Memories, Hopes and Dreams

Memories, Hopes and Dreams

by R. Ray Sette


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This book is based on inspirational poems of faith, memories, hopes and dreams for all who have experienced these at sometime in their lives. It is my hope that some or all of these poems will give solace and thought to all those who read them.

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ISBN-13: 9781481746489
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/24/2013
Pages: 70
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.17(d)

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Memories, Hopes and Dreams

By R. Ray Sette


Copyright © 2013 R. Ray Sette
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-4648-9



PART ONE Memories, Hopes and Dreams

"Things I didn't Do As I
Grew and Grew"

* * *

While still a child, and young at
heart, I wished I could be a cowboy,
Superman, and Tarzan too, but then I grew.

As I entered my teens with my head
still in the clouds, I thought I might
become a pilot who could fly into
the blue, but then I grew.

In my later years I realized, things
are not always what they seem, but
with maturity came faith, love, hope
and the will to dream.

It was by the grace of God, and his
son, my Lord Jesus that brought me
where I am today.

And so my life and future are in His
hands for which I pray.
And now as the older I grow in my
years, I realize that the more we
ponder, dream, and learn, the
more we find we don't know.

With all that said, may the Holy Spirit
be my guiding light, as I grow and grow.


"Spring Time"

* * *

Spring is nigh I know because God
told me so.
The air is sweet and crisp, and blossoms are
set to grow.
Days are getting longer, and nights still
somewhat cool.
Early rains have turned the earth green, and
filled every pool.
Children are playing in puddles left by
those rains, against their mothers wish.
Country streams are flowing, and filling
with recently hatched small fish.

God has set this time for all
creatures great and small, to become
one with His universe, and for us
His children, to give thanks for His
grace in rhyme and verse.


"For All Seasons"

* * *

Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring
for whatever you may bring.

Winter is near I know it's real,
cause of the chill and damp I feel.

Spring hopefully will soon be here,
it's really a given, have no fear.

Summer comes with intense heat,
and storms galore. For those who like it
hot, who can ask for more.

Fall with its crisp air, and leaves of red
and gold, to be sure it's my favorite time if
truth be told.

There's time to reflect on all seasons
and happy to say, one needs no reasons.

December 2009

"My Solitude"

* * *

In my Solitude I dream of things
that were, and things yet to be.
In my solitude I am bound by things
I can, and cannot see.

I often wonder how things will or
will not work out.
But it's really a Supreme Being who
decides what it's all about.

Until something wonderful and
blessed comes over me,
I will concentrate on my soul, my faith,
and my destiny.

Meantime, I'll retire to my retreat, and
relax in my rocking chair,
and enjoy the clean fresh mountain air.

May 20, 2010


* * *

This is my endeavor to leave a mark in time,
invincible, imperceptible, and always hard to find.
Like an hourglass, the sands of time are evasive
as clouds in the sky, time and time again it
marches on, it passes, and it truly can fly.

As time goes by I will always wonder, and
try to imagine another time dimension,
though a time traveler I would like to
be, its most certainly not my intension.

So I guess I'll just have to stay in this
infinite dimension of mine, since I've
just about run out of words, and most
of all, this eternal time!

June 26, 2010

"Mountain Magic"

* * *

In the morning mist the twinkle of water
droplets are dripping off the pine. As
the sun comes up, the fragrant scent of
mountain air begins to waft over all Gods
creations, which boggles the mind.
As the sun rises to warm the day,
rainbow colors appear on every hill,
brightening blankets of wildflowers
that even now are growing still.
Roaring waterfalls quickly diminish
into rushing rivers, creeks, and streams,
finally into lakes and ponds, by banks of
green where one can lie, and dream dreams.
The tranquility of the mountain soon
erupts with sounds of life and song,
and as the day progresses into nightfall,
nightly chirping will be heard before long.
A rebirth of this mountain magic will
occur over and over, until the end of time,
that is, until time stands still.

August 29, 2010

"Horses Rule"

* * *

As a lover of animals I must confess,
I've been owned by both dogs and cats,
and loved each alike, no more, no less.
Though partial to but never owned of course,
is that very regal and stately animal
called equus caballus, magnificent horse.
Who else but God could create such a
beautiful animal that stirs such passion in my soul,
wishing to have, and raise a young foal.
This of course can never ever be,
because I'm really not equipped you see.
Though many years since my childhood,
all breeds have captured my heart,
from wild stallions to the quarter horse,
I believe it was a carousel from the start!!
To quote a written scripture: "Horse thou
art a creature without equal, thou flyest without
wings, and conquer without sword."
Truly thou art a creature of God!

