My Dear Hamilton: A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

My Dear Hamilton: A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

by Stephanie Dray, Laura Kamoie


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“Not since I read Erik Larson’s Dead Wake have I had such an edge-of-my-seat immersion into historical events. . . . No study of Alexander Hamilton would be complete without reading this book.”—Karen White, New York Times bestselling author

From the New York Times bestselling authors of America’s First Daughter comes the epic story of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton—a revolutionary woman who, like her new nation, struggled to define herself in the wake of war, betrayal, and tragedy. In this haunting, moving, and beautifully written novel, Dray and Kamoie used thousands of letters and original sources to tell Eliza’s story as it’s never been told before—not just as the wronged wife at the center of a political sex scandal—but also as a founding mother who shaped an American legacy in her own right.

A general’s daughter…

Coming of age on the perilous frontier of revolutionary New York, Elizabeth Schuyler champions the fight for independence. And when she meets Alexander Hamilton, Washington’s penniless but passionate aide-de-camp, she’s captivated by the young officer’s charisma and brilliance. They fall in love, despite Hamilton’s bastard birth and the uncertainties of war.

A founding father’s wife...

But the union they create—in their marriage and the new nation—is far from perfect. From glittering inaugural balls to bloody street riots, the Hamiltons are at the center of it all—including the political treachery of America’s first sex scandal, which forces Eliza to struggle through heartbreak and betrayal to find forgiveness.

The last surviving light of the Revolution…

When a duel destroys Eliza’s hard-won peace, the grieving widow fights her husband’s enemies to preserve Alexander’s legacy. But long-buried secrets threaten everything Eliza believes about her marriage and her own legacy. Questioning her tireless devotion to the man and country that have broken her heart, she’s left with one last battle—to understand the flawed man she married and imperfect union he could never have created without her…


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ISBN-13: 9780062466167
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/03/2018
Pages: 672
Sales rank: 13,344
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About the Author

Stephanie Dray is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author of historical women’s fiction. Her award-winning work has been translated into eight languages and tops lists for the most anticipated reads of the year. Before she became a novelist, she was a lawyer and a teacher. Now she lives near the nation’s capital with her husband, cats, and history books.

Laura Kamoie is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of historical fiction. She holds a doctoral degree in early American history from The College of William and Mary, published two non-fiction books on early America, and most recently held the position of Associate Professor of History at the U.S. Naval Academy before transitioning to a full-time career writing fiction. Laura lives among the colonial charm of Annapolis, Maryland, with her husband and two daughters.

