Musica Nova: Harmonie des Nations, 1500-1700

Musica Nova: Harmonie des Nations, 1500-1700

by Jordi Savall

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Every era has something that it calls its new music, but the musica nova of the later Renaissance era is difficult to put a finger on. This release by Jordi Savall and his ensemble Hespèrion XXI unravels the meaning of the term with an attractive collection of instrumental music. The album doesn't have the vast sweep of some of Savall's recent releases, and the booklet weighs in at a slender (for Savall) 150 pages. Yet for those interested in the stylistic decisions Renaissance composers faced, it is, as usual with Savall, invaluable. If you had to sum up the musica nova concept in a single phrase, it might be "the emergence of independent instrumental music." The viol family, borrowed from the old Arab storehouse of musical knowledge of the ancient world, was placed in service first of the imitation of vocal music and then of independent instrumental genres like the ricercar, the ancestor of the fugue. The ricercar is represented here by a fine example from a published collection actually called Musica Nova, the "Ricercare SIV Da Pacem" of Hieronimus Parabasco. The other major impulse behind the musica nova was dance music, often coming from multicultural places like Spain. Each of these features was inflected through various national influences, producing the distinctive English melancholy of the viol consort, radical new Spanish forms of polyphony and music shaped by the most current dances, and the polyphonic genres in Italy that led to the Baroque. You don't get a comprehensive survey in one CD, of course, but Savall and his fellow viol players, lutenists, guitarists, and percussionists give you a pretty good idea and bring their usual flair and beauty to the music. A fine survey of works that have hardly been represented on recordings. ~ James Manheim

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Release Date: 04/27/2018
Label: Alia Vox Spain
UPC: 8435408099264
catalogNumber: 9926


  1. Corrente Italiana
  2. Consonâncias de 1st Tom, for organ
  3. Obra de tono 1 de registro de mano izquierda, for organ
  4. Concert pour quatre parties des violes, for strings, H. 545
  5. Sonata sesta for 4 viola da gamba
  6. Passacaglia à 4, for chamber instruments & continuo Op. 22
  7. Ludi Musici: Galliard Battaglia XXI
  8. Ludi Musici: Allemande XVI
  9. Ludi Musici: Courant Dolorosa IX
  10. Ludi Musici: Paduan V
  11. Ein Schottisch Tanz
  12. In Nomine a 4, for viols, MB26
  13. The King of Denmarks Galliard, for 5 viols/violins & lute (from "Lachrimae")
  14. Lachrimae Pavan, for keyboard or lute (from "Lachrimae")
  15. Ricercar del duodecimo tono, for 4 parts
  16. Canzon quartadecima capriccio
  17. Ricercare XXI "Da pacem" from Musica Nova
  18. Saltarello
  19. El Todescho (pavana)
  20. Gagliarda la traditora
  21. Pavana

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