Microsoft Expression Web 3 In Depth

Microsoft Expression Web 3 In Depth

by Jim Cheshire

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Beyond the Basics…Beneath the Surface…In Depth


Microsoft Expression Web 3


Advice and techniques that you need to get the job done.


Looking for ways to streamline your work so that you can focus on maximizing your time? In Depth provides specific, tested, and proven solutions to the problems you run into every day—things other books ignore or oversimplify. This is the one book that you can rely on to answer all the questions you have now and will have in the future.


In Depth offers:

  • Comprehensive coverage, with detailed solutions
  • Breakthrough techniques and shortcuts that are unavailable elsewhere
  • Practical, real-world examples with nothing glossed over or left out
  • Troubleshooting help for tough problems you can’t fix on your own
  • Outstanding authors recognized worldwide for their expertise and teaching style
  • Quick information via sidebars, tips, reminders, notes, and warnings

In Depth is the only tool you need to get more done in less time!

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ISBN-13: 9780768689662
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 10/05/2009
Series: In Depth
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 648
File size: 38 MB
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About the Author

Jim Cheshire is the owner of Jimco Software and Books and is the author of several design books and books on the Amazon Kindle. In his real job, Jim works as a senior escalation engineer at Microsoft on the ASP.NET and IIS teams. He has worked on the FrontPage, Visual Basic, ASP, IIS, and ASP.NET teams at Microsoft for more than 10 years.


You can reach Jim by visiting one of his websites: or You can also email him at

Table of Contents


Part I An Overview

Chapter 1 An Overview of Expression Web 3

The Expression Web 3 Interface


   The Folder List

   The Design Surface

   The Status Bar

Working with Sites

   Creating Sites

   Site Reports

   Publishing Sites

Tools for Creating Pages

   Powerful Table Tools

   Dynamic Web Templates

   Find and Replace

   Editing Tag Properties

   Quick Tag Tools

Powerful CSS Tools

   Style Builder

   Manage Styles Panel

   Apply Styles Panel

Site Optimization

   Accessibility Reports

   Compatibility Reports


   CSS Reports

Scripting and Dynamic Content

   Interactive Buttons



   Photoshop Content

   Deep Zoom Images


ASP.NET Controls

PHP Support

Data Access Features

Part II Creating Content in Expression Web 3

Chapter 2 Creating, Opening, and Importing Sites

What Is a Site?

How Expression Web 3 Maintains a Site

Sites and Subsites

Site Templates

Types of Sites

   Disk-based Sites

   FTP Sites

   HTTP Sites

Importing Sites

Using the Import Site Wizard

   Step 1: Choosing an Import Method  

   Step 2: Specifying a Destination Web Location

   Step 3: Finish

Deciding on a Site Type

Chapter 3 Creating Pages and Content

Creating Pages

   General Page

   ASP.NET Pages

   CSS Layouts

   Style Sheets

   Frames Pages

Importing Files

Formatting Text

   How Expression Web 3 Formats Text

   Font Families

   Font Sizes

Creating Hyperlinks

   Targeting Hyperlinks

   Hyperlink Parameters

   HTML Bookmarks

   Hyperlink ScreenTips


Configuring Page Properties

   General Tab

   Formatting Tab

   Advanced Tab

   Custom Tab

   Language Tab

Using Code Snippets

Configuring File Editors

Making the Most of Code Snippets

Chapter 4 Using Page Views

Introduction to Page Views

Working in Design View

   Visual Aids

   Ruler and Grid

   Tracing Images

   Adjusting Page Size

Working in Code View

   Customizing Code Formatting

   Quick Tag Tools


   Context Menu


Working in Split View

Taking Advantage of Page Views

Chapter 5 Using Tables and Layout Tables

The Origin of Tables

The Makeup of an HTML Table Tag

   The align Attribute

   Table Borders

   The cellpadding Attribute

   The cellspacing Attribute

   The frame Attribute

Rows, Columns, and Cells

   The colspan and rowspan Attributes

   Aligning Content in Cells

Tables in Expression Web 3

   Inserting Tables

   Customizing Tables

Layout Tables and Cells

   Designing Layout with Tables

Using the Layout Tables Panel

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Designing for Multiple Resolutions Using Tables

Chapter 6 Using Frames

Using Frames in Sites

   When to Use Frames

   When Not to Use Frames

Creating Frames Pages

Configuring Frames

   Splitting Frames

   Deleting Frames

Creating Alternative Content

Targeting Frames

Adding and Configuring Inline Frames

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Tips for Frames

Chapter 7 Editing Tag Properties

An Introduction to Tag Properties

Understanding the Tag Properties Panel

Viewing Tag Properties with the Tag

Properties Panel

Setting Tag Attributes with the Tag

Properties Panel

   Creating a Page

   Setting Tag Properties

Using Events with the Tag Properties Panel

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Tag Properties and Web Standards

Chapter 8 Using the Quick Tag Tools

Introduction to the Quick Tag Tools

Locating and Selecting Elements Using the

Quick Tag Selector

Editing Page Content Using the Quick Tag Editor

   Editing a Tag

   Removing a Tag

   Inserting HTML

   Wrapping a Tag

   Controlling Positioning

   Editing Tag Properties

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   When to Use the Quick Tag Editor

Chapter 9 Using Graphics and Multimedia

Web Image Formats

   The GIF Format

   The JPEG Format

   The PNG Format

Inserting Images

Formatting Images

   Resizing Images

   Changing Picture Properties

Converting Images

Creating Image Thumbnails

   Configuring Auto Thumbnails

Creating Image Maps

   Inserting Multimedia

   Inserting Flash Movies

   Inserting Silverlight Applications

   Inserting Silverlight Video

   Inserting Deep Zoom Images

   Inserting Windows Media

Importing Adobe Photoshop Files

Page Transitions

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Serving Video

Chapter 10 Using Find and Replace

An Introduction to Find and Replace

Finding and Replacing Text

   Using Regular Expressions

   Finding Text

   Replacing Text

Using HTML Rules in Find and Replace

Finding and Replacing HTML Tags

Saving Queries

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Editing and Removing Recent Searches

Chapter 11 Configuring Page Editor Options

Accessing Page Editor Options

Exploring Page Editor Options

   The General Tab

   AutoThumbnail Tab

   Default Fonts Tab

   Code Formatting Tab

   CSS Tab

   Color Coding Tab

   Authoring Tab

   Picture Tab

   Code Snippets Tab

   Ruler and Grid Tab

   IntelliSense Tab

   Font Families Tab

Experiment to Learn More

Chapter 12 Maintaining Compatibility and Accessibility

An Introduction to Accessibility

Designing for Accessibility

   Accessible Hyperlinks

   Accessible Tables

   Accessible Frames

   Other Accessibility Considerations

Using the Accessibility Checker

   Checking Accessibility

   Working with the Accessibility Panel

Generating Accessibility Reports

Designing for Compatibility

What Is Browser Compatibility?

Compatibility Features in Expression Web 3

   Identifying Code Problems

   Marking Invalid Code

   Using Reports to Find Problems

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Seeing Color

Chapter 13 Using SuperPreview

An Overview of SuperPreview


How SuperPreview Generates a Preview

The SuperPreview Interface

   Pointer Modes

   DOM Highlighting

   UI Helpers

   Layout Modes

   Preview URL

   Baseline and Comparison Browser Selectors

   DOM Tab

   Browser Size Drop-down

Using SuperPreview to Preview Layout

   Setting Up the Previews

   Generating Previews

   Fixing Rendering Problems

Using the Snapshot Panel

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Building Layouts with SuperPreview

Part III Publishing and Managing Websites

Chapter 14 Publishing a Site

What Is Publishing?

Server Options for Publishing


   FrontPage Server Extensions


   File System

Publishing Content

   Configuring a Publishing Destination and Publishing a Site

   Optimizing HTML During Publishing

   Troubleshooting HTTP Publishing

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Hosting Your Site

Chapter 15 Site Management and Reporting

Site Settings

   General Tab

   Preview Tab

   Advanced Tab

   Publishing Tab

Site Reports

   Configuring Reports

   Saving Reports

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Better Site Reporting

Chapter 16 Using Web Packages

What Are Web Packages?

Creating a Web Package

Importing a Web Package

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Capitalizing on Web Packages

Part IV Using CSS in Expression Web 3

Chapter 17 Creating Style Sheets

An Introduction to CSS

The Purpose of CSS

How CSS Is Applied to Pages

   External Style Sheets

   Embedded Style Sheets

   Inline Styles

Formatting Content with CSS

Positioning Content with CSS

CSS Classes

   Basic Application of a CSS Class

   Applying Multiple CSS Classes



Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Centering a DIV with CSS

Chapter 18 Managing CSS Styles

Expression Web 3’s CSS Tools

   Apply Styles Panel

   Manage Styles Panel

   Link Style Sheet Dialog

   CSS Properties Panel

   CSS Reports

   Style Builder

Working with Styles

   Using the Manage Styles Panel

   Using the Apply Styles Panel

   Using the CSS Properties Panel

   Using the Style Builder

   Using the Attach Style Sheet and Link Style Sheet Dialogs

CSS Reports

   Checking for CSS Errors

   Checking CSS Usage

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Arranging CSS Styles

Part V Scripting, DHTML, and Other Dynamic Content

Chapter 19 Using Dynamic Web Templates

An Introduction to Dynamic Web Templates

Creating a Dynamic Web Template

   Creating a Page Layout

   Adding Editable Regions

Attaching a Dynamic Web Template

   Attaching to an Existing Page

   Attaching to a New Page

Updating a Site with Dynamic Web Templates

   Modifying a Dynamic Web Template

   Modifying an Attached Page in Code View

Managing Editable Regions

   Adding a New Editable Region

   Renaming an Existing Editable Region

   Resolving Mismatched Editable Regions

Detaching a Dynamic Web Template

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Under the Hood

Chapter 20 Using Interactive Buttons

Overview of Interactive Buttons

Inserting and Configuring Interactive Buttons

   The Button Tab

   The Font Tab

   The Image Tab

Saving an Interactive Button

Editing an Interactive Button

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Practical Uses for Interactive Buttons

Chapter 21 Using Behaviors

Understanding and Working with Behaviors

Using the Behaviors Panel

   How Behaviors Work

   Adding Behaviors Within a Paragraph

Expression Web 3 Behaviors

   The Call Script Behavior

   The Change Property Behavior

   The Change Property Restore Behavior

   The Check Browser Behavior

   The Check Plug-in Behavior

   The Go To URL Behavior

   The Jump Menu Behavior

   The Jump Menu Go Behavior

   The Open Browser Window Behavior

   The Play Sound Behavior

   The Popup Message Behavior

   The Preload Images Behavior

   The Set Text Behavior

   The Swap Image Behavior

   The Swap Image Restore Behavior

Detecting Browsers

   Creating a Blank Page for Redirecting

   Editing the Check Browser Code

Chapter 22 Client-Side Scripting

A History of Browser Scripting

JavaScript Basics

   Adding JavaScript to a Page

   Linking to an External Script File

   Adding Inline JavaScript

The Document Object Model

   The window Object

   The document Object

Writing Simple Scripts

   Showing and Hiding Page Elements

   Accessing and Changing Attributes

   Form Field Validation

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus


Chapter 23 Using Layers

Introduction to Layers

Inserting and Configuring Layers

   Adding Content to a Layer

   Resizing a Layer

   Creating and Working with Child Layers

Positioning Layers

Setting Layer Properties with Behaviors

   Setting the Visibility of Layers

   Adding Layer Interactivity

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Z-Order Anomalies

Chapter 24 Using Form Controls

Understanding HTML Forms

Using Form Controls in Expression Web 3

Creating a Form

Saving Form Results to a File or Email

   File Results Tab

   Email Results Tab

   Confirmation Page Tab

   Saved Fields Tab

Saving Form Results to a Database

   Updating a Database with New Fields

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Hidden Form Fields

Part VI ASP.NET and PHP Development

Chapter 25 Using Standard ASP.NET Controls

ASP.NET: A Brief Introduction

Creating ASP.NET Pages

The Basics of ASP.NET Controls

   Understanding Control Properties

An Overview of the Standard ASP.NET Controls

The AdRotator Control

   Creating a Simple AdRotator Page

   Creating the Advertisement File

The Calendar Control

   Formatting the Calendar Control

   Calendar Control Properties

The Wizard Control

   Wizard Steps

   Creating a Simple Wizard

Making ASP.NET Work for You

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Formatting with Styles

Chapter 26 Using ASP.NET Navigation Controls

Overview of Navigation Systems

Creating a Sitemap File

Using the ASP.NET Menu Control

   Creating a Test Site

   Adding a Menu Control

   Formatting the Menu Control

Using the ASP.NET TreeView Control

   Formatting the TreeView Control

Using the ASP.NET SiteMapPath Control

   Formatting the SiteMapPath Control

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Improving Navigation with Master Pages

Chapter 27 Using ASP.NET Master Pages and User Controls

The Need For a Common Layout

The Master Page

The Content Page

Developing a Master Page Site

   Creating the Master Page

   Creating the Content Page

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Converting an Existing Site to a Master Page Site

Chapter 28 Developing a Login System Using ASP.NET

Website Login Systems

Overview of ASP.NET Login Controls

   The Login Control

   LoginStatus Control

   LoginName Control

   ChangePassword Control

   PasswordRecovery Control

   CreateUserWizard Control

   LoginView Control

Creating a Login Solution

   Configuring the Website (IIS 5 or IIS 6)

   Configuring the Website (IIS 7)

   Configuring the Website (Microsoft Expression Development Server)

   Creating the Web Pages

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Modifying Password Requirements

Chapter 29 Form Validation Using ASP.NET

The Need for Form Validation

   The ASP.NET Validation Controls

   Common Properties

   Creating a Validated Form

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Validation Groups

Chapter 30 Using ASP.NET Web Parts

An Introduction to Web Parts

Creating ASP.NET User Controls

Web Parts Controls in the Toolbox

Creating a Web Parts Page

Web Parts Page Display Modes

   Creating a User Control That Sets the Display Mode

   Adding Code to Change the Display Mode

The Web Parts Catalog

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Editing Web Parts Controls

Chapter 31 ASP.NET AJAX Extensions

What Is Ajax?

Microsoft’s ASP.NET AJAX

   Client-side AJAX

   Server-side AJAX

Microsoft AJAX Control Toolkit

Adding Ajax Functionality to a Web Form

   Creating a Site and Page

   Adding Server-side Code

   Adding a ScriptManager Control

   Adding an UpdatePanel Control

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Using Client-side AJAX

   Adding a

to the Web Form

   Creating the Client Library

   Adding the Client Script to the ScriptManager Control

Chapter 32 Using PHP

An Introduction to PHP

   PHP Syntax

Installing PHP

   Installing IIS 7 and FastCGI

   Installing PHP

   Configuring the Microsoft Expression Development Server for PHP

   Enabling PHP for IIS Using FastCGI

Creating PHP Pages

   Previewing the Page

PHP in Design View

PHP in Code View

   PHP Syntax Highlighting

   Using IntelliSense with PHP

   Setting PHP-Specific IntelliSense Options

PHP Script Options

   Form Variable

   URL Variable

   Session Variable

   Cookie Variable


   Include Once



   Code Block





Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Displaying PHP Information

Chapter 33 Using the Microsoft Expression Development Server

Introduction to the Microsoft Expression Development Server

How to Use the Microsoft Expression Development Server

Limitations of the Microsoft Expression Development Server

   Process Identity

   No Remote Access

   No Support for ASP Pages

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Starting the Microsoft Expression Development Server from the Command Prompt

Part VII Managing Data with ASP.NET

Chapter 34 Displaying and Editing Database Data with ASP.NET

A History of Data Access

Data Access Technologies in Expression Web 3

ASP.NET and Other Web Application Platforms

ASP.NET Data Source Controls

   AccessDataSource Control

   SqlDataSource Control

   SiteMapDataSource Control

   XmlDataSource Control

Displaying Data with ASP.NET

   Displaying Data in Tabular Form

   Sorting the GridView

Editing Data with ASP.NET

   Configuring the Data Source

   Configuring the GridView

   Testing the Page

Lagniappe (lan yap’) n., a gift or bonus

   Creating a Master/Detail View

   Creating the Master View

   Creating the Detail View

Chapter 35 Sending Email Using ASP.NET (this chapter appears on the website only)

A Typical Contact Form

Creating the Contact Form

Adding and Configuring ASP.NET Validation Controls

   Adding the Validation Controls

Writing ASP.NET Code to Send Email

Lagniappe: Displaying a Confirmation Page

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