Modern Mexico

Modern Mexico

by R. Conrad Stein




In 1920 a bitter civil war, the Mexican Revolution, ended and the period of modern Mexico began. It was a time of triumphs and disappointments. Mexico achieved stability after the turmoil of the Revolution. The country was governed by the Constitution of 1917, which gave the president great power. Some presidents, notably Lázaro Cárdenas who served in the 1930s, performed with distinction while several others had spotty or even sad records. Educating the people was one of the great success stories of modern Mexico. Today one rarely meets a Mexican who cannot read and write, whereas one hundred years ago illiteracy was common.

Always the United States has had a powerful influence on Mexico during its modern period. The U.S. and Mexico share a 2,000-mile-long border. Nowhere else in the world does a rich country and a poor country lie in such close proximity. Every year thousands of Mexicans cross the border-legally and illegally-looking for work and the opportunity to better their lives.

Today, the country faces a host of problems-a war between drug cartels in the north and nagging poverty throughout the land. Nevertheless, in 2010 Mexico held a grand fiesta to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the nation's independence from Spain and the one hundredth birthday of the Mexican Revolution. Bands played, marchers proudly carried the flag, and people shouted into the night: "Viva Mexico!"

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Table of Contents

1 Aftermath of a Revolution 9

2 The Search for Stability 13

3 An Explosion in the Arts 31

4 Closer Neighbors 47

5 The Miracle of Mexico 63

6 Democracy and Crisis 83

7 What Went Wrong? 97

8 The Lure of El Norte 111

9 Change and Teril 121

Timeline 131

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Bibliography 138

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