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My Dear Hamilton: A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
"If Alexander had lived, he'd have never let that stand. He'd have challenged Monroe just as he challenged me, and everyone else, every day of his life. And I am a better person for it. I live in a better world because of Alexander Hamilton. And so do we all." (Eliza Hamilton in My Dear Hamilton) OMG, people, this book. As a history nerd and former junior high social studies teacher, I've always been a bit of an Alexander Hamilton fan, even when I didn't agree 100% with every single choice he made in his personal(! Dude! What were you thinking???) or professional life. I vaguely remembered reading some about his wife in one of Cokie Roberts' books (Ladies of Liberty: The Women Who Shaped Our Nation), but it was ages ago and I don't remember a whole lot. Seriously, how is it possible that no one has written an actual biography of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton? I've had Chernow's book on my mental TBR's "when I've got a good chunk of time" shelf for some time--surely I'll manage it before seeing the musical next year, yes?--but of course Mr. Hamilton will be the focus of that work, not his wife. When I saw that Ms. Dray and Ms. Kamoie were writing a biographical historical fiction version of her life? I was beyond excited. I'd loved America's First Daughter, after all (even if I can never think of Thomas Jefferson in quite the same way again) and knew they'd do an equally amazing job telling Eliza's story. They did not disappoint! Though the story had me captivated from start to finish, the author notes at the end were equally engrossing. Separating fact from fiction and hearing their reasoning behind the choices they made when fictionalizing Eliza's life was absolutely fascinating. The Telling Her Story: How My Dear Hamilton Differs from Hamilton: An American Musical section was just as fascinating, and I completely blame these two authors if just hearing the words "I'm not throwing away my shot" makes me burst into tears from this point on. (I may also spend much of my time at the musical performance next year glaring at the actress who plays Angelica. Don't judge.) I really can't recommend this book enough. If you love American history (but perhaps wonder where the women are in the history books...?) read this. If you're an Alexander Hamilton fan--whether you already have/are going to/want to see/or have never heard of (if that's the case, where the heck have you been?) the musical version of his life, read this. If you love books about strong but flawed heroines, read this. Heck, just read this book. You won't be sorry. Since I now have an audio, print, and ebook copy, you'd better believe this book has now been shifted to my "I'm going to read this again, and again, and again..." shelf. I'll try to resist the urge to read it again right now somehow. To distract myself, a re-read of Ladies of Liberty: The Women Who Shaped Our Nation is most definitely in order...and maybe Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation too, while I'm at it...maybe it's even time to seriously consider picking up Chernow's book...? However, I'll probably never be a Thomas Jefferson fan again...just sayin'. This novel did not at all improve my opinion of him... Rating: 5 stars / A
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
I love a good historical fiction book. Laura Kamoie and Stephanie Dray are two of the very best authors in this genre. The story of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton is a history lesson starting at the very start of the United States. George Washington is leading the army, the United States is 13 colonies, and Alexander Hamilton is making his mark in history. The great part is that Eliza Hamilton is the strength behind her husband. She supports, love, and encourages him to help this country but she also makes her own mark in the world. Eliza shows her own strength, her own strong will, and her own way towards making things happen in both her personal life and the political world. While I know this is fiction, there is so much rich history shared about the Hamilton’s, the Monroe’s, the Washington’s, and the rest of the founding fathers. I love that this focused on the women of these families. It is no secret that strong men are known to have strong women supporting them. Eliza’s story was sad and humbling. I found it interesting that she was able to tell her husband’s story from her perspective. She took her family story and made it a history lesson that was never taught in any classroom. She told how life was during the Revolutionary War, how life was growing up in a time when women didn’t have rights, and how life was with a man who was hated by many and loved by few but respected by most. I highly recommend My Dear Hamilton. It is a 5+ star book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this thoroughly researched yet thoroughly readable novel of the extraordinary Eliza Hamilton. I learned so much and was so moved. I didn’t want it to en and I will miss her. It also gave me the opportunity to learn more about a fascinating time in American history from one of our Founding Mothers. Recognition of their contributions is long over due.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
hxbuff101 More than 1 year ago
My Dear Hamilton is a well-researched and dramatic retelling of the story of Eliza Hamilton, wife of Alexander Hamilton. This book is perfect for Hamilton the Musical fans, admirers of Founding Mothers of the United States, and historians of American History. This novel tells Eliza's story in her words and from her perspective. Eliza grows up as a young woman in the heart of the American Revolution and becomes one of the greatest matriarchs of the Early Republic. She learns from her husband and those around her to stand up for herself and her strong beliefs. But being the wife of Alexander Hamilton is not always easy, especially since he left behind many unanswered questions after his tragic duel with Aaron Burr that the novel does not shy away from. There are many engaging, dramatic, uplifting, and some surprising scenes. This novel is strongly tied to the historical record and based on historical evidence, so the novel is very historically accurate. If you are looking to learn more about Eliza Hamilton and all of her remarkable accomplishments, read this novel!
hxbuff101 More than 1 year ago
