by Mig Ayesa



Australian vocalist Mig Ayesa's solo piano take of Peter Frampton's '70s über-ballad "Baby, I Love Your Way" was a welcome surprise on the 2004 CBS reality competition Rock Star: INXS. As the rest of the contestants oversang, writhed on-stage, and generally schlocked things up, Ayesa stripped back his approach and let his boyish charm and soft vocals make the most of Frampton's popular if somewhat unfairly critically maligned hit. The move helped propel him into the final three on the show, although he ultimately was not picked to be the new lead singer of the rock band INXS. Frankly, with his yearning, high-pitched voice more suitable for Coldplay-style alt-rock and Eric Carmen-esque AOR than straightforward rock and funk, Ayesa was never a good fit for the '80s Aussie icons. Which is why Ayesa's 2007 solo debut album, Mig, comes as a pleasant surprise. Playing as a better-produced version of the Mig viewers saw on Rock Star, the album finds Ayesa not only revisiting his now trademark "Baby, I Love Your Way" -- which features Frampton on guitar -- but also other superbly chosen cover tunes such as the Kinks' "Waterloo Sunset," the Police's "Wrapped Around Your Finger," and the Rolling Stones' "Angie." These are impeccably produced arrangements that frame Ayesa's pleasing vocals with tasteful orchestration and enough electric muscle to give the proceedings a bit a glam rock sheen. If his take on David Bowie's "Life on Mars" is a bit too close to the original, it only serves to point out how covers-heavy the album is. That said, the few Ayesa originals included here, such as the sweeping, bright pop anthem "She Loved" and the Raspberries-influenced power ballad "You and I," are as memorable and engaging as anything else on the album. In that sense, Mig reveals Ayesa -- pictured with his large mop of shiny black hair and action-figure outfits -- as a kind of contemporary anime lounge singer ready to do battle with giant rock opera robots and sweep his princess away in his piano starship.

Product Details

Release Date: 04/10/2007
Label: Decca
UPC: 0602517260061
catalogNumber: 000882502


  1. Baby, I Love Your Way
  2. She Loved
  3. Kiss from a Rose
  4. Life on Mars
  5. Could It Be
  6. Waterloo Sunset
  7. Can't Find My Way Home
  8. Wrapped Around Your Finger
  9. Who Wants to Live Forever
  10. You and I
  11. Jeremy
  12. Angie

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mig Ayesa   Primary Artist,Piano,Vocals
Peter Frampton   Acoustic Guitar
Matthew Wilder   Guitar,Keyboards
Bruce Dukov   Strings,Concert Master
Peter G. Hanson   Violin
Kenny Aronoff   Drums
Mark Berrow   Violin
Charlie Bisharat   Strings
Alex Brown   Choir, Chorus
Paul Buckmaster   Conductor
Nicholas Bucknail   Clarinet
Paul Bushnell   Bass
Darius Campo   Strings
Carmen Carter   Choir, Chorus
Larry Corbett   Strings
Randy Crenshaw   Choir, Chorus
Joel Derouin   Strings
Richard Edwards   Tenor Trombone
Andy Findon   Flute
Wendy Fraser   Choir, Chorus
James Harrah   Acoustic Guitar
John Heley   Cello
Clydene Jackson   Choir, Chorus
Garfield Jackson   Viola
Angie Jaree   Choir, Chorus
Skaila Kanga   Harp
Zev Katz   Electric Bass,Acoustic Bass
Chris Laurence   Double Bass
Martin Loveday   Cello
Rita Manning   Violin
Michael Markman   Strings
Rob Mathes   Acoustic Guitar,Piano,Conductor,Electric Guitar,12-string Guitar,fender rhodes
Shawn Pelton   Percussion,Drums
John Pierce   Electric Bass
Chris Pitsillides   Viola
Joe Pizzulo   Choir, Chorus
Anthony Pleeth   Cello,Soloist
Johnathan Rees   Violin
Frank Ricotti   Percussion
Jason Scheff   Choir, Chorus
Kim Scholes   Strings
David Stenske   Strings
Cathy Thompson   Violin
Carmen Twillie   Choir, Chorus
Josefina Vergara   Strings
Maxine Willard Waters   Choir, Chorus
Oren Waters   Choir, Chorus
Evan Wilson   Strings
John Wittenberg   Strings
Terry Wood   Choir, Chorus
Margaret Wooten   Strings
Gavyn Wright   Violin,Concert Master
Dermot Crehan   Violin
Karen Elaine Bakunin   Strings
Gary Fallone   Choir, Chorus
Maurice Murphy   Trumpet
Robert Peterson   Strings
Mary Scully   Double Bass
Julia Waters   Choir, Chorus
Ben Chappell   Cello
Peter Lale   Viola
Suzie Katayama   Strings
Patrick Kiernan   Violin
Boguslaw Kostecki   Violin
Jackie Shave   Violin
Bruce White   Viola
David Daniels [cello]   Cello
Shari Sutcliffe   Strings
Norm Hughes   Strings
Natalie Leggett   Strings
Julian Leaper   Violin
Rudy Stein   Strings
Richard Watkins   Horn
Perry Mason   Violin
Laurence Greenfield   Strings
Julian Hallmark   Strings
Nigel Black   Horn
Rachel Bolt   Viola
Michael Valerio   Acoustic Bass
Emlyn Singleton   Violin
Warren Zielinski   Violin
John "4 Daddman" Robinson   Drums
Yang-Qin Zhao   Strings
David Stewart   Tuba,Bass Trombone
Chris ONeal   Oboe
Windy Wagner   Choir, Chorus
Robert Matsuda   Strings
Andrew Duckles   Strings
Becky Bunnell   Strings
Gerardo Hilera   Strings
Ruth Ehrlich   Violin
Morgan Goff   Viola
Steve Richards   Strings
Michele Richards   Strings
Tereza Stanislav   Strings
Danielle Gaha   Choir, Chorus
Rich Logan   Choir, Chorus
Leon Enrique Bosch   Double Bass
Julie Andrews   Bassoon
Tim Davis   Choir, Chorus
Tom Pigott-Smith   Violin
Christopher Tombling   Violin
Caroline Dearnley   Cello
Mario de León   Strings
Michael Thompson   Horn
Mig   Piano
Steve Morris   Violin