September 10, 2010

"Pen and Pad"

* * *

If not for my pen and pad,
how would things be written or
remembered, wouldn't it be sad?
There are things form the past,
and possible future incidents
that could be written to last.

If only time would just permit,
to write down all the words with
pen in hand each time I sit.
To put into the words that I feel
in written form to paper, only then
would I know what is really real!

So as the words flow from my pen,
and as the ink starts to dry,
I'll just keep writing again, and again.

October 15, 2010

"The Wishing Well"

* * *

Made of wood and stone, and
very deep, this wishing well.
If it could only talk, oh
the stories it could tell.

From the aging to the young at heart,
to the greedy, and those who wish a new start.

The traveler who lost his way,
found peace in this valley,
and then decided to stay.

A wounded soldier who's home
from the war, makes a wish and prays
it would end forever more.

The child on the path stopping to pray,
wishing that her army dad would be
able to come home to stay.

Then along came a man in strange
attire. Of all the names we know,
this man would be, and should be
called sire.

Amidst all the worldly strife,
the wish he made was peace and goodwill to all,
yet this man among men was to give his life.

October 29, 2010

"Remember When"

* * *

Have you ever wondered where the time
has gone, and the good times we used to
have that make you want to sigh?

When boys took a wooden box, a 2x4,
and one roller skate screwed together to
make the very first skate board.

And young girls with their first dolls
made of cloth rags that were once cute
dresses that became too worn to wear.

Can you remember when there were
only 12 to 14 students in the class to learn
the three R's from blackboard, and only
one teacher who taught them all?

Can you still remember all the baking
aromas from moms wonderful cakes and
cookies during holiday, birthday and those
special occasions, and oh' the taste!

Whatever happened to the doctors
who made house calls, and had all the
fixens in his black bag to help cure all
our pains and ills?

Have you ever heard country music on a
wireless, no batteries radio? It was a home
made project called crystal radio.

Remember those high snow banks in winter
when a large cardboard box flattened out, was
used in lieu of a sled to slide down snow banks.

Which brings to mind the joys of true
Christmas, and the birth of a Christ child, and
Christmas trees were real, sweet smelling pine.

Remember those summer months when
school was out, and the gang couldn't wait to
cannonball into the old swimming hole.

Time, and things have changed for sure,
and knowing some things don't last, we can
still keep the wonderful memories from our
long ago days past!

It's not a poem says I, just a
reflection of days gone by!

August 22, 2010

"Plain Talk"

* * *

There's just something about plain talk,
that mostly everyone can understand, its'
about easy verbal use, just try the walk.

There are those who like to impress
others with all their fancy diction, as
for me it's just plain talk I confess.

So all my writing and poems you see,
are meant to be plainly understood,
nothing fancy, but wrote for you and me!

Just walk and talk plain for all
so anyone can understand you, be
they from adult to the very small.

It makes most folks happy to know
you both can understand each other
without any put on, or make believe show!

February 14, 2011

"Heaven and Earth"

* * *

A craft to the heavens that we love,
could take us to the stars and planets,
where we would explore constellations above.

Those who travel this mode of transportation
leaving this world and all that's in it, are
special, and truly blest by confirmation.

Traveling the universe in time and space
just maybe, we might see an angel or two.
Who really knows what's in this infinite place?

April 6, 2011

"Little Church in the Hollow"

* * *

In a small glen in a far away place,
where country folks will go to pray,
there's a little church that's quite up to pace.

Its congregation is really very small,
but extremely strong in their faith, and
the folks in the hollow respond to its call.

The preacher of this truly faithful flock,
Parson Jim by name is not one to falter in
his sermons, yet never known to wear a frock.

Parson Jim was musically inclined,
so he put together a choir to sing
all the hymns and gospel songs he could find.

So if you're ever in this quaint area that's near
this humble little church in the hollow,
just remember, you're always welcome here!

June 5, 2011

"A Cabin in the Valley"

* * *

There's a beautiful valley in Tennessee,
that captured my heart one Fall year.
with a brisk chill, the time leaves are changing you see.