My Dear Hamilton is a well-researched and dramatic retelling of the story of Eliza Hamilton, wife of Alexander Hamilton. This book is perfect for Hamilton the Musical fans, admirers of Founding Mothers of the United States, and historians of American History. This novel tells Eliza's story in her words and from her perspective. Eliza grows up as a young woman in the heart of the American Revolution and becomes one of the greatest matriarchs of the Early Republic. She learns from her husband and those around her to stand up for herself and her strong beliefs. But being the wife of Alexander Hamilton is not always easy, especially since he left behind many unanswered questions after his tragic duel with Aaron Burr that the novel does not shy away from. There are many engaging, dramatic, uplifting, and some surprising scenes. This novel is strongly tied to the historical record and based on historical evidence, so the novel is very historically accurate. If you are looking to learn more about Eliza Hamilton and all of her remarkable accomplishments, read this novel!
Stardust_Fiddle More than 1 year ago
Despite its daunting size and biographical topic, this book reads quickly. I found it riveting and very difficult to put down. It is a work of fiction, but with a true historical backbone. Eliza Schuyler Hamilton was certainly a formidable character in her own right, and what she accomplished and the reach of her influence is remarkable for anyone, even more so for a woman during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This part of her history is tempered by the heartache and trials that she suffered. The note from the authors at the end nicely explains the true aspects of Eliza's life and how they expounded upon elements of her story in crafting their novel. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys history, women's fiction and nonfiction, and an overall excellent read!
Emily Cochran More than 1 year ago
Such a great read! I fell in love with the characters and could not put it down. I am an avid reader and this is one of my favorite books. Highly recommend to anyone, especially if you like historical fiction.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book so much! Fans of Hamilton will love this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Reflects the authors' abilities to depict each character as real human beings, painting haunting details about historical figures who at times were brilliant and other times showed the many flaws that reflect the human experience. Deeply engaging and mesmerizing novel!
MADreaderMD More than 1 year ago
This was such a great book that told the story of not only Alexander Hamilton, but the beginning and rise of America through some very perilous times. Since this is Eliza Hamilton's story, we get to see the historical events and Eliza and Alexander's lives through her eyes. It was so fascinating that she was present and likely had a hand in many events of the Revolution and the founding of the country, even before she met Alexander. While tragedy and heartbreak struck her family many times, Eliza was able to keep contributing to her community and to the country long after Alexander was gone. I loved how the authors wove the story together. There are many parallels between Eliza and Alexander's marriage and family, the development of American government, and the political situation in America today. Everything is so interconnected in a way that is entertaining as a fictional story, yet fascinating with historical detail. The writing is superb, and I was eager to see what happened next all the way through the book. The Hamiltons did not lead a boring life!
donnam911 More than 1 year ago
Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Monroe, Madison, Hamilton … the “Founding Fathers”. Everyone knows them. But what of the women behind them; what of the “Founding Mothers”? They are the women who were alongside the men yet remain in the shadows of time and history. Elizabeth ‘Eliza’ Schuyler Hamilton is one of these women. Yes, she is the wife of Alexander Hamilton and the daughter of General Phillip Schuyler but, more importantly, she is also one of the women who helped set the foundation for America. Her story deserves attention that is long overdue. Growing up in the wilds near Albany with her father a general in the army fighting in the American Revolution, Eliza has experiences that are very uncommon. Being the middle daughter, she is, more often than not, overlooked and forgotten about. Realizing this can sometimes be an attribute, she sees and hears more than most young ladies of the time. Her father’s rank and involvement in the war introduce her to the inner workings of the fledgling country and its fight for independence. Being married to the man working to establish our government in virtually every aspect – money, law, economics – Eliza was right there along with her husband writing the documents that would go on to establish the United States as we know it today. Her words. Her handwriting. Her husband’s name. Now her name is there as well, her role is more widely known. Will she more likely be known as the wife of the man shot my Aaron Burr? Probably. But I’m glad to know there is a book like ‘My Dear Hamilton’ that can tell her story so we can know more about the role that she played in establishing the government of America. SD & LK have again given new life a woman whose importance to this country isn’t so widely known. Their first book together, America’s First Daughter, is the story of Martha Jefferson Randolph and her role as Thomas Jefferson’s daughter. For me, My Dear Hamilton, is another outstanding book and one I cannot recommend highly enough. We see Eliza through her good times and her many struggles. She repeatedly works to understand who she is and who her husband was long after his death. To be on the front lines of a country being born to knowing personally at least twelve of the first sixteen presidents, and was present with Congressman Abraham Lincoln at the dedication of Washington’s monument, she was an extraordinary woman that should not be forgotten. I eagerly awaited this book’s release and tried so hard to take my time reading it (9 days by my count). I would go back and reread sections so I could more fully process every detail. I easily became engrossed in Eliza and her life. Yes, there is some fiction but there is also a great amount of truth as you will find out by reading the author’s notes. There is no shortage of research & time that went into writing this book. It’s not to be missed. Truly.
Hershey07 More than 1 year ago