Technical Credits

David Bowie   Composer
Peter Frampton   Composer
Mick Jagger   Composer
Matthew Wilder   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements,Audio Production,Choir Arrangement
Steve Winwood   Composer
Brian May   Composer
Ray Davies   Composer
Jeff Ament   Composer
Paul Buckmaster   String Arrangements
Rob Mathes   Arranger,Producer,Audio Production
Csaba Petocz   Engineer
Keith Richards   Composer
Eddie Vedder   Composer
Pat Barry   Art Direction
Jan Folkson   overdub engineer,Vocal Engineer
Bojan Dugich   Engineer
Mig Ayesa   Vocal Arrangements,Choir Arrangement
Mig L   Composer
Charlie Paarkkari   Engineer

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MiG 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a must buy! MiG's voice is incredible and captivating!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The wait for this debut cd has been worth every second! MiG's voice is absolutely thrilling.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Absolutely MiGnificent! Love his voice and performances! Buy the album and you won't be disappointed!
Guest More than 1 year ago
MiG the album is an ACE! Simply put, I love it! It's a spectacular blend of music. The way the songs are redone and blended musically makes them refreshing and such a pleasure to my ears. The originals are brilliant as well. I love the style and now that I've tasted them, can't wait for a second album from this brilliant artist!
Guest More than 1 year ago
MiG again has shown us another side of his vocal capabilities. We have heard rock, ballards,soul and jazz (for those who have seen him live. Now MiG has made a cd worthy of adult contemporary new comer of the year. Not what many expected after seeing him on RockStar but MiG has shown many spectrums of his talent on tv in the states Rock n Roll, live in person Rock, soul, jazz. His cd?? A wonderful array of old rock classics given new life. His voice is amazing. He can write, perform and capture your soul with his music.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a beautiful album! There are mostly covers, but they are done in a way to make them seem bigger than they originally were with great orchestration arrangements, and MiG's wonderful vocal abilities. But the best surprise are the three original tunes. They not only hold their own with the tried and true covers, but I personally like them better. I am eagerly awaiting an album entirely of originals. Meanwhile, this CD will keep my ears very happy! And, I was able to purchase this CD in the store, after not being able to find it at any of the regular CD stores. Good for Barnes&Noble, my new first stop for music!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've recommended MiG to all of my friends. It's one of those discs you can listen to from beginning to end, and over again. I love it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
MiG is EXQUISITE delicately beautiful, rich in intense emotion, elaborately produced. MiG is PERFECT without defect, flawless, pure, extreme degree of excellence. MiG is DELIGHTFUL captivating, enjoyable, giving great pleasure and satisfaction. MiG, the concept album, is a must for yourself, your family and your friends. Bring joy, beauty, peace and tranquility into your life and buy MiG, now.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After seeing MiG on Rockstar INXS, I had high hopes for his debut CD and I can safely say that it has exceeded all expectations. From what I understand this was supposed to be a 'concept' album featuring re-arranged covers of classic rock songs, but there were also three insanely good original tracks on the CD...SWEET!!! They definitely left this reviewer wanting more and eagerly awaiting the next offering by MiG!! I'd say this CD is a MUST HAVE!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
THE EMPEROR HAS NOT CLOTHES I had to write cause all the 5-star reviews are bothering me so much I had to write a short review. IMHO this is a slick overproduced saccarhine sticky bit of junk food. Slick and w/o any thing like real imagination. The cool and neat stylishness that Mr. Ayesa exhibited on RockstarINXS is totally absent here. As a matter of fact I've seen bootleg tapes of him that had more to them, I'd recommend them over this junk food. If you like nice sweet slick soulless pop then go ahead and buy this, but if you're looking for something more try James Blunt of John Mayer. Wendy45
