Mythical Kings and Iguanas/Reflections in a Mud Puddle

Mythical Kings and Iguanas/Reflections in a Mud Puddle

by Dory Previn


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You might have expected that British label BGO, in reissuing Dory Previn's early-'70s albums as two-fers, would pair her debut album, On My Way to Where, with her second, Mythical Kings & Iguanas, and her third, Reflections in a Mud Puddle/Taps Tremors & Time Steps, with her fourth, Mary C. Brown & the Hollywood Sign. But On My Way to Where wasn't released in England until after the others, and BGO bloody-mindedly decided to follow the British release schedule, first releasing a two-fer of Mary C. Brown & the Hollywood Sign with On My Way to Where, then following with this disc containing Mythical Kings & Iguanas and Reflections in a Mud Puddle (the second part of the album's title is not listed on this release). While it would have made more sense to do it in the correct order, matching these two albums which followed each other and were both released in 1971, is less jarring than the other pairing. Mythical Kings & Iguanas is Previn's most consistent and accessible album, one on which the confessional tone of On My Way to Where is more tempered by craft. Like Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell, the singer is concerned with intimate relations on such songs as "Yada Yada La Scala," "The Lady with the Braid," "Angels and Devils the Following Day," and "Lemon Haired Ladies," adopting the persona of a needy older woman contending with a young, heedless companion. But she also finds space for "Mary C. Brown & the Hollywood Sign," a commentary on her adopted hometown, and "Stone for Bessie Smith," which reflects on the then-recent death of Janis Joplin. Reflections in a Mud Puddle/Taps Tremors & Time Steps, as its double title implies, is really two mini-albums (occupying either side of the original LP). Reflections contains more discursive and less personal songs than those found on Mythical Kings, but the intensely personal, 13-minute, five-song medley of Taps Tremors & Time Steps, (subtitled "One Last Dance for My Father"), is an account of the singer's learning of her father's death, which sets off a series of childhood memories. It is as idiosyncratic as it is compelling, but probably the least conventional part of Previn's recorded work, which means it makes for an odd ending to a CD that began with the more easily engaging material on Mythical Kings.

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Release Date: 01/28/1998
Label: Bgo - Beat Goes On
UPC: 5017261203830
catalogNumber: 383
Rank: 56876

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Dory Previn   Primary Artist
Conte Candoli   Trumpet
Frank Capp   Drums
Herbie Harper   Trombone
Grover Mitchell   Trombone
Paul Humphrey   Drums
Abe Most   Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Lyle Ritz   Bass
Louie Shelton   Banjo,Electric Guitar
Denny Brooks   Vocals
Murray Adler   Strings
Israel Baker   Strings
John Bahler   Background Vocals
Tom Bahler   Background Vocals
Harry Bluestone   Strings
Perry Botkin   Piano
Oscar Brashear   Trumpet
Dennis Budimir   Guitar
Gene Cipriano   Saxophone
Rollice Dale   Strings
B.G. Davies   Vocals
Brian Davies   Acoustic Guitar
Jesse Ehrlich   Strings
Stan Farber   Background Vocals
Henry Ferber   Strings
James Getzoff   Strings
Paul Hubinon   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Harry Hyams   Strings
Armand Karpoff   Strings
Nathan Kaproff   Strings
Carol Kaye   Bass
Lou Klass   Strings
Larry Knechtel   fender rhodes
Bernard Kundell   Strings
William Kurash   Strings
Michael Lang   Piano
D. Veronica Langdon   Vocals
Joy Lyle   Strings
Clark Maffitt   Acoustic Guitar
Floyd C. Maffitt   Vocals
Michael McGinnis   Vocals
Buck Monari   Trumpet
Peter Morse   Vocals
Dick Nash   Trombone
Gareth "Garry" Nuttycombe   Strings
Earl Palmer   Drums
Donald Peake   Guitar
Gale Robinson   French Horn
Ralph Schaeffer   Strings
Jack Shulman   Strings
Paul Shure   Strings
Joseph Stephansky   Strings
Tommy Tedesco   Guitar
Ron Tutt   Drums
West Venet   Vocals
Gerald Vinci   Violin
Hamilton Wesley Watt   Electric Guitar
Michael Wimberly   Trombone
Tibor Zelig   Strings
Joseph DiFiore   Strings
Dick Hyde   Trombone
Anthony Terran   Trumpet
Marilyn L. Johnson   French Horn
David Bennett Cohen   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Sidney Sharp   Violin,Concert Master
Ted Nash   Saxophone
A.P. Brisbois   Trumpet
Joe Osborn   Bass,Electric Bass

Technical Credits

James E. Bond   String Arrangements
Buck Herring   Engineer
Bob Hughes   Engineer
Phil (Boogie) Schier   Engineer
Ilyllianne Douma   Engineer
Dan Morehouse   Contributor

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Mythical Kings and Iguanas/Reflections in a Mud Puddle 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I first purchased "Mythical Kings and Iguanas" in 1971 when it was first issued on the MediArts label. The only thing I knew about Dory, was that she was, or had been married to Andre Previn, and that she had written the lyrics to "Valley of the Dolls". With that, and the fact that I liked the look of the cover of the album, I purchased it! I never, in all my life, was more fascinated with an album than this one. And as of today, it remains probably, my favorite album of all time. She is a master story teller, with bruding, dark , haunting lyrics. Her images are so intense, you can not only visualize them, you can smell and taste them. Her statement on basic human conditions and emotions border on neurotic (I love writers like that), and yet you empathize with her. All tracks are amazing, but "Her Mothers Daughter", in my opinion is the stand out. It will send chills down your spin, it is so hauting and scary. Dory is probably the most prolific female songwriter of the '60's and '70's, and yet not widly recognized at all.
I was so wild about this album, I forced all my friends th hear it, they went out and purchased it, also. I went through 4 copies of this album, and my last copy is badly used. I think I was the only person, along with my friends, who actual bought his on vinyl way back when.
To hear it on CD is a joy, no cracks, scratches, and most of all,the quality is remarkable. The original master was terrible, so the original pressings sounded "cloudy". The CD format, I hear instruments, and vocal backings I never heard on vinyl.
If you love female songwriters, and you love to feel suicidal after listening to an artist---BUY THIS, it will put you off the deep edge!