Milestones in Western Civilization: Selected Readings: 1815 to the Present

Milestones in Western Civilization: Selected Readings: 1815 to the Present

by Joan Mickelson-Gaughan


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This three-volume anthology contains excerpts and full-length articles from primary source materials in European history. Documents have been selected on the basis of their inherent historical value, their ability to illuminate a particular period, and their readability. Volume I covers from the formation of Greece and Rome, through medieval society and culture. Volume II covers the period from the fourteenth century and the Renaissance through the watershed of the French Revolution and the empire of Napoleon Bonaparte. This third volume covers the evolution of romantic, liberal, and nationalistic thought that characterized the 19th century and continues through Victorianism, European imperialism, the Russian Revolution, and two World Wars. History teaches that present conditions owe their germination to experiences of the past. Volume III uses this guideline to create a superb collection of primary source documents that open a window on the minds of past thinkers in Western civilization. The reader will not only find foundational authors such as Wordsworth and Goethe, but also commonplace documents, such as " Factory Rules in Berlin in 1844" that comment upon the social conditions of daily life. Each reading is preceded by a biographic sketch that effortlessly places the reader in the proper historical context and provides valuable facts about the author of the work. Questions are included at the end of each reading to stimulate analysis of the text and guide the reader through courses of critique that are essential to full understanding of the reading.

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ISBN-13: 9780810832053
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 08/28/1998
Pages: 564
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About the Author

Joan Mickelson-Gaughan is the founder and current president of the Michigan Community College History Association. She served in the Peace Corps in Iran and has taught European history for twenty-eight years at Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor.

Table of Contents

Part 1 General Introduction Part 2 Preface to Volume III Part 3 I. CONSERVATISM AND LIBERALISM Chapter 4 Edmund Burke from Reflections on the Revolution in France Chapter 5 Jeremy Bentham from Principles of Morals and Legislation Chapter 6 Lord John Russell from " On the Reform Bill of 1832" Chapter 7 The July Ordinances Chapter 8 The Burschenshaften, 1820 Chapter 9 The Carlsbad Decrees, 1819 Chapter 10 The Decembrist Manifesto, 1825 Part 11 II.ROMANTICISMS Chapter 12 Johann Wolfang von Goethe from Faust Chapter 13 William Blake " Divine Image" Chapter 14 William Wordsworth, " Expostulation and Reply" Chapter 15 Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "Kubla Khan" Chapter 16 John Keats, " Ode on a Grecian Urn" Chapter 17 John Wesley from his Journal Chapter 18 J. G. Fichte from Addresses to the German Nation Chapter 19 Giuseppe Mazzini from The Duties of Man Part 20 III. INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Chapter 21 Factory Rules in Berlin, 1844 Chapter 22 Report of the Sadler Committe on Factory Conditions Chapter 23 Smauel Smiles from Self-Help Chapter 24 Robert Own from his Life Chapter 25 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles from Manifesto of the Communist Party Chapter 26 Charter of the London Working Men's Association, 1837 Chapter 27 Pope Leo XIII form Rerum Novarum, 1891 Chapter 28 Pope Pius XI from Quadragesimo Anno Part 29 IV. 1848-1871: THE APOGEE OF LIBERAL ISM Chapter 30 Alphonse de Lamartine from History of the French Revolution of 1848 Chapter 31 Friedrich Wilhelm IV's Appeal to My Beloved Berliners, 19 March 1848 Chapter 32 Lousi Napoleon Bonaparte from REvision of the Constitution—1851 Chapter 33 Heinrich von Gagern, Speech on the Opening of the Frankfurt National Assembly Chapter 34 From the Frankfurt Constitution Chapter 35 Otto von Bismarck, Iron and Blood Speech Chapter 36 The EMS Dispatch, 13-14 July 1870 Chapter 37 Walter Bagehot from The English Constitution Part 38 V. THE VICTORIAN AGE Chapter 39 Chales Darwin from The Origin of Species Chapter 40 Sigmund Freud from An Outline of Psychoanalysis Chapter 41 Andrew Carnegie from Gospel of Wealth Chapter 42 Charles and Mary Lamb "Cleanliness" Chapter 43 John Stuart Mill from On Liberty Chapter 44 Matthew Arnold, "Dover Beach" Chapter 45 Francis Thomson from "The Hound of Heaven" Part 46 VI. VICTORIAN IMPERIALISM Chapter 47 Rudyard Kipling "The White Man's Burden" Chapter 48 From the Durham Report Chapter 49 Alfred, Lord Tennyson "The Charge of the Light Brigade" Chapter 50 The Massacre at Jhansie Chapter 51 The Queen's Indian Proclamation, 1858 Chapter 52 'Vladmir Illich Ulyanov (Lenin) from Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism Chapter 53 Benjamin Disraeli form Crystal Palace Speech Chapter 54 Willima Ewart Gladstone from The Second Midlothian Speech Chapter 55 Rudayrd Kipling " Recessional Part 56 VII. WORLD WAR I Chapter 57 William Butler Yeats "The Second Coming" Chapter 58 Second German Navy Bill, 1900 Chapter 59 The "Blank Chekc" Berlin , 6 July 1914 Chapter 60 The Note of Austria-Hungary to Serbia presented in Belgrade, "The Ultimatum" Chapter 61 Wilfred Owen, "Dulce et Decorum Est" Chapter 62 The Sinking of the Lusitania Chapter 63 The Zimmerman Note Chapter 64 The Armistice Part 65 VIII. THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION Chapter 66 The Petition of 9 January 1905 Chapter 67 V. I. Lenin from What is to be Done? Chapter 68 From the Empress Alexandra's Correspondence Chapter 69 From Lenin's Appeal to the Masses Chapter 70 Alesdandr I. Solzhenistsyn from The Gulag Archipelago Chapter 71 Mikhail Gorbachev from Perestroika Part 72 IX. THE LOST GENERATION Chapter 73 Treaty of Mutual Guarantee Between Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain and Italy 16 Oct. 1925 Chapter 74 Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf Part 75 X. WORLD WAR II AND COLD WAR Chapter 76 Text of the Agreement Concluded at Munich, 29 Sept. 1938 Chapter 77 Winston Churchill, Radio Address, 22 June 1941 Chapter 78 Roosevelt Asks for a Declaration of War on Japan, 8 Dec 1941 Chapter 79 Anne Frank from Diary of a Young Girl Chapter 80 Truman Calls for Japanese Surrender, 8 May 1945 Chapter 81 The Nuremberg Trials Chapter 82 Yalta Chapter 83 The Atlantic Charter, 14 August 1941 Chapter 84 Truman Doctrine Part 85 XI. IMPERIAL SUNSET Chapter 86 Winston Churchill from Mansion House Speech, 10 Nov 1942 Chapter 87 Mohandas K. Gandhi from An Autobiography Chapter 88 Second Note from Sir Henry McMahon to Shrif Hussein of the Hejaz, 24 Oct 1915 Chapter 89 The Balfour Declaration 2 Nov 1917 Chapter 90 Kwame Kkrumah from I Speak of Freedom Part 91 XII. TOWARD THE MILLENNIUM Chapter 92 From the Franck Reprot Chapter 93 Rachel Carson from Silent Spring Chapter 94 Paul Tillich from The Shaking of the Foundations Chapter 95 Dag Hammarskjold from Markings

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