Guest More than 1 year ago
I own the CD MiG by MiG Ayesa. This is the most beautifully arranged, orchestrated, and produced album I have ever had the pleasure to hear. MiG has a voice that is incomparable to any living singer of his genre. It is superb, flawless, absolutely exquisite. When you listen to it you get lost in the pure joy of the sound. I would recommend it highly and encourage people to give themselves the immeasurable pleasure of this CD.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD is even better than I expected!!!! I had heard some tunes from his sampler songs on his MySpace, but I didn't expect to be so blown away when I heard the full CD!!!! He's got some of my all time favorite songs on there, "Can't Find My Way Home" (which I thought no one but me even knew or remembered!!), Life On Mars was just amazing! ANGIE... a song I never really cared for when The Stones did it... but, NOW... because of MiG's rendition, it's one of my absolute favorites!!!!!! I'm also very happy that we got to hear some of his original tunes as well. If this is an indication of what we have to look forward to for the next CD... count me in!!! This CD most definitely makes you FEEL the music, unlike most these days!! His voice is intoxicating and I'm so happy to have this in my possession now to be able to listen to non-stop!!! (gotta love the "repeat" button on the CD player!!) This is a MUST BUY!!!!!!!!! I think I will even get a few extras for Birthdays and Holidays coming up to give to people!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mig has branched from theater to Rock scene with a great album of covers and three originals that will make you want more. He sang his songs with exposed emotions. He has an engaging voice that will carry you into the depts of his music. The arrangements on the covers are refreshing and brilliant. Glad to have his album released. Hope he makes more or do a tour. LISTEN to his original SHE LOVED, its outstanding.
Guest More than 1 year ago
MiG shines!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wow! Classic Rock mixed with an orchestrated background is truly amazing! MiG’s wonderfully unique voice and the combined talent, of Matthew Wilder, Paul Buckmaster and Rob Mathis have created a marvelous master piece. Peter Frampton playing guitar and MiG’s special arrangement on “Baby I Love Your Way” is breath taking!! His three originals are pure talent and I can’t wait for his next CD!
Guest More than 1 year ago
MiG's voice is amazing. His voice turns the songs into music. I could listen to him sing ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. Can't wait for his next cd.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I listen to this disc from start to finish without skipping any songs. I can say that about very few CD's that I buy. I think it would appeal to a broad range-classic rock fans and possibly even alternative fans "Jeremy is surprisingly powerful!" I particularly like MiG's originals and I can't wait to hear what he puts out next.
Guest More than 1 year ago
MiG's self-titled debut CD is amazing. His voice and range bring a different element to these classics as does the re-worked orchestral arrangements. I dare say that MiG's version of "Baby I Love Your Way" is better than the original and with Frampton featured on guitar this is sure to be a "new" classic. MiG's version of The Rolling Stone's "Angie" is heartbreakingly beautiful and MiG's cover of Queen's "Who Wants To Live Forever" blows me away. The orchestral arrangement and choir takes my breath away. This is a concept album of classic rock songs and MiG has succeeded in breathing new life into them with his fresh interpretations on the originals. Since this was intended as a covers-only album, it is a testament to MiG's songwriting ability that 3 of his original tracks are included on this debut album. The single "She Loved" sounds like a sure fire hit as does "You And I" and "Could it Be" (my favorite original on the album). I know I just got this CD but it makes me yearn for the next CD...with MiG's vast vocal range and musical styles that include rock/soul/funk, I can't wait to see what he has in store for us on his next album!!