My Political Struggle

My Political Struggle

by M. Asghar Khan




This volume is based on extracts from the diaries of Air Marshal (Retired) M. Asghar Khan and Tehrik-i-Istiqlal's record of events from December 19 1971 to January 12 1975. The events, experiences and reflections of the author provide a full picture of his political journey and his perception of the events that have contributed to the crises being faced by Pakistan today.

M. Asghar Khan has been one of Pakistan's leading political figures over the last forty years and has made his mark as a man of integrity and standing in political circles. He formed his own political party, the Tehrik-i-Istiqlal, in 1972 and continued to oppose dictatorial and autocratic rule through the difficult years of Ayub Khan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and Ziaul Haq.

This book serves to outline his efforts to propel Pakistan towards democracy, and completes the picture of his life in politics presented in his earlier work We've Learnt Nothing from History, published in 2005. He ends the book on a note of hope that Pakistan has a bright future and it is incumbent on all citizens to continue to work for peace and harmony, root out corruption, and differentiate between right and wrong.

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M. Asghar Khan was born in Jammu, Kashmir in 1921, and was educated at the Prince of Wales's Royal Indian Military College Dehra Dun. He joined the Indian Military in 1939 and was commissioned in the "Royal Deccan Horse" in 1940. On Partition he was posted as Commandant of the RPAF Flying Training School, now the PAF College, Risalpur. He commanded the Pakistan Air Force from 1957-1965 and was its first Pakistani Commander-in-Chief and was President of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) from 1965 to 1968. The author entered the political arena in 1968, and led a movement for the restoration of democracy in Pakistan. He renounced the awards of Hilal-i-Pakistan and Hilal-i-Quaid-i-Azam in January 1969 as a mark of protest against the government's policy of suppression. M. Asghar Khan formed his own political party, the Tehrik-i-Istiqlal, in 1972. He was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan in the General Elections held in 1977. He stepped down as President of Tehrik-i-Istiqlal in December 1995. M. Asghar Khan is the author of a number of books: Pakistan at the Cross Roads; Generals in Politics; Islam, Politics and the State-The Pakistan Experience, and We've Learnt Nothing from History.

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