Mountain air was clean, and smelling sweet,
from Summer blossoms that were resisting Fall.
Such beautiful scenes and views, what a treat!

Being overcome was only just the start,
for nestled in a wooded mountain nook was a
little cabin that gave a pounding to my heart.

And there just below the valley floor a sign,
yes, it was a "For Sale" sign newly placed,
could I be so fortunate, and hope it could be mine?

At this juncture in real time, I awoke,
with a start not knowing where I was at,
and as I lay awake, my dream went up in smoke!

"Broken Dreams"

June 8, 2011

"Country Road"

* * *

Southern country good ol boys,
don't believe in just hangin out,
and don't mess round with kids toys.

They do like dogs, horses, and guitars,
fishing rods, even a cool one once in a while,
hard workin dudes who become big stars.

Now these country boys were brought up,
by Christian folks who loved their kin, and
made do with country fixens that they stir up.

Entertainment consisted of family members,
on the front porch, most times with some
neighbors, making music till the ground tremors.

Oh yeah, pickup trucks are also part of life,
for hitting the country road music circuit, singing
love songs, and along the way, picking up a wife!

June 9, 2011

"Memories, Hopes and Dreams"

* * *

Remembering when times were hard back then,
but things were good, clean and disciplined, and
neighbors helping each other way back when.

We had high hopes for life in a better time,
in a trouble free world for our families,
and ten cents would still be worth a dime!

There'd still be neighbors helping each other,
and life would be more abundant, and shared,
with every father, mother, sister, and brother.

These are just some memories, hopes and dreams,
of another time in some other place, only
to realize, can this really be what it seems?

When cloudy fog has dissipated from the mind,
with no more wars, and no one to keep score, only
one Supreme Being we must seek to find!

June 14, 2011

"Milk and Cookies"

* * *

Home baked cookies by loving moms and elves,
go really swell with a glass of real cold milk
for children, even grown-ups like 'em themselves.

Dad's favorites are the almond butter ones,
which are usually devoured by the dozen, and
more delicious than any kind of sugar buns.

Shortbread and soft sugar cookies are great too,
which don't last long in our homey kitchen,
but there's usually enough for me and you.

Of course the best time of any Christmas year,
is when the many varieties of cookies emerge,
in colorful icings, in time for holiday cheer!

It's a tasty fact, homemade cookies are by far,
eaten fresh or wrapped to go anywhere, by any
mode of travel, except a far away star.

June 14, 2011

"An Amazing Place"

* * *

Way down South, somewhere in Tennessee,
is a small wooden Christian church, its
whitewash clapboards are peeling away you see.

Because it's been abandoned and run down,
but the preachers' pulpit is still intact,
with weeds and vines growing up and round.

Some wooden benches where folks sat to pray,
have been torn up to be utilized for fire wood,
and replaced by persons unknown with bales of hay.

If you're near this little church in the wildwood,
and hear a bell peal some clear summer night,
you just might hear the preaching of Parson Goode.

This seemingly abandoned Amazing Place,
was never really left untended by folks,
whose belief and faith are full of Amazing Grace.

June 14, 2011

"Wee People"

* * *

There's a very small civilization of folks,
that are known only to a privileged few,
who prefer not to be subjected to jokes.

These folks are referred to as wee people,
and might be found hard at work in a
garden of flowers neath a church steeple.

Or possibly in a nearby field of clover,
collecting blossoms to make honey, or mending
winter garments before summer's over.

Some wee people are mending and making,
musical instruments for the festivals.
At times you can almost feel the ground shaking.

It's a lovely life in a small pleasant way.
being blest for the love for each other,
and the abundance we receive every day!

We're very thankful for the privileged few,
who protect us in this oh so small world,
and who also respect our privacy too!

June 20, 2011

"A Little Country School"

* * *

Where children came to learn,
the 3R's, and U.S. history too,
before a diploma they can earn.

The teacher who's pert and smart,
knows the name of each and every child,
and has an understanding heart.

If she feels that any child may fail,
like the excellent teacher that she is,
puts extra effort into their sail.

Yet there's still some time for fun,
during playtime in the school yard,
before and after schools begun.

Such are the country schoolhouse ways,
where children come to learn and play,
all thru sunny, cloudy or wintry days!

