheth (From 2 Samuel 9)106
52.Solomon Becomes King (From 1 Kings 2 and 3)108
53.Solomon Builds the Temple (From 1 Kings 6)110
54.The Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon (From 1 Kings 10)112
55.Elijah Fed by Ravens (From 1 Kings 16 and 17)114
56.Elijah and the Prophets of Baal (From 1 Kings 18)117
57.Chariots of Fire (From 2 Kings 2)120
58.A Room for Elisha (From 2 Kings 4)122
59.Naaman's Skin Disease (From 2 Kings 5)124
60.Horses and Chariots of Fire (From 2 Kings 6)126
61.Hezekiah Prays for God's Help (From 2 Kings 19 and 20)128
62.The Boy King Joash Repairs the Temple (From 2 Chronicles 24)131
63.Josiah Becomes King (From 2 Chronicles 34 and 35)133
64.The Fall of Jerusalem (From 2 Chronicles 36)135
65.Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls (From Nehemiah 1 and 2)137
66.Esther Becomes Queen (From Esther 1 and 2)139
67.Haman Plots Against Mordecai (From Esther 3-5)142
68.Esther Saves Her People (From Esther 5 and 7)144
69.Psalms to Live By (From Psalms 23 and 119)146
70.The Wise Words of Solomon (From Proverbs 1 and 3)148
71.A Child Will Be Born (From Isaiah 9 and 11)150
72.God Chooses Jeremiah (From Jeremiah 1)153
73.The Prophet's Scroll (From Jeremiah 36)155
74.Jeremiah Is Rescued (From Jeremiah 37 and 38)157
75.God Speaks to Ezekiel (From Ezekiel 1-3)159
76.Daniel Is Taken to Babylon (From Daniel 1)161
77.The Blazing Furnace (From Daniel 3)163
78.Writing on the Wall (From Daniel 5 and 6)166
79.Daniel and the Lions' Den (From Daniel 6)168
80.Jonah Runs from God (From Jonah 1 and 2)170
81.Jonah Obeys God (From Jonah 3 and 4)172
New Testament
About the Gospels--the Stories of Jesus' Life and Work177
82.Wise Men from the East (From Matthew 1 and 2)181
83.The Angel of the Lord Protects Young Jesus (From Matthew 2)183
84.Jesus in the Wilderness and Then on to Galilee (From Matthew 4)184
85.The Sermon on the Mount (From Matthew 5)186
86.Jesus Teaches the People (From Matthew 6 and 7)188
87.Jesus Chooses Matthew and Heals More People (From Matthew 9)190
88.Jesus Tells Stories (From Matthew 13)192
89.Jesus Feeds More Than 5,000 People and Walks on Water (From Matthew 14)194
90.Jesus Is the Promised One (From Matthew 16 and 17)197
91.Jesus Rides into Jerusalem on a Donkey (From Matthew 21)199
92.The Plan to Kill Jesus (From Matthew 26)200
93.Peter Denies Jesus (From Matthew 26)202
94.Jesus Is Tried and Crucified (From Matthew 27)204
95.Jesus Rises from the Tomb (From Matthew 27 and 28)206
96.Jesus Heals the Sick (From Mark 1 and 2)208
97.Healing and Teaching on the Sabbath (From Mark 2-4)210
98.A Storm and Evil Spirits Are No Match for Jesus (From Mark 4 and 5)213
99.Jesus Teaches About Entering the Kingdom of God (From Mark 10)215
100.A Woman Pours Oil on Jesus' Head (From Mark 14)216
101.The Last Supper (From Mark 14)217
102.Jesus' Followers Run Away (From Mark 14)219
103.God Promises a Son for Zechariah and Elizabeth (From Luke 1)221
104.An Angel Visits Mary (From Luke 1)223
105.Jesus Is Born (From Luke 2)225
106.Simeon and Anna Welcome the Lord Jesus (From Luke 2)228
107.Jesus Visits the Temple with His Parents (From Luke 2)229
108.John Baptizes the Son of God (From Luke 3)231
109.A Woman Washes Jesus' Feet (From Luke 7)232
110.The Good Samaritan (From Luke 10)234
111.Jesus Heals on the Sabbath and Teaches with Stories (From Luke 13-15)236
112.A Son Comes Home (From Luke 15)238
113.Jesus Helps a Blind Man and Zacchaeus (From Luke 18 and 19)240
114.The Road to Emmaus (From Luke 24)241
115.Jesus Goes Back to Heaven (From Luke 24)243
116.Jesus Is the Light of the World (From John 1)245
117.Jesus Chooses Some Followers (From John 1)247
118.The Wedding at Cana (From John 2)249
119.Jesus Cleanses the Temple in Jerusalem (From John 2)250
120.Nicodemus Visits Jesus (From John 3)252
121.The Woman at the Well (From John 4)254
122.Jesus Heals an Officer's Son and a Lame Man (From John 4 and 5)256
123.Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind (From John 9)258
124.Lazarus, Come Out! (From John 11)260
125.The Leaders Plan to Kill Jesus (From John 11 and 12)262
126.Jesus Washes His Followers' Feet (From John 13)265
127.Jesus Is Arrested (From John 18 and 19)267
128.Jesus on the Cross (From John 19)269
129.The Empty Tomb (From John 19 and 20)271
130.Jesus Appears to His Followers (From John 20 and 21)274
131.Jesus' Followers Wait Together (From Acts 1)276
132.The Coming of the Holy Spirit (From Acts 2)278
133.Peter Heals a Crippled Man (From Acts 3 and 4)280
134.Peter and John Talk to the Jewish Leaders (From Acts 4)283
135.Ananias and Sapphira Lie to God (From Acts 4 and 5)285
136.Peter and the Apostles Obey God (From Acts 5)287
137.Stephen Is Arrested (From Acts 6 and 7)289
138.Philip Teaches the Ethiopian Officer (From Acts 8)291
139.Saul Meets Jesus on the Road to Damascus (From Acts 9)294
140.Peter Teaches Cornelius (From Acts 10)296
141.Peter's Chains Fall Off (From Acts 12)298
142.Paul and Barnabas Tell the Good News (From Acts 13-15)301
143.Paul and Silas in Jail (From Acts 16)303
144.Paul Goes to Jerusalem (From Acts 21)305
145.Paul Is Arrested in Jerusalem (From Acts 21 and 22)307
146.The Plot Against Paul (From Acts 23 and 24)309
147.Paul Is Shipwrecked (From Acts 25, 27, and 28)311
148.Paul in Rome (From Acts 28)313
149.John on the Island of Patmos (From Revelation 1 and 7)315
150.The King of Kings (From Revelation 19, 21, and 22)317
My Bedtime Prayer320

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