National Electrical Code Study Guide for Electrical Engineers and Technologists

National Electrical Code Study Guide for Electrical Engineers and Technologists

by Stephen Philip Tubbs


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This book familiarizes electrical engineers and technologists with the NEC (National Electrical Code) 2014 edition. It is to be used with a print or electronic copy of the NEC.

The NEC is the most important U.S. electrical standard for electrical construction. It has been adopted in all 50 U.S. states. It is even used as a guide on electrical systems that it was not designed for, such as those on ships and railroad rolling stock.

The NEC is primarily studied and used by electricians. They must pass exams on it. Electrical engineers and electrical engineering technologists often receive a more theoretical electrical education and begin their careers with no knowledge of the NEC. This book quickly introduces the NEC to academically trained electrical engineers and technologists.

The instruction method is the posing and answering of example electrical design questions that would benefit by reference to the NEC 2014. Through searching for solutions in the NEC, the learner becomes familiar with it.

Different series of questions are posed for each of the major chapters of the NEC 2014. The learner should attempt each question using his knowledge and his copy of the NEC 2014. Afterward, the learner's answers should be compared to those given in this book.

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