My Dear Hamilton was an absolutely stunning and mesmerizing book from start to finish. I have read countless books and articles about our Founding Fathers, but I haven’t read much about their wives. I have to say Eliza completely enchanted me. “Though the natural weakness of her body hinders her from doing what only the strength of men can perform, she has a mind as valiant and as active for the good of her country as the best of us.” ~Plutarch This statement at the very beginning of the book completely sums up who exactly Eliza Hamilton was to me. She was a woman way ahead of her time. She was strong and intelligent, and I was glad to see her father saw that in her. All of her strength was needed in her marriage to Alexander Hamilton. She was left a widow, but she was also left with a scandal involving her marriage, and she would have to draw upon that strength to survive it. Whereas most women could move forward after losing her husband, Eliza couldn’t. She was surrounded by him everywhere, from using money (he established the mint) to walking passed a newsboy selling the paper that Hamilton founded. Can you imagine having to live under that kind of shadow? She worked so incredibly hard to forge her own identity, but she was left with more questions than answers about their marriage and the scandal that tainted it. As she so aptly put it, she was a veteran in the “war for truth in the battle for history.” It was amazing seeing things through her eyes. She was deeply involved with the Revolutionary War. Her father was a general who some suspected of treason. She tended wounded warriors; she sat down to dinner with Benedict Arnold; she traveled with her father to battle camps; and she became life-long friends with General Layfayette. She saw great changes in the young nation as she lived to be 97 years old. I cannot imagine what her innermost thoughts were. One of my favorite parts of the book was the end with the extra things shared by the authors at the end, like the rumors and stories they didn’t include in the book, Eliza’s friendship with Dolly Madison, and things that she accomplished outside of the shadow of her husband, like raising money for the Washington National Monument and her Orphan Asylum. In addition, the writers included the differences between their book and the Broadway play. As much as this was a book about her marriage, this was a book about an amazing woman whom accomplished great things for our country! ****Read and Reviewed for Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews***
PegGlover More than 1 year ago
My Dear Hamilton is a compelling and magnificently crafted historical fiction novel. It’s the second one that I’ve read by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie. And, just like the first book, I devoured it. My Dear Hamilton is a five-star, beautifully written and well-researched read. Although I don’t normally read political books, these two, The First American Daughter, and My Dear Hamilton had me captivated until the very last page. Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie brought the founding fathers, and Eliza Schuyler Hamilton alive for me. My knowledge of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton’s accomplishments, before reading My Dear Hamilton was limited, but now, after finishing the book, Eliza has my complete admiration. She was strong, elegant, and independent. Eliza Hamilton carried herself with grace, even in the face of humiliation, multiple betrayals, and several devastating losses. Mrs. Hamilton’s loyalty to her country and her husband was nothing short of extraordinary. Eliza tells her husband’s story, his greatness, his flaws and his crushing secrets. Although this book is a historical fiction novel, it reads like a biography. I know I’ll be rereading it, while anxiously waiting for the next book crafted by these talented writers. Highly recommended. Thank you, William Morrow Publishing and Edelweiss, for my advanced review copy. I loved it!
Cupcakegirly More than 1 year ago
Being the huge Hamilfan that I am, I was chomping at the bit to read this book. At over 600 pages, it's a hefty read, but also a well-written, expertly researched, and completely engrossing one. It's the perfect blend of history and imagination; I felt as if I was walking in Eliza's shoes. My Dear Hamilton is historical fiction at it's best! If you‘re a fan of Historical Fiction, then you need to read this book. If you‘re a fan of Hamilton: An American Musical, then you need to read this book. If you’re a fan of women whose strength lies in their ability to love fiercely, forgive completely, and work tirelessly to help others, then you need to read this book. My Dear Hamilton makes for a great Book Club read! Read it
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
My Dear Hamilton is a poignant and powerful tale that gives us a glimpse into the life of one the worlds most notable women in our nations history. From the very first page of this telling story you will be pulled into this woman's world and have the opportunity to not only see the world through her eyes, but also get a tangible feel for it too. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton has never really been given the opportunity to shine in our history books, almost always taking a backseat to her famous husband, but that all changes with this book... she shines brightly! It follows her through the many stages of her life, the struggles she faced after her husband's transgressions, and how she fought hard to overcome it all... and it was downright inspiring!! I am somewhat of a newbie to the historical fiction genre, having tried it in the past and deciding it wasn't my cup of tea, but I have to say not only am I overjoyed that I decided to take a second chance on it, despite that fact, but that this one may just have swayed my opinion in a BIG way. After this impressive and delightful re-introduction, I think it is safe to say that I will be making time to read more from these two very talented ladies. I highly recommend you get your hands on this book, it is a beautifully crafted tale that should not be missed! I requested an advanced copy of this title from Edelweiss, and voluntarily read and reviewed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Greatly enjoyed the story and the author’s writing style!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel of a woman’s challenge and growth. I thank you for writing it and letting us see what a woman from that era had to do.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed following Eliza through her life in the NY wilderness to NYC where all of the excitement was happening of a new nation.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago