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Mickey's Gator by Gregory St. John Taylor

This is a love story in a most emotional time, World War II, in a place called the Pacific Theater of Operations. A young, runaway street kid from New York manages to get to Australia at the same time a young lady of the East Indies moves across the sea as a refugee to the same place, meet by chance in Brisbane, amid the world of General Douglas MacArthur. Both become agents with a unique assignment.
The love between Genda Miki, known as Mickey, and Daniel Gaiter Monahan, known as Gator, is not one of incendiary character, but one founded on mutual interdependency and respect. It is a cool affair and involves the habits of war and the consequences of peaceful actions. Does it take a war to make a love?
In the tragedy of war, the Japanese attacked and took the East Indies, but stopped short of taking Australia. The active war zones, the islands of the East Indies, did not include the island of Java which was considered to be a marketplace and an experiment in Japanese cultural idealism. It did, unfortunately contain work camps which fostered the suffering for those left in Java. There were moderate Japanese officers, and there were those with no conscience other than that of Bushido, an ancient warrior state of mind. There was also a military management system of leaving sub-officers to their own devices. In this remarkable chaos, the rest of the war in the Pacific ran its course.
Go with Mickey and Gator as they are conveyed to Bali and Java to rescue Mickey's family, the Gendas, a family headed by a Japanese businessman from before the war, who, in his attempt to help his fellow Javanese, and his wife's Balinese world, had become a quiet and unassuming agent of the Allied effort in the Pacific even though he had not forgotten his Japanese roots nor his East Indian allegiances. Who saves the Gendas? A young, rogue, Japanese officer, in love with Genda Hiro's younger daughter comes to the fore. In the throes of controversy and intrigue, the small group must make its way to a designated beach and a journey by boat to Australia and safety.

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Publisher: DUO Publications & Documentation R&D
Publication date: 01/19/2013
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About the Author

Gregory St. John Taylor is indescribable, but we will try. He is a 6-foot, 71-year old, white, male, American professional with a ponytail and a beard. Some say he is a left-over Hippie, and in many ways, he is. In order to give you a handle on Greg, we will start with literary accomplishments. He has 139 e-Works in the Internet marketplace, as well as on his nine websites, one of which is a complete, online novel, a free read at www.shoppolisislands.com. The breakdown includes: 14 novels, 11 novellas, 19 novelettes, 6 plays, 10 poetry works, 23 short novels, 11 flash fiction pieces, 7 enterprise books, 10 junior cookbooks, and in the sensual & erotic category, 5 novelettes, and 7 short novels. Add 5 cartooned e-Pieces, 1 English grammar book with his wife, Liz, 3 non-fiction textbooks, 1 diabetes case study, as well as his popular historical science fiction series “Valiant Scatter” involving the inanimate expressions of sunken navy ships, particularly those lost during World War II. At this juncture, there are 5 published. He believes his guardian angel is one of these ships, HMS Glowworm H92, a British destroyer lost in 1940. He writes drama, humor, mystery, poetics, and experiments with new forms of expression. When considering style, which normally eludes him, it is thought that he is a latter-day Modernist stuck in a stream-of-consciousness rut proposing stories in a slice-of-life sequence. He is a technical writer, illustrator, editor; sketch artist; fine artist; playwright; caricaturist; cartoonist; and graphics designer. “I have written over 3,000,000 words of fiction, and this number is only the beginning,” he says. He is an alumnus of the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, a graduate of Penn State University and served in the United States Air Force, 1966-1970. He isn’t all business, and as a skier, was fortunate enough to ski the Alps while stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany, 1966-1969. Greg became an accomplished horseman (English) as well as a polo player. Because of attending Admiral Farragut Academy in his youth, he became a sailor of both sailing vessels and power. Greg has been a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity, Alpha Delta chapter, Penn State, since 1964, a husband since 1976, a father since 1980, and a grandfather since 2002. At 71, he thinks the flag is close to holy, that veterans should be cherished, and that war should be outlawed. This attitude is reflected in his work. As you can see, he is totally indescribable.

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