June 28, 2011


* * *

The beautiful sounds of a birds song,
the whispering winds through the pines as
evening brings peaceful quiet before long.

There's rustling of whitetail deer in the wood,
the ominous hooting sound of an owl,
setting atop where an old oak tree stood.

Gray wolves howling at the waning moon,
and the sound of a loon in the distance,
before long, dawn will be breaking soon.

At day break woodland creatures arrive,
at a nearby rushing stream to refresh,
and drink their fill in order to survive.

Another day begins in this great wilderness.
for all natures great and small inhabitants,
where plant and life survive, more or less!

June 28, 2011

"Home Sweet Home"

* * *

In this very great land of ours,
with all of its electronic gadgets,
planes, trains, and fast moving cars.

And now that we're older you and me,
we have exploratory rocket ships,
traveling into timeless space you see.

I don't think we'll be moving of course,
to some really far away distant planet,
only to become oh so full of remorse!

We certainly can't make any predictions,
as to any physicians who might be there,
that can write any of our many prescriptions.

And so we shall remain exactly where we are,
in our presently homey, earthly abode,
but still we keep wishing upon a star!

June 29, 2011

"Down Home in Tennessee"

* * *

Tennessee oh beautiful Tennessee
you captured my heart a long time ago,
with your majestic mountain scenery.

Flora and Fauna abound in and round,
every mountain and valley range, and
where the prettiest hollows can be found.

Listen real hard and you can hear,
the music of the wind thru the pines,
and country fiddles and guitars real near.

Folks here are very much like you and me,
they'd be happy to sit with y'all a spell,
and brag about this here Tennessee!

All between sea to shining sea,
and full of our country's history,
Smokey Mountains' where I long to be!

June 29, 2011

"Circus Magic"

* * *

Little children walking in flip flops,
into the circus grounds they go,
heading hand in hand for the big tops.

The woody smell of sawdust in the air,
and the sweet smell of cotton candy,
caramel popcorn, and roasting peanuts there.

Clowns and very many animals galore,
in this great circus atmosphere, and
crowds applauding above the lion's roar.

Now the children want some treats,
of ice cream and lollypops, while the
clowns perform their magical feats.

When the circus acts are over and done,
it's time to go home and tell friends,
how the circus was so much fun!

July 11, 2011


Excerpted from Memories, Hopes and Dreams by R. Ray Sette. Copyright © 2013 by R. Ray Sette. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Part One     

Memories, Hopes and Dreams      1     

"Things I didn't Do As I Grew and Grew"      3     

"Spring Time"      4     

"For All Seasons"      5     

"My Solitude"      6     

"Time"      7     

"Mountain Magic"      8     

"Horses Rule"      9     

"Pen and Pad"      10     

"The Wishing Well"      11     

"Remember When"      12     

"Plain Talk"      14     

"Heaven and Earth"      15     

"Little Church in the Hollow"      16     

"A Cabin in the Valley"      17     

"Country Road"      18     

"Memories, Hopes and Dreams"      19     

"Milk and Cookies"      20     

"An Amazing Place"      21     

"Wee People"      22     

"A Little Country School"      23     

"Woodlands"      24     

"Home Sweet Home"      25     

"Down Home in Tennessee"      26     

"Circus Magic"      27     

"Hand in Hand"      28     

"Something to Think About"      29     

"Pyramid Power"      30     

"Common Ground"      31     

"A Cloud Above All"      32     

"My Golden Years"      33     

Part Two     

Poems of Love and Friends(hips)      35     

"Child of God"      37     

"A Special Poem for My Wife"      38     

Precious Friends      39     

Ode "For Ida"      40     

"House of Light      41     

"Love Blossomed"      42     

Director Angel      43     

"A Very Special Friend"      44     

"Brother Wil"      45     

"Lexi" (Alexia)      46     

"Love and Friendship"      47     

"For Alex"      48     

"Good For Keeps"      49     

"More Than Friends"      50     

Part Three     

Native Poems      51     

"Cherokee Wind"      53     

"Native Americans All"      54     

"Weary Spirits"      55     

"Spirits in the Wind"      56     

Part Four     

Military and Public Service      57     

"Military Pride, U S A Proud"      59     

"Boots and Parachutes"      60     

"Those Who Also Serve"      61     

"A Badge of Courage"